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5 Great Benefits of the Golden Visa Portugal Program



There are only 22 countries that offer their version of a “Golden Visa” program and the Golden Visa Portugal program is one of the best.

It’s a flashy name for an immigrant investor visa. In broad terms, countries with this program offer residency permits and/or citizenship in exchange for a large investment. The investment amount and perks vary from country to country.

Portugal has offered Golden Visas since 2012 and it is a popular choice if you are weighing up your options for this type of visa.

Wondering why? Here are the top reasons you should include the Portugal Golden Visa program in your shortlist.

1. You (And Your Family) Can Get Citizenship

Most Golden Visa countries offer citizenship after a certain number of years on a residency permit. But not all extend that offer to immediate family.

What Portugal considers “family” is generous, too. They accept spouses and children under 18 years old, as you might expect. But if you have parents over the age of 65, Portugal includes them as your immediate family.

And if you have unmarried children under the age of 26 who are still in education, they can qualify too. They do not need separate visa applications; you can include them on yours.

They don’t have to wait until you have citizenship to join you in Portugal either. The minute you get a permanent residency permit, they can join you without a residential visa.

2. Ability To Live In and Travel To Other EU and Schengen Countries

Is your ultimate dream to live in Germany or Spain? It still might be worth applying through the Golden Visa Portugal program rather than another Golden Visa Europe program.

Out of the 22 countries that offer a Golden Visa program, only six of them are also in the European Union and offer the same mobility perks.

With a permanent residency permit, you and your family will have unlimited travel to any of the 26 countries in the Schengen visa area. And as it is an EU country, if you have Portuguese citizenship you can live and work in any of the 27 countries that are also in the European Union. 

Portugal also has a very strong passport in regards to traveling throughout the rest of the world. It offers visa-free travel to 135 of the 193 United Nations countries.

3. Variety of Low Investment or Donation Options

The main reason why the Portugal Golden Visa program is better than its EU counterparts is the investment amount. It is often lower and offers more options than the other countries.

Portugal only asks for a €250,000 donation, a €350,000 investment into a business, or a €1 million investment to start a business. 

Here are the lowest amounts for the other six EU countries offering an investment visa:

  • Ireland = €1 million
  • Spain = €500,000
  • Greece = €250,000
  • Malta = €690,000
  • Germany = €360,000
  • Cyprus = €2.2 million

Buying property in Portugal is also an option and there is a sliding scale of the amount you would need to invest. For example, if you bought a house over 30 years old in a low-density area, you would only need to spend €280,000.

But if you wanted to buy a modern house in a high-density area, you would need to spend €500,000.

The precise amount you need to invest and in what type of fund is complex. So, you should consult an attorney so you don’t make one of the top 5 mistakes to avoid when pursuing an investor visa.

4. Low Physical Requirements and Taxes

If you get on the Golden Visa Portugal program, you can get citizenship after five years on a residency permit. Compare this to other EU countries that offer the visa:

  • Ireland = Does not offer citizenship by investment
  • Spain = 10 years
  • Greece = Seven years
  • Malta = One year
  • Germany = Six to eight years
  • Cyprus = Six months

As well as only asking for five years of residency before you can become a citizen, they have very low physical requirements too. Whereas you need to actually live in Greece to become a citizen, this is not the case on the Portuguese Golden Visa.

You only need to be in the country for 14 days every two years of your residency permit. The same goes for your family members, too.

And if you plan on spending less than half the year in Portugal, you will not have to worry about paying taxes at all. So, with the physical requirements in mind, it would be very easy to avoid paying Portuguese taxes.

That said, if you did want to make Portugal your main base, the country offers income tax exemptions for Golden Visa Portugal residents.

5. High Quality of Life and Cultural Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to invest in Portugal is being able to call this amazing country home. 

For starters, it is one of the most affordable EU countries that use the Euro currency. Citizens enjoy low costs of living which include housing, fuel, health care, education, and so much more. 

Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, is a growing tech hub and a promised land for startups and digital nomads. It offers plenty of investment opportunities. 

It is also an underrated, beautiful, and historic country. You can enjoy the vibrant Moorish-style architecture, feast on delicious Pastéis de Nata pastries, and listen to Fado music in bars.

Even if you decide to live in one of the main cities (Lisbon in the south, or Porto in the north), you can spend weekends in the Algarve. It’s a thriving tourist spot filled with beautiful beaches and quaint fishing villages.

And the low crime rates in Portugal are the cherry on top. 

Reap the Benefits of the Golden Visa Portugal Program

The Golden Visa Portugal program offers tons of perks. And not only that, they are far more lucrative than some of the other countries offering the visa in Europe.

