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How Is Flavored Water Made and Why Should You Care?



How Is Flavored Water Made and Why Should You Care

When it comes to bottled drinks, hardly anyone can say they truly know what’s in the mixture.

Bottled flavored water is no different. Oftentimes we see the term ‘natural flavor’, rejoice internally, and drink down our favorite beverage. It’s tasty and refreshing – we know that for sure.

But what is it that really gives flavored water its taste? 

In this article, we’ll be explaining exactly where those distinct flavors come from. So if you want to know more about your favorite beverage, read on.

Flavored Water Tastes Fantastic

And those great flavors can come from a number of different natural sources. The pull of flavored sparkling water comes from its good taste combined with the health benefits it has over other sodas. But how do they achieve that super sweet taste without matching the calorie count of the average soda can?

Some manufacturers detail their processes in their FAQs.

The flavors in LaCroix water originate from the fruits named on the bottles. Natural essential oils can be extracted from fruits for use in foods and drinks. This means that their claim to ‘natural flavors’ is true – no sugars or unnecessary additives are mixed with these extracted flavorings.

Other companies also state their use of plant-based sources with no artificial flavors. The extracts taken from spices, vegetables, and fruits are used first to give a primary flavor to the water, then to round out the taste with smaller amounts of other essences. Acquired by age-old techniques such as pulping and sieving, the oils come directly from the fruits. 

Unwanted components like sugars, pits, and colorings can simply be discarded, with pure concentrated taste left behind. 

The best flavored water is that which uses the ideal combination of essential flavorings to achieve a great taste. Based on the small print from companies, it’s clear that the vagueness of the phrase ‘natural flavors’ is nothing to worry about.

The FDA Approve Natural Flavors

When defining what constitutes a natural flavor, it’s fair to note that there is an allowance for chemical alteration in order to achieve the desired taste. In this, there are parallels between natural and artificial flavors. 

But ultimately, there has never been a link recorded between natural flavors and ill health.

This means that, as far as is known, it’s perfectly safe to drink your low-calorie soda alternative flavored water. Whether a company is making famous sparkling water products by the bulk or producing a new energy drink, their ingredients and processes are safe and naturally derived. 

Your Favorite Flavored Water Contains Naturally Sourced Ingredients!

The natural water flavorings found in flavored water come from fruits and other whole foods. There’s no reason to shy away from the world of flavored waters. This means that, as far as is known, it’s perfectly safe to drink your low-calorie soda alternative flavored water.

If you’d like to read more helpful articles about lifestyle and business, you’re in the right place. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more exciting news and information!

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Make Amazing Chocolate Affogato with This Recipe



Chocolate Affogato

Chocolate affogato is a perfect dessert, and among the most loved choices by children and adults alike. This cool ice cream can be topped with hot chocolate and delivers a great lovely taste. In Italian, Affogato means “drowned”, and it’s traditionally made by pouring hot espresso on a vanilla ice cream scoop or gelato. In short, the ice cream is drowned. Depending on how you view it, it can be considered as a dessert, a drink, or both. Alternatively, if you have Frangelico or any other Italian high-quality liquor, you can use it in your affogato and you will achieve amazing results.

This dessert offers a rich chocolate flavor, and it’s among the few luxurious beverage options that make a superb after-dinner drink and as an after boozy brunch.

What you will need

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • 4 scoops of high-quality vanilla ice cream
  • ½ a cup of espresso coffee (freshly brewed.
  • ¼ cup of unsweetened  cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of fine confectioners’ sugar.
  • A cup of chilled or frozen whipping cream. 
  • ½ teaspoonfuls of high-quality vanilla extract.


  • Put 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream into every glass.
  • Top each of the glasses with the hot espresso coffee, and make them ¼ full.
  • Next, start making the cocoa whipped cream. Using a heavy mixing bowl, combine the vanilla extract and the whipping cream, and whip them using a whip cream charger. Continue whipping until a soft peak forms.
  • Using another small bowl, combine the confectioners’ sugar with the sugar. Stir the mixture of sugar and cocoa into the whipping cream and continue whipping until it’s perfectly blended. Top the affogato with the cocoa whipped cream and you can serve immediately.

More Serving Options

You can be bold and make your Chocolate Affogato a sundae or you can spike it. Spike it with amaretto and you can liven up the party. Alternatively, if you have Frangelico or any other Italian high-quality liquor, you can use it in your affogato and you will achieve amazing results. Be bold and try any liquor, and you will realize that it works just fine.

What about affogato sundae? This is a sophisticated treat that you can have fun with. Add a crunch with some crumbled biscotti, with a high-quality caramel sauce, and finish it with some high-quality whipped cream.

  • Stir the mixture of sugar and cocoa into the whipping cream and continue whipping until it’s perfectly blended.
  • What Makes Chocolate Affogato Amazing?

    Remember that this version of affogato is kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It’s one of the easiest to make and anyone can easily fall in love with it.

    While it generally takes a short time to make this dessert, the only time-consuming part here is while making the hot chocolate. On average, this may take about 15 minutes. What you need to do is scoop the ice cream into serving glasses or cups and put some hot chocolate to submerge it. Thus, you may opt to top the entire thing with candy canes or wafer cookies.

