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Morocco’s Top Ten Places to Visit



Morocco is a country rich in diversity and serves as a gateway to Africa. Rugged mountain ranges, undulating deserts, old cities, desolate beaches, the best accommodations in Morocco, and great hospitality can all be found in this region. Morocco’s towns are some of the most interesting on the African continent, and epic landscapes cover this chunk of North Africa like the gorgeously patterned rugs you’ll yearn after in the markets.


Marrakesh is a show-stopper. Its ethereal sights and melodies continue to dazzle, frazzle, and fascinate, as they have for a millennium. Circuses can’t compare to the mayhem of Marrakesh’s main plaza, Djemaa El Fna, which is home to the Unesco-awarded halqa (street theatre). 

By day, snake-charmers, acrobats, and dentists with jars of removed teeth draw people to Djemaa. Around nightfall, the world’s most boisterous grilling competition begins with 100 restaurant kiosks. The Djemaa music jam sessions begin after dinner. Participation from the audience is always welcomed, and spare change assures that there will be encores.


When it comes to exploring Morocco, Rabat is a bit of an unappreciated treasure. Tourists frequently overlook the administrative capital. Rabat is an incredible destination and unquestionably Morocco’s “coolest” city.

The STORY Rabat is a luxurious boutique hotel in Rabat’s Ambassadors district. It is definitely the best hotel in Rabat. For serious and discreet tourists, the hotel offers a quiet experience of unrivaled luxury in Morocco. 

It has 27 well-decorated guest rooms, ten suites, and a distinctive private villa, as well as an intimate dining experience.  A traditional Moroccan spa and hammam, a state-of-the-art gym, and a 25-meter swimming pool surrounded by sculpted gardens and water elements are among the leisure amenities available in Story Rabat the best boutique hotel in Rabat.


The medina of Fez is the maze that ends all mazes. The only way to get a sense of it is to dive right in. Don’t be afraid to get lost; simply follow the crowds back to one of the two main thoroughfares, or ask a store to direct you. 

It’s a journey through a medieval world of secret squares, workshop mazes, and vibrant markets. Keep an eye out for beautiful plasterwork, ornately carved cedarwood, sparkling mosaic tiles, and curly Arabic calligraphy when you gaze up.


Steep and cobblestone, Chefchaouen’s medina’s blue-washed streets cascade down the mountainside in a shower of red rooftops, wrought-iron balconies, and vibrant geraniums. Just like when you are in your accommodation in Rabat, you could spend hours people-watching while sipping mint tea in the bustling main plaza, which is dominated by a huge red-hued kasbah. 

Alternatively, wander down the riverfront promenade, shop the souqs (markets), take a stroll to the Spanish Mosque on the hill, or explore the Rif Mountains at the nearby Talassemtane National Park.

High Atlas Mountains

From spring to fall, the High Atlas Mountains, North Africa’s tallest mountain range, are a trekker’s wonderland. From the Atlantic Coast just north of Agadir to Khenifra in the northeast, the range extends diagonally across Morocco for almost 620 miles (1000 kilometers), enclosing Marrakesh to the south and east. 

Its saw-toothed peaks serve as a weather barrier between the Mediterranean environment to the north and the Sahara desert to the south. Snow falls from September to May in its highest elevations, providing for winter activities in Oukaimeden, while year-round rivers flow towards Marrakesh, forming a network of fertile valleys.

Anti Atlas Mountains

The Anti Atlas Mountains, a sun-bleached granite mountain that leads to the Sahara, are still largely unexplored. The quartz massif of Jebel El Kest, often known as the “amethyst mountain,” is a popular hiking destination for trekkers. It may be reached via the Ameln Valley. 

Around Jebel Aklim, another fantastic trekking option in this Amazigh shepherds’ area, you’ll find farming settlements and collapsing kasbahs. From palm-lined valleys to the looming, volcanic Jebel Siroua, the environment offers enough variety to support repeated excursions.

Erg Chigaga

Leave the people behind and lope across the desert on a faithful dromedary, taking in the stillness, the spectacular views, and the gentle swaying gait of the camel. You’ll be able to scramble to the top of a sky-high dune at sunset and watch the desert become gold, pink, and purple, even if your camel encounter leaves you knocked-kneed. 


