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No-Code/Low-Code Automation Testing – A Short Guide



Automation Testing

Low-code and no-code test automation tools are forming the basis for product development around the world. Forecasts say the global low-code development platform market will have generated a revenue of $187.0 billion by 2030. They help ease the pressure on developers’ shoulders by eliminating some of the routine daily tasks and by minimizing human errors.

We can also observe changes in the test automation sector: with the democratization of technology and programming, low- and no-code test automation tools it has become easier to test programs. In this article, we will examine in detail low-code and no-code test automation in their comparison with the traditional one.

What Is Testing & Test Automation?

When developing software manually, you need to test it to make sure it works and is stable and secure. Testing can be manual or automatic.

QA engineers performing manual testing require a developer with a fresh look (usually not part of the team) to go through the entire script code, identify all possible bugs and find ways to make coding smooth and efficient. A QA engineer can also create manual test scenarios to automatically run and complete the code.

However, there is a way to automate the whole process and make it codeless. Automation testing goes through various aspects of the code, it can be run many times. Automation testing tools view each line of your code, detecting errors, redundancy, and more.

Benefits of Automation Testing

Automation of the testing process possesses multiple advantages:

  • Efficiency. The automated script is not checked with instructions and documentation.
  • Reduced time. Automation doesn’t require human intervention, so a specialist can switch to other, more complicated tasks.
  • Repetition. The test script can be used repeatedly.
  • No human factor. A test scenario will not allow mistakes in the results and will not miss the time of testing.
  • Automatic reporting. Test results are automatically stored and sent to the corresponding experts.

Automation Testing Pitfalls

Development and quality control teams want a quick and high-quality impact at the lowest cost and therefore go for test automation. However, some of the companies-investors in this technology believe that their progress is too slow and they don’t see the expected level of ROI from it.

In addition to craving quick results, some organizations lack prioritization of automation testing and lack qualified human resources as their biggest problems. As a result, it hinders the efficiency and implementation of further test automation by other companies.

Transition from Traditional to Low-Code/No-Code Test Automation

Automation enables companies to grow at a higher pace and achieve ever-changing goals of software development and testing. Still, the disadvantage of traditional automation testing is the excessive time and expenses required for creating and improving this process. The reason for it is the necessity for further maintenance of tests by experts.

This is where codeless automation testing comes in handy, as any person can use no-code automation testing tools, such as DogQ, to test the code. The bottom line is that any employee, from tech engineers to marketing or sales department employees, can create automated tests. The process becomes much easier as no code or programming knowledge is needed. So if the product’s complexity isn’t high, this methodology is a go-to solution for businesses to benefit from.

Low-Code/No-Code Test Automation and Its Purpose

Codeless automated testing is changing the world of software testing, making it more accessible to a greater number of people. With it, developers can perform data-based testing with neither any code nor advanced programming skills.

This is achieved through codeless automation testing tools which use pre-created templates and software blocks for building automated test scenarios. Such tools are aimed at simplifying the development process for developers, DevOps and QA engineers. They make the platform convenient and accessible, allow recording, playback and integration of AI technologies, as well as require less maintenance.

Advantages of Codeless Test Automation

Automating test cases has proved to provide numerous advantages to software companies. Among them, we can mention the following:

  • Requires no coding skills;
  • Testing cases can be executed on multiple browsers in parallel;
  • Reduced app development time by 90%;
  • It needs low maintenance and is reusable;
  • Freed up human potential to let them focus on relevant work;
  • Extended the scope of automation on multiple platforms;
  • Empowered by the agile methodology and allows prompt changes.

That’s why more companies are making use of codeless test automation tools, striving to minimize time and money expenses as well as maximize the efficiency and accuracy of product testing.

Differences Between Low-Code VS No-Code Platforms

No-code and low-code methodologies are definitely on the same side, as both save you time and money compared to traditional methods of development and testing. Still, it is worth mentioning that they have certain differences. Take a look at the table below to learn about their specific features:

Coding KnowledgeRequires minimal knowledge of programming languagesNo prior knowledge of coding needed
Time ConsumptionRequires developers to code certain parts of the application themselves, resulting in longer development timeBuilt on the basis of the rapid application development (RAD) methodology, which helps to perform tasks as fast as possible
Product ComplexityUsed to create applications that have more complex functionsIt is better to use for creating tools that can assist in business process management, reporting, project tracking and analytics
Product FlexibilityMore flexible applications that can evolve and improve with many updates and changes depending on your unique needsCan be used to develop a prototype that lays the foundation for further programming, as well as to launch critical business processes


Utilizing codeless automation testing tools lowers the need for testing to almost zero, as they generate high-quality, efficient and smooth code that does not require further optimization. Thereby, low-code and no-code automation grant you additional time so you can concentrate on what’s important and validate your business ideas into successful outcomes in no time.