So if you have the cash to splash, it might be time to start searching for properties on the Algarve and take some Portuguese lessons.

Want more business tips to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true? Browse our “business” and “tech” categories for heaps of helpful articles and useful advice!

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Top 6 Places To Visit In Denver!



Winter holidays are near, and you are all set to enjoy this season with your family friends. We know you are already busy looking for an ideal location to spend your holiday. We would love to suggest to you a nice, attractive place. How about visiting Denver in the US? It is one of the best cities known for having more than 200 parks. Imagine the refreshing ambiance! And, of course, other stunning attractions are waiting to welcome you.

How To Play Tourist In Denver?

There are lots of incredible tourist attractions in this beautiful city. Even commuting to this location via the prominent cities of the United States is easy via smooth roads and rapid transit systems. What’s more, you can even book the top-most hotels and even short-term rentals in Denver. Kasa has numerous options for your comfortable and convenient accommodation. With swanky locations, posh neighborhoods, proximity to many attractions, and also shopping and eating destinations, these are coveted for sure. Such serviced apartments and homely rentals have been boons to tourists in the post-Covid era, especially preferred for homelike perks like laundry and ironing facilities, kitchen access, pet accommodation, and so much more. Now that a comfortable stay is guaranteed, let us guide you to the best tourist spots:

1.  Larimer Square –One of the most vital and very well-known spots of Denver is Larimer Square. This place is always buzzing with life and has some enticing restaurants and stores. You can chill, relax, and enjoy a marvelous window-shopping experience at this location with lots of yummy food.

2.  Red Rocks Park and amphitheater – Surrounded by gorgeous red hills and mountain cliffs, The Red Rocks Park is considered one of the most stunning locations of the city. And not just the scenery, but the amphitheater, hosting so many prominent shows, is also a major crowd-puller. If we believe the travelers who visit Denver, no matter who is performing at the Amphitheatre, just the ambiance makes it an enticing experience for them. Imagine experiencing a show nestled between the mystic mountains.

3. Washington Park – Let’s talk about the most relaxing place in Denver – Washington Park. With a wide walking path, lush greenery, massive lakes, and splendid trees, this park is like a nature’s oasis amidst the concrete city life. Don’t forget to click some Instagrammable images to flaunt later.

4.  Denver Zoo — Inspired by a Kenyan Nature Preserve, the Denver Zoo prides on having around 4,000 animals. You can catch a glimpse of tigers, black rhinos, orangutans, and more such rare animals here. Laid across an area of 80 acres of City Park, this zoo boasts of housing some rare reptiles as well. African savanna, hyenas, lions, African dogs, Panamanian golden frogs, and green tree pythons will also meet you at this famous park.

5.  Denver museum and science center – This is a fascinating place to visit if you have kids traveling with you or enjoy science, history, and art a lot. The museum has everything from the remains of the dinosaurs to the Egyptian mummies and even various captivating and interesting artifacts. You’ll spend your entire day fueling your curiosity when you visit this museum.

6.  Downtown Brewery Trail Walk – Though you will find lots of guided tours in Denver, we recommend you try walking this trail on your own with the map of the Downtown Brewery Trail. If you are a beer aficionado, the tasting rooms will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. And who knows, you may even brew your own as you learn about their brewing methods.

Apart from all these, you should also visit the very green Denver Botanical Garden, the marvelous Mount Evans, the 16th Street Mall, and the Denver Union Station. Once you explore all locations in this magnificent city, it shall indeed be an experience worth cherishing.

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Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Flights – Especially For Aspiring Pilots!



Who says pilots are superhumans? Just because they can manage an airplane at such a high altitude, you cannot expect them to be free of any of the natural feelings and instincts, those that you feel. Some of them may experience the fear of flying just like you do. But, most likely, they overcame it long back when they were training for this job. So, if you are one of those people who would love to pursue a career zooming on an aircraft yet are super afraid of flying high, then you should read this post very carefully.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flights?

The quote that says – “you are more likely to be hit by a car than die in a plane crash,” — often doesn’t do much to erase this fear for you. You still tend to perspire when you see an airplane or when you think of it. Maybe that is why you are least motivated about a career in this field though it is what you dream of being. But we have got some great tips to overcome this fear in the best possible way.

Bust the myths about flights and their training –Most of the time, the fear comes because you believe many myths and misconceptions about flights and pilots. Isn’t it better that you take some time and read about these in detail and bust those myths? You will get to know that the over-hyped turbulence is actually just a heavy blow of wind that passes with a slight jerk around your plane. And, of course, this won’t lead to a plane crash or harm you in any way. Once you start debunking such myths about flying, you will understand that it is not as scary as you assume.