Surfing is possible all along Morocco’s Atlantic coast, but Mirleft, a small beach town where the mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the greatest sites to catch a wave. It’s a low-key and less windy alternative to Essaouira, with a stretch of pristine – and frequently empty outside of Moroccan holidays – beaches and budget-friendly guesthouses. 


Taroudant, a Souss Valley trading town with views of both the High and Anti Atlas mountains, has been termed “little Marrakesh” for its red-brick ramparts that change color with the light, but its tiny medina and laid-back souqs come without the stress of a big metropolis. 

Explore the city walls by horse-drawn calèche (carriage) and visit the historic kasbah, stopping at the Palais Salam, a former pasha’s palace turned faded hotel, where for the price of a mint tea, you may roam about the tiled salons and Moorish gardens.


Tangier was one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in the Mediterranean for the first half of the twentieth century, famed for its hedonistic excesses, but once it was returned to Morocco in 1956, it began a seemingly inevitable decline. 

The tale is changing now, and money is flowing in: there are a sleek new marina, hotels, and apartment buildings similar to the best places to stay in Rabat are rising all over the bay, and the streets are being spruced up. It hasn’t lost, though, the Beat Generation’s louche air.

That concludes our list of Morocco’s top tourist attractions. Now is the time to book your trip and make a reservation at Story Rabat, where they will assist you in having a pleasant stay in Morocco.

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The List of “Must Visit” Sydney Hotels, Pubs & More



Sydney Hotels

Sydney pubs come to life when the sun sets. Australians love to drink, and this city is known for having a robust bar scene and a lively nightlife. For those who want to unwind with a few drinks after a long day of exploring and sightseeing, the city has a wide variety of possibilities.

There are places to go if you want to be seen, hide, listen to great music, meet out with other creatives, or just indulge in a carefully curated selection of drinks.

Is this really thirst? Here are our top picks for bars in Sydney that you should visit.

Central Coast beaches

The coastal towns along the Central Coast have such a great vibe. Sydney locals commonly come to the Central Coast to visit the quaint weekend markets and enjoy the peace and quiet of the adjacent small towns. Every weekend, there will be a market someplace, the most well-known of which is the Avoca Beach Market.

The markets on the Central Coast have a bohemian vibe and host many local artists and artisans. Coming here for a drink, some live music, and a swim is a terrific idea. We suggest that following that, you continue having fun by going to some of the hottest Sydney brothels.

Coogee Pavilion Rooftop: Coogee Bar With a View

The greatest views of Sydney’s eastern beaches may be found at this adults-only pub near Coogee Beach. It is situated on the second level of Coogee Pavilion and features four indoor and outdoor bars, making it simple and quick to order a drink. Cheers! After spending a scorching day at the beach, stop by in the late afternoon and stay the night. Their selection of wines, beers, and drinks won’t let you down.

FNKY MNKY Coogee Backpacker Bar

The newest bar, restaurant, and co-working space in Coogee Beach is FNKY MNKY bar at Mad Monkey Hostel. FNKY MNKY is a great venue to meet locals and visitors alike because it often hosts events like trivia nights and live music! They are only a few feet away from the sand, so check out the lovely ocean views or drop by for a cool one after a day of tanning! During Salsa Night, try the MNKY LAGER, play some foosball, or have a cheap beer!

Every Traveler’s Bar at the Coogee Bay Hotel

When you’re in Coogee Bay Hotel, you have a lot of options depending on how you’re feeling that evening. You can remain at the Beach Bar if you want a laid-back drinking environment with a beachfront setting. If you prefer to sip your beverage in a stunning outside setting, check out the Garden. The Sports Bar is ideal gift for sports fans and large groups, while the Arden Lounge is ideal for people who prefer a more intimate and cozy setting.

Earl’s Juke Joint is a Newtown bar

Earl’s Juke Joint is not your normal bar; it is a tavern hidden beneath a butcher shop. In the center of Sydney’s very own hipster neighborhood, Newtown, is a slice of New Orleans. Although they provide a wide selection of beers and wines, if you want to know what this bar is all about, start with the cocktails.

Try one (or all) of these delightful beverages that their bartenders have created: The Phife Dawg (rum, lime, cane juice, and bitters), Espresso Diabolique (bourbon and espresso), and The Hobo Julep (bourbon, sugar and mint bitters).