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    Top 10 Food That May Cause Acne



    Food That May Cause Acne

    Acne is a common skin condition that affects people of all ages. It can be caused by a number of factors, including hormones and stress. Diet has been shown to cause acne in some cases, with some foods being more likely to cause breakouts than others.

    There are many causes of acne, but one thing you can do to help control it is eat healthier. The following list includes 10 foods that may cause acne: 

    1. Processed Foods

    A lot of processed foods contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup which has been linked with higher levels of testosterone. This is an example of how eating healthy can help your skin look better.

    2. Dairy Products

    Dairy products have the natural hormones, estrogen, and progesterone which can lead to breakouts when consumed regularly.

    3. Meat

    Some meats such as beef, pork, lamb, and poultry contain hormones that contribute to acne breakouts.

    If you’re prone to breakouts, it might be time for a diet change. A recent study found that eating beef regularly can lead not only women but men as well towards an acne-prone state due to its contribution toward hormonal changes within our body and the potential link with various health problems down the line such as obesity or heart disease.

    4. Sugar

    Sugar has been linked with an increase in acne. This is because it’s often consumed with dairy products that contain hormones.

    5. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal contains high levels of serotonin which slows the shedding of skin cells, resulting in dead skin clogging pores and leading to breakouts. 6. Honey

    Honey is another food that increases the risk for acne breakouts due to its high sugar content, which can cause acne when eaten regularly, especially if paired with other foods that lead to acne-like dairy or meat. 

    7. Foods High In Coffee and Caffeine

    Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea are known to be bad for your health in general, but they may also contribute to pimples on the face.

    8. Chocolate

    People may think chocolate is sexy, but it can make your skin less attractive when it’s covered in pimples. Like many other foods on this list, chocolate contains sugar which leads to breakouts when consumed regularly.  This is an example of how eating healthy can help your skin look better.

    9. Gluten-Free Food

    Gluten-free food has exploded in popularity in recent years for people looking to lose weight or avoid specific types of food, but these products are often higher in sugar than their gluten-filled counterparts so they can lead to acne breakouts even though they’re technically healthier than the alternative.

    10. Fried Foods

    Fried foods like french fries and chicken tenders contain oils that clog pores and exacerbate existing acne problems. If you have trouble with acne, try away from a lot of foods that are deep-fried.


    Acne is a skin condition that many people struggle with. It can be caused by certain foods, stress levels, or even genetics. If you are looking for help to Treat acne head-on, try decreasing your intake of these 10 foods that can lead to acne breakouts.

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    How to make DIY French vanilla coffee candle



    DIY French vanilla coffee candle

    A lot of people love and enjoy coffee, I for one do love them and then there’s vanilla. When it comes to vanilla, it’s not just about the taste, the smell is always amazing, the same thing goes for coffee. Do you love both flavours? If you are reading this blog post then I’m guessing you love them too. So what if I tell you that you can make your home smell like a mixture of vanilla and coffee, that’ll be great right? I guessed so too, that’s why in today’s blog post, I’ll be teaching you how to make French vanilla coffee candles by yourself.

    Making your own candle is great and also fun, that’s if you enjoy doing things yourself. I know some people are usually of the opinion that it’s a lot better to buy them than to make them since it saves you the time and stress you’d undergo to make them. Do you agree with them? Just in case you are having doubts about making them, I’ll be telling you the benefits of making your own scented candles.

    It doesn’t contain chemicals 

    When you make the candles yourself, you are sure that it’s all-natural because you choose the ingredients yourself. Chemicals are usually used in the production of many scented candles you’ll find in stores today.

    It burns longer

    Since homemade waxes have a lower melting point, they tend to last longer. What does that mean for you? It means that you get to enjoy that scent you love so much for long and it also saves you money.

    It produces less soot

    Homemade candles burn cleaner than most of the candles you’ll find in stores. You homemade candles, you can say bye-bye to black soot gathering on your candle or creeping onto your walls.

    Now you know some of the benefits you stand to gain when you use homemade scented candles, continue reading to learn how to make your very own vanilla coffee candle.

    Things you’ll need:

    • Small glasses and/or bowls. Storm into your kitchen and collect all the cups and bowls you can find.
    • Candle wax. You can chop up old unscented candles and reuse the wax or you don’t have that then you can buy wax chips at a local craft store.
    • Candlewick.
    • Chopped vanilla beans.
    • Coffee beans.


    1. Melt the wax. To do this, you can use a microwave or a double boiler to melt the wax.
    2. Glue the wick in place at the bottom of your bowl, glass, or cup. Alternatively, if there’s no glue available, then you can hold it with your hand, this time at the top.
    3. Pour a small layer of the melted wax into the cup, glass, or bowl. Now, add a layer of vanilla beans and coffee beans.
    4. Stir the mixture with a chopstick to distribute the beans in the wax.
    5. Allow the wax to cool off and solidify. 

    Once the wax becomes solid, you would have successfully made your homemade French vanilla coffee candle. For people with busy schedules who would have loved to make one themselves but can’t, you can purchase autumn fall wax melts instead. They are natural and smell really great. If you love the smell of coffee and vanilla, then trust me, you are going to love them too.

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