Read, research, and repeat –The other best way to overcome your unreasonable fear about flights is by reading on this topic and even about plane crashes. It would be best if you did an in-depth analysis about the causes of these crashes and even the types of heavy winds and fogs that impact a smooth flight. Once you research and learn, you will automatically get clear ideas about this profession and start loving the excitement it holds.

Enroll in the best flight training school – Now that you have done your homework well, you can take your dream seriously and pursue an airline career. You will need to enroll in an institution for the best airline pilot training like Hillsboro Aero Academy, which teaches you theoretical knowledge of this field and even provides practical training. You learn about the various parts of the plane and even get comfortable handling it under all circumstances. The added confidence you get from the encouraging teachers and excellent knowledge erases the fear altogether.

Get comfortable with the cockpit – You tend to be more at home with a particular thing if you know it perfectly and what resources to seek in case of trouble. Getting familiar with the cockpit helps you in this case. If you know everything about the gears, the switches, the engine, and even the emergency go-to tricks, you are less likely to get those fear attacks when you are up flying high.

Seek inspiration from your fellow trainees – You can always look up to your fellow trainees to get some confidence and assurances while flying the aircraft. Once you have a relaxed ambiance up there, nothing else matters; and soon, you won’t even realize how swiftly you handle everything.

Being a pilot is fun! If you consider these pointers, taking up this job will be a cakewalk for you! However, if you think all these tips are still not doing the magic – you can go for a counseling session as well. You will get lots of help in overcoming your fear of heights and flights, and becoming a pilot won’t be so difficult after all!

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Club Questions: What Vacation Clubs Does Marriott Own?



Vacation Clubs

If you’re looking to book your dream vacation in 2022, now is the time to get started. Booking for US destinations and resorts for next year has soared more than 450% in recent weeks, as more and more of us plan our long-awaited getaways after a lengthy spell at home.

Even if you are a timeshare owner for a prestigious, global club such as Marriot Vacation Clubs, complacency is not advised. Now is the time to choose from the top Marriot vacation hotspots to secure your place at a top-tier resort. With that in mind, here are some of the top vacation clubs in the Marriott network.

1. Why Book at Marriott Vacation Clubs Now?

So, why is now the time to dig out your Marriott Vacation Club login and get a booking? As mentioned, demand and pre-bookings are higher than ever across the travel sector, meaning you could lose out if you do not book now. In addition, those booking longer stays will want to avoid getting caught short by the Marriott Vacation rules.

As these expert Marriott Vacation Club booking tips explain, your window for pre-bookings is often capped at 12 months, while last-minute bookings are only available to members with a high amount of points. Book now to avoid disappointment. 

2. Marriott Grande Vista, Orlando

For a classic Floridian vacation, it doesn’t get better than the sumptuous Grande Vista property in Orlando. A stone’s throw away from Disneyworld and Seaworld, this 1,600-room complex of luxury suites and villas has everything you and your family need for the vacation of a lifetime. This is one of Marriott’s biggest resorts, with everything you need to stay in the lap of luxury throughout your family trip to Florida. 

3. Marriott Grand Chateau, Las Vegas

If you are looking for a more adult vacation experience, consider booking the Grand Chateau property on the glitzy Las Vegas Strip. You’ll find everything you need for a raucous yet elegant Vegas blowout, including a rooftop pool, sky-high cocktail bar, steakhouse, and more. Of course, you can always head to the sumptuous spa to nurse your hangover the next morning. 

4. Marriott Club Pulse, New York City

Perhaps you want to soak up the culture, history, nightlife, and cuisine of the greatest city in the world. If so, the Club Pulse is your perfect home base for a week of exploring New York City. Pulse is located in the heart of Midtown, only steps away from Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Fifth Avenue. This regal property screams old New York, with oak panels, first-class service, and an elegant rooftop bar with heart-stopping views of the Empire State Building. 

5. Marriott Frenchman’s Cove, US Virgin Islands

For a more exclusive island getaway, Marriott Frenchman’s Cove is an experience that you will never forget. Club members can book an exclusive beachside villa at this sprawling resort, only steps away from the azure-blue waters of the Caribbean. If you want to feel like Beyonce for the night, this is the place to book. 

A Well-Travelled 2022 Awaits 

If you want more tips for choosing the perfect vacation clubs for 2022, we have got you covered. In our Lifestyle pages, you will find insider tips from the travel industry on the destinations, resorts, and sights that you cannot miss next year. Check it out today. 

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