The Cornerstone Bar & Food in Redfern Urban Bar

Cornerstone has maintained its urban and industrial vibe despite being a former railyard turned into a pub. Cornerstone is more than just a bar; it’s a “drinking experience,” with soaring ceilings, a hanging garden, and a friendly ambiance that’s perfect for a laid-back night out with friends.

The bar serves regionally produced beer, worldwide and domestic wines, creative cocktails, and punch jugs, and the restaurant offers delectable dishes all day long at reasonable pricing. Locals love the weekend brunch till 3 p.m., and if you’re up for some fun, check out the games area for some pool or ping pong.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to include every one of the top bars and drinking establishments because the list was too long. However, those are only the ones we listed. If none of this appeals to you, you can search for more of them and locate the ideal location for you and your friends to enjoy a drink. Overall, Sydney is a great city for having fun, drinking, and taking in the nightlife.

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How to Choose the Right CrossBody Bag?



Right CrossBody Bag

Finding the right bag for your needs can be challenging. There are several choices in the market to buy. Selecting one that fits your personality might not be an easy task. You can ask yourself the following questions before buying any bag:

  • How big should the bag be?
  • How many pockets should it have?
  • Will you carry it on your shoulder or elbow?
  • What color do you like the most for a bag?

Whether you are on to go or looking for style, a crossbody bag is the best choice. You can carry it easily by keeping your hands free. Are you confused about the correct selection of the crossbody bag and looking for a solution? This article will unveil how to choose the right crossbody bag. 

What is a Crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is typically small in size with a large strap. The bag strap is large enough to run from one shoulder to the hip of the opposite side. That’s why these bags are called clear crossbody bag. They have many small hidden pockets and come in various styles. 

 How to Choose the Right Crossbody Bag?

While selecting a crossbody bag, there are many factors to consider. Some of the main factors are as follows.


Size is the primary factor to consider while buying any bag. Although crossbody bags are smaller in size, there are still wide varieties in size. Before finalizing the bag size, consider for what purpose you will use it. For instance, if you want to use a crossbody bag as a purse to carry money or ATM cards etc. A small-sized bag will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to use it for carrying things, then you will require a slightly big crossbody bag. 


Color contrast is the key factor for a beautiful outfit. If you want to buy an everyday bag, neutral colors such as black, brown, and gray can be excellent choices. These colors will have good contrast with multiple outfits. If you have an idea of a specific outfit, then you have options to buy your crossbody bag accordingly. 


Crossbody bags are available in various materials. For instance, you can select a bag in leather, fabrics, suede or waxed canvas. The choice of bag material, too, depends on your use. For example, if you want to use it for work and home, a leather bag is the right selection as it is more durable. 


Crossbody bag style is the crucial factor that you cannot compromise. Make sure to select the bag design that suits your personality as well as your outfit. While choosing the bag style, you can consider two factors:

  • Whether the crossbody bag looks pleasant by itself or not
  • Whether it looks pleasant with your outfit


The outfit is the most important factor in your personality. The right outfit can make you feel confident and stand out from the crowd. Crossbody bags are a great addition to fashion and style. In this guide, we put together the most common factors to consider while buying a crossbody bag. Make sure to buy the best bag for your outfit by focusing on these essential factors. 

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Malaysia tour packages and Vietnam tour packages



Malaysia tour packages

When you think of Southeast Asia tourism, Malaysia is the first country that comes to mind . Malaysia is the most popular travel and holiday destination worldwide. As compared to Thailand, countries like Vietnam are less explored but offer you the most picturesque, pristine beauty of nature in a less commercialised form.

Malaysia Tour Packages

As mentioned above, Thailand is the hotspot for holidays with family and honeymoon destinations.

Thailand has so much to offer for travellers of every age. It has a rich culture and history that has been preserved in the form of temples and monasteries; an excellent nightlife; world-class super premium luxury brand shopping; spellbinding skyscrapers; beautiful islands; and the list goes on.

The weather is tropical all over the year, but the period between December and April is ideal for Malaysia tour packages as the temperature is not too cold and not too hot. The humidity is under control and at bearable levels. The Malaysia tour package must include the following places to make the trip worth every penny.

Some of the best islands in Malaysia are the Langkawi islands, Perhensian islands, Pangkor islands, Pulau T Ioman, Kinabatangan, etc.