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Are mechanical keyboards good for gaming



mechanical keyboards

Are you a passionate gamer looking to gain an edge in your next gaming session? Have you heard about the mechanical keyboard that many gamers swear by for faster response times and an improved gaming experience? Well, if you’re wondering whether these types of keyboards are worth the investment, then this blog post is for you. Learn how mechanical keyboards can enhance your gaming performance, from their fast tempo switches to their easy customization options. We’ll also look at how they differ from traditional keyboards – why investing in one could be beneficial! So if you want to play with confidence and beat all of your opponents, read on!

What are mechanical keyboards and how do they differ from traditional keyboards

Mechanical keyboards have been a popular choice among experienced computer users for some time, offering far more durability and comfort than traditional membrane keyboards. The difference lies in their construction – instead of using silicone membranes found in most standard keyboards, mechanical keyboards use a switch beneath each keycap that registers individual key presses. These keys not only provide better tactile feedback due to their precise click mechanism, but they also offer much greater reliability over the long term. Mechanical keyboards offer users the ability to specify the actuation point, travel distance, and resistance of each keystroke-features that are especially desirable for gaming purposes as they can make it easier for different players to adjust the settings or play style.

How do mechanical keyboards affect gaming performance

Gaming with a mechanical keyboard can provide a number of performance-related benefits. One such benefit is the ability to press multiple keys at the same time for complex in-game commands which can give gamers an edge over their opponents. Mechanical keyboards are generally light, durable, and have greater tactile feedback that enables users to feel when their keystrokes are registered correctly. Additionally, mechanical keyboards often feature anti-ghosting technology, which stops the PC from registering multiple unintended key presses all at once and ensures that each keystroke is accurately reported. Finally, mechanical keyboards usually offer better ergonomics with adjustable heights helping prevent fatigue and provide comfortable gaming experiences even during extended periods of time.

Are there any other benefits to using a mechanical keyboard for gaming

Mechanical keyboard represent an upgrade from the traditional membrane keyboard in many ways. Not only do these keyboards offer faster access times and improved accuracy, but they also provide gamers with a host of additional features that can help enhance their gaming experience. Many mechanical keyboards feature dedicated extra keys for gaming functions such as macro recording and hotkeys; some even feature backlit keys for easier nighttime gaming. Furthermore, the sturdy construction and customizability of mechanical keyboards make them more durable and adaptable, meaning they will last longer than other types of keyboards. In short, mechanical keyboards are an indispensable tool for gamers and offer numerous advantages over regular membrane keyboards.

What are the downsides of using a mechanical keyboard for gaming

Mechanical keyboards provide a unique tactile feel that can give gamers an edge during heated gaming sessions. The tactile feedback allows users to confirm each keystroke with precision, reducing typing errors and speeding up data entry. This vastly improves reaction time in video games, as well as general responsiveness while performing multiple tasks at once. Mechanical keyboards have become highly popular among gamers due to the faster keystrokes and tactile feedback they provide. However, these keyboards are also known to be quite loud and distracting, making it difficult for gamers to stay focused in a quiet environment. Additionally, mechanical keyboards tend to be quite large and heavy, which can make them difficult to transport if you’re a traveling gamer. The price tag of mechanical keyboards is also notably higher than that of regular keyboards, which makes them out of reach for many budgets. Although the benefits outweigh the downsides for many experienced gamers, novice players should think carefully before investing in more expensive mechanical keyboards if their coordination skills are still developing.

Which type of gamer should consider using a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are an excellent choice for gamers looking to maximize their gaming experience. With the heightened precision, increased durability, and improved responsiveness of mechanical keyboards, they provide a unique advantage over traditional membrane-based keyboards, which many gamers may not have explored before. Mechanical keyboards have become must-haves for serious gamers who wish to gain a competitive edge by having faster reactions, improved accuracy, and a better typing experience. Not only can these advantages give an experienced gamer the extra edge they need in certain games, but they will also help relatively new players become more comfortable navigating virtual battlegrounds while pulling off difficult maneuvers and strategies. With the added comfort and ease of use offered by mechanical keyboards, anyone who takes gaming seriously should consider using them.

How much do mechanical keyboards cost?

Mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re designed to provide an intense gaming experience and feature higher levels of precision than other keyboards on the market. However, this level of performance comes with a price tag: most mechanical keyboards cost at least $139. Although they may be more expensive than your average keyboard, mechanical models offer features such as enhanced accuracy, faster response times, and robust construction that are essential for gamers. If you’re looking to pay a little less for improved features, there are lower priced options available, but if you want top-of-the-line performance—especially when playing games—then spending the extra Long term, money will be worthwhile.


If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that will up your game, a mechanical keyboard is worth the investment. With its fast actuation, great tactile feel, and customizable keycaps, a mechanical keyboard can help you take your gaming to the next level. Plus, with all of the different keyswitches available on the market today, you’re sure to find one that fits your playing style perfectly. So if you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, don’t overlook the importance of choosing a mechanical model—it could be just what you need to step your game up.

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Power Strip USB Ports



Power Strip USB Ports

For anyone with a wide variety of devices that need to be charged, power strip USB ports are a must-have. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To make sure you get the best product for your needs and budget, there are several factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for power strip USB ports.