Langkawi islands

a Unesco heritage site. The Langkawi islands are famous for the turquoise blue ocean and serene beaches. It’s the best spot for a family holiday in Mlaaysiaa.

Lego Land-

Everyone loves Lego, whether they are adults or children.Lego Land is a one-of-a-kind theme park with exciting rides, a water park, and incredible 70+ Lego structures that will captivate you at every turn.Don’t skip this wonderful place in your Malaysia tour package.

perhentian island

It can also be called the coral island of Malaysia.

The transparent water around these islands shows the beautiful corals within. This is the best place to visit on a Malaysia tour package.


Panang is Malaysia’s most exotic and sought-after destination, with waterfront villas, Burmese temples, reclining Buddha, and other attractions.


This rainforest wild life sanctuary is the top place to visit in Malaysia for naturelovers . The night jungle camp with an early morning cruise is the main attraction here. A Malaysia tour package should be planned accordingly.

Mount Kinabalu-

Mount Kanabalu is a favourite place for hard-core mountaineers. The zip line activity just adds to the thrill.

Sipadan islands

The Sipadan islands are famous for diving. As it was declared a protected reserve to protect the natural diversity, only a limited number of people are allowed to dive at a time. Be prepared with the necessary permits beforehand, as this place is not something you should miss.


These islands are famous for diving and snorkeling,the major tourist attractions in Malaysia.

Pulau Tioma

  untouched , unexplored beaches of Pulau Tioma are often less crowded. That makes it the perfect destination for the newly wed lovebirds to enjoy solace.


It is famous for a one-of-a-kind activity—zorbing.

Zorbing is about rolling inside a huge transparent plastic ball. It is a fun and unique activity that is carried on a hard surface or water.


This is a perfectly planned city in Malaysia with an excellent night life.

Kuala Lampur

The capital of Malausia, Juala Lampur, has a lot to be explored, especially with family and kids. Places like Aquaria KLCC(the world’s largest aquarium), Petronas Towers (twin towers),  ATV adventure park are the best places to create memories we can relish for our lifetime.

Vietnam tour packages

Vietnam is the most unexplored and untouched country as compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has a rich culture preserved in the form of temples and is evolving into a bucket list-worthy tourist destination to be included in any of your tours. At the same time, Vietnam tour package top the list of best honeymoon destinations as they are the epitome of nature’s beauty and, at the same time, they are less crowded . This way, you can enjoy solitude with your better half in the lap of nature.

These are some of the places that must be included in a Vietnam tour package to make a memorable honeymoon.

1. halong bay-

Halong Bay tops the list of places to be visited in a Vietnam tour package as it has beautiful, serene beaches and caves that can be explored. A day spent on a cruise lets you imbibe the beauty of limestone mountains thoroughly.

It is declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ho Chi Minh City –

This is the commercial centre of the country. This city has many museums and cathedrals to understand the rich culture and history Vietnam has to offer. It is a must to be included in the Vietnam tour package. Some of the places are HCMC museum,jade emperor pagoda,notre dame cathedral ,the reunification palace(independence palace).


This city is situated along the Perfume River. It has a deep history. Ngo Mon Gate, Thia Hoa Palace, Dien Tho residence, and Mandarin, Tu doc hallsTu lan cave is a cave which lets you experience swimming through the cave waters.

My son-

These are remnants of 70+ old Shiva temples built in the 4th century. It has 2 parts: group B and group A. Group B temples were the oldest, and Group A temples were purposely destroyed by US forces during the war.

5 sapa –

This village is situated in the lap of the Fansipan mountains, the tallest in Vietnam. Sapa is a treat for the eyes, with sky-high mountains and rice terraces adding to the beauty of the site.

6 hanoi-

This city is the capital city of Vietnam. It represents Vietnam in its true sense. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and the Vietnam Fine Art Museum are excellent places to learn about Vietnamese art.

7 Cu chi tunnels-

During the war, these 250-kilometer-long tunnels served as safe havens for military personnel.Some parts of the tunnels can be explored with a guide. This place should be explored only by those who are physically fit. Cu Chi Tunnels are a must-have in your Vietnam tour package.

8con Dao Islands-

These beaches offer a great diving experience with a variety of marine life and coral reefs. Don’t forget to check while booking your Vietnam tour package whether it has this beautiful place included.

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