Find the Right USB Ports for Your Power Strip

Number of Ports

The first thing to consider when choosing a power strip is the number of ports you need. Some strips offer as few as three outlets while others have up to 12 outlets. If you’re just looking for a basic strip that will provide enough energy for your laptop, cell phone, and other small appliances, then three outlets should be sufficient. However, if you have multiple devices that require their outlet, like an entertainment center or gaming console, then you may want to consider a larger model with more ports.

Power Rating

The power rating is an important factor to consider, as it tells you how much power the device can handle. This is expressed in watts and will ensure that your devices all have the proper amount of energy flowing through the port to operate consistently. Make sure you select one with a wattage rating that meets your needs; otherwise, it might not be able to handle all your devices simultaneously. With the right kind of power strip usb ports, you can rest assured knowing that your electronics are going to stay powered without experiencing any issues or instability.

Protection Features

It’s also important to pay attention to the protection features offered by each power strip such as surge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, and overvoltage protection. These features help ensure that your electronic devices are protected from sudden spikes or drops in voltage or current which can cause damage or even fires if left unchecked. Many modern power strips also include built-in temperature sensors that will shut off the outlet if it overheats due to excessive use or faulty wiring.


Power strips with USB ports are an amazing way to upgrade your home or office space, but not many people think about the aesthetic aspect of such a purchase. Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice looks for utility–even the most tech-savvy of us can have our power strip in view without sacrificing style! There are plenty of sleek, aesthetically pleasing models on the market that come in a variety of different colors and styles so you’ll be sure to find one that matches the decor of your room. Don’t be afraid to pick something special for yourself– your workstation or living room will thank you for it!

Type of Ports

Power strips come in two different types of outlets: three-pronged and two-pronged plugs. Three-pronged plugs are more secure than two-pronged plugs because they contain a ground wire which helps protect against electric shocks and surges in electricity. However, not all appliances require a ground wire so it is important to check if your device needs one before purchasing a power strip with three-pronged outlets or USB ports.


With so many options available on the market today, selecting the best power strip USB port for your needs can seem overwhelming at first glance. However, by keeping these five key factors in mind, you’ll be able to find one that meets all your criteria without breaking the bank! Once you’ve found the perfect model for you, all that’s left is to plug it in and enjoy convenient charging capabilities wherever you go!

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Five Must-Have Gadgets To Make Life Easier And More Enjoyable




Do you ever have days when the endless list of to-dos feels overwhelming, or mundane tasks sap all your energy? Maybe you’re frustrated with constantly running out of ideas for fun activities. If this sounds familiar, then consider investing in some helpful gadgets and tools that can make life easier and more enjoyable.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five must-have gadgets that will help streamline daily tasks, foster creativity, and provide entertainment value – so you can get back to living life to the fullest

Keep reading to find out which items made our home must-haves list!

5 Must-Have Gadgets to Boost Your Living Quality

Automatic Watering System

Forget about watering the plants by hand – with an automatic watering system, you can sit back and watch your plants flourish. This gardening tool comes in many different forms, including drip irrigation and self-watering systems that help you water at particular intervals without ever having to worry about a timer or hose. Whether you’re growing vegetables for a family of four or flowers for your front yard display, these devices are perfect for busy homeowners who don’t have time to tend to their garden by hand.

Smart Thermostat

If you’ve ever been frustrated with uneven temperatures throughout the home and wasting money on high energy bills during the summer months, then it’s definitely time to invest in a smart thermostat. These devices make it easy to adjust your home’s temperature by simply turning a dial or using your smartphone. The best part is that many of these smart thermostats learn and adapt over time, so you won’t have to spend hours tweaking the settings yourself.

Air Purifier

If you suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma, then an air purifier can do wonders for clearing the air in your home. These advanced machines pick up allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and pollen particles with ease – creating a more comfortable environment for all homeowners. Additionally, harmful gases are removed from the air thanks to activated carbon filters on some models. This produces noticeable results in just 24 hours, so you’ll see immediate results right after setting up your air purifier.

Digital Photo Frame

If you tend to neglect photo albums and constant reminders of family or friends cause your mind to wander, then a digital photo frame may be the perfect solution for keeping your favourite photos in view. These frames come with pre-loaded pictures, as well as space to store some of your own snaps from recent vacations or birthday parties – making it easy to relive those happy moments again and again. Some models even let you share special events with everyone in real-time thanks to WiFi connectivity!

Conversion Cables

Going on vacation or heading to a family member’s house? You don’t have time to check if they have the right chargers and cables for your smartphone, tablet, video game console and other electronic devices. That’s where conversion cables come into play! Built with multiple tips that fit into a wide array of different ports, these handy adapters such as hdmi to c cables are perfect for travelers who need to transport their favorite gadgets without worrying about incompatibility issues.


There you have it – our top five must-have gadgets for modern living. Whether you’re interested in streamlining daily tasks, fostering creativity or providing entertainment value, these items are sure to make your life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. So check them out today, and start living your best life!

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