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15 Wellness Retreats Across the Globe That Will Leave You Rejuvenated



These getaways are the ideal approach to restore your body and mind when only the best treatment would suffice.

Is there anything more relaxing than a day at the spa? We don’t believe so, especially after seeing the treatments available at some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Travel to the Tuscan countryside for an outdoor soak, the health clubs in Dubai, or the Sonoran Desert for al fresco meditation sessions and plant-based tasting meals when the strain in your shoulders simply won’t let go. 

These health retreats throughout the world offer to relax and renew you with anything from exfoliating salt massages flavored with lavender and rosemary to training programs that include smoothie breaks by the pool. 

So, if your stress levels aren’t subsiding and only pampering in the best spa hotels in Dubai would suffice, here are a few glitzy treatments that will leave you feeling well taken care of and thoroughly relaxed.

The H Dubai Hotel

Mandara Spa is wellness, serenity, and blissful haven. It features ten treatment rooms, including two couples’ suites, as well as male and female changing rooms with thermal and hydrotherapy steam chambers and saunas, whirlpools, and experiential showers. Its relaxation rooms are a study in well-being luxury, with complimentary fresh fruit, flavored waters, and exotic herbal teas on offer.

Aside from having the best deals in Dubai, a carefully selected team of Balinese therapists, each trained to the highest spa standards, perform a variety of results-oriented therapies such as facials, body treatments, massages, and a signature foot ritual – all using a premium selection of products and skilled staff, making it thebest spa in Dubai.

Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection, Mexico

You can have your beach and bliss out to it at this ritzy Auberge resort in Cabo San Lucas, with a spicy-sounding Cabaña Lime massage. For $165, you’ll get a 90-minute open-air massage siglap that replicates the beat of the ocean, complete with a lime compress. 

Natural, local ingredients are frequently used in spa treatments here; consider it yet another chance to really and authentically experience your surroundings.

Monteverdi Hotel and Spa, Italy

After indulging in the Full Monteverdi, the Tuscan hotel’s famous 120-minute treatment, you’ll feel completely transformed. For €290 (about $330), you’ll get an exfoliating salt scrub with lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, and sweet orange, as well as plenty of time to soak in an outdoor tub with views of the Val d’Orcia. After that, a rejuvenating massage is recommended, followed by a bath in their welcoming serenity pools.

The Golden Door, California

The 90-minute Flower Shower Anti-Aging Massage is ideal if you can only choose one of the many exquisite treatments available at this resort in Escondido, California. For $265, you’ll be “showered with flowers,” with pure neroli and rose mists drifting across your skin “like a fragrant whisper.” 

Allow your rejuvenation to continue with a stay at the Japanese-inspired resort, which features quiet green space, fitness and yoga programs, and produces grown on-site.

Puerto Rico’s Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico is the perfect location to relax, especially with a refreshing margarita in hand. While you’re not drinking, treat yourself to the two-hour Spa Botánico Ritual (pricing on request), which begins with a chilly foot bath and ends with a relaxing soak in an outdoor stone tub. A soothing massage with a unique blend of dried and fresh botanicals will be provided at the finale.

Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, an A-list certified retreat in Canyon Point, Utah, near picturesque Lake Powell, offers a Grounding Massage Ritual ($400). The ever-opulent retreat is famed for its Ayurvedic and South Asian-inspired spa treatments, with the grounding massage drawing on Tibetan therapeutic methods specifically. As a warm-up for your treatment, try Amangiri’s Yoga on the Rocks, which involves hiking to a distant location for your practice and spending time relaxing in the floating pavilion.

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Do you need to cleanse your mind? Then visit Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, as model Lily Aldridge did. Not one, but two therapists will work their magic to relax your mind and relieve muscular stress during the 50- or 80-minute Galvlati massage (pricing on request). Take a fast-paced hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park once you’ve recharged.

The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, Japan

The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, which will open in July 2020, is the first Ritz-Carlton property to delve into the incredibly healing realm of Japanese onsens (or hot springs). The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko’s indoor and outdoor onsens get their water from the mineral-rich Yumoto Onsen. 

While the onsens themselves can be beneficial to the skin, those interested in Japanese skincare should try the Moist Pearl Facial ($182) for 60 minutes. If you’re traveling with your spouse, consider booking a Spa Suite Retreat ($96), which includes access to the hotel’s private onsen as well as massages.

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, Greece

Even though the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is located in Santorini, one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations, you’ll never find crowds here; instead, you’ll find soothing tranquility and serenity. 

The health resort, perched on a hilltop, is one of Santorini’s highest points, isolating guests from the island’s bustle and instead of providing them with a private infinity pool (in every suite) overlooking the water. 

While the sunsets are therapeutic in and of themselves, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort also provides daily hiking, yoga, personal training, and other exercise activities, as well as nutritionist-led cookery workshops that promote a Mediterranean diet. Their Kallos Spa is known for using all-natural products such as CBD and Ila balms and oils to cure the body.

Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa, Iceland

The force of the rare volcanic earth is harnessed by Iceland’s famed Blue Lagoon to revitalize its visitors. The Blue Lagoon Ritual described as “a thrilling cycle of wellbeing based on the Blue Lagoon’s trinity of natural wonders: silica, algae, and minerals,” is available for four hours at the Retreat Spa ($355). 

“You cover your body with the treasures of geothermal seawater, becoming one with the healing powers of the volcanic soil,” says the ritual, which takes place in a “spacious sanctuary of three interconnected chambers.” Book a night at The Retreat Hotel, a sophisticated Icelandic haven, if you’re not ready to leave.

Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden

Coziness, or mys as they say in Sweden, is an important aspect of Swedish culture, and the country’s great spas are the finest places to find it. With indoor baths, heated pools, and outdoor hot springs, Ystad Saltsjöbad in southern Sweden’s Skne county, situated on the Baltic Sea, takes hydrotherapy to a new level. Allow the aqua therapy to seal in the benefits of a hybrid hot stone-deep tissue massage.

Hoshinoya Bali, Indonesia

The Hoshinoya Bali is one of the few spots on the earth that achieves complete peace. Enjoy breakfast in their cafe gazebos, a fully open-air steel treehouse perched over the Balinese jungle, for the ultimate refreshing morning. 

The lush, verdant environs of their spa clash with Balinese mysticism; enjoy it all with a comprehensive full massage and treatment, which includes a body oil massage, facial, body scrub, body wrap, head massage, and flower bath.

Civana Wellness Resort & Spa, Arizona

From the meditation labyrinth at Civana Wellness Resort & Spa to the daily yoga, meditation, and fitness programming, to the therapeutic sound baths and astrological consultations, you will leave this Arizona retreat feeling profoundly transformed. 

You’ll be hesitant to leave the spa, which fuses elements of water, fire, and earth to help clients find balance because their poolside smoothies and amazing vegetable-centric menu by chef Scott Winegard will leave you feeling filled and light. 

Enjoy a 90-minute deep muscular relief massage ($240) followed by a luxurious European-inspired aqua therapy circuit or a relaxing time on the spa terrace as the sun sets behind Black Mountain.

Château Saint-Martin and Spa, France

The flagship 50- to 80-minute Haute Couture Rose Tango Treatment (€150 to €240, or about $170 to $270) at this beautiful Oekter hotel in the south of France, just a short ride from Nice, is touted as a “poly-sensory adventure,” but we think it’s best defined as ecstasy. 

This treatment has only one goal: to radically transform your skin with rose oil, which has natural anti-aging and healing characteristics. La Prairie’s French Riviera spa features tranquil open-air treatment rooms for a semi-al fresco wellness experience that uses only the finest botanical products.

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

This Portuguese spa, set in a restored farmhouse in the hills of the Douro Valley, is the place to go for a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, with everything from woodland bathing for the daring to a magnificent indoor pool overlooking the garden for the more traditional wellness advocates. 

The three-hour Destress Ritual, which includes a steam bath, full-body massage, head massage, and hand and foot treatment, is one of the services available.

That’s our pick for the best wellness retreats that you can find around the world.

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The Complete Guide to Umrah Visas and How They Can Help You Extend Your Visit to Saudi Arabia



Umrah Visas

The Umrah visa is a type of visa that allows for a person to enter the country for a short period of time. The visa is usually valid for 30 days, but it can be extended to 60 days.

The Umrah Visa extension process is relatively simple and straightforward. You will need to follow some basic steps in order to complete the process successfully.

Introduction: Why is an Umrah Visa Required?

The Umrah Visa is a visa that is required for a religious visit to Mecca. It is not required for the Hajj, which is an annual pilgrimage. The Umrah Visa can be obtained from the Saudi Arabian embassy in your country of residence.

What is an Umrah Visa for Hajj or another Religious Purpose?

The applicant will need to have a valid Hajj or Umrah visa before they can be granted an extension on their visa. The extension can be granted by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has a standardized procedure for granting visa extensions. Anyone who is travelling for purely religious purposes can request an extension from them.

How to Extend a Saudi Arabian Umrah Visa Legally & Effectively

Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular destinations for Umrah, but it also has a strict visa policy.

In Saudi Arabia, every visitor has to have a valid passport and a confirmed return ticket. To extend your umrah visa legally and effectively, you will need to make sure that you have all the required documents before you apply for an extension.

The Umrah visa extension process can be completed by following these steps:

1) Obtain your original Umrah visa from the Saudi Arabia Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

2) Fill out an application form and submit it along with your original passport and original Umrah Visa at the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs office in Jeddah or Makkah within 30 days of arrival in Saudi Arabia.

3) Pay the required fee using either cash or credit card (credit card only applies if you are applying at Jeddah).

4) Wait for your passport

Estimated Time of Umrah Visa Extention Process

With umrah visa extension, you can extend your visa for up to one year. After one month of the expiry date, a 3-4 week process will follow in order to apply for an extension. It is best to apply for it at least a month before the expiry of your visa.

Conclusion: Take Your Time and Apply for the Right Umrah Visa Can Save You Time and Money

The conclusion to this article is that if you are looking for a visa to Umrah, then you should take your time and apply for the right one. You should not rush into a decision because it will save you time and money in the long run.

An expert Hajj/Umrah operator company can guide you in all the aspects of your journey. If you are looking for 21 days Umrah Package from Pakistan price then contacting one of the top level service providers can make your pilgrimage memorable.

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The List of “Must Visit” Sydney Hotels, Pubs & More



Sydney Hotels

Sydney pubs come to life when the sun sets. Australians love to drink, and this city is known for having a robust bar scene and a lively nightlife. For those who want to unwind with a few drinks after a long day of exploring and sightseeing, the city has a wide variety of possibilities.

There are places to go if you want to be seen, hide, listen to great music, meet out with other creatives, or just indulge in a carefully curated selection of drinks.

Is this really thirst? Here are our top picks for bars in Sydney that you should visit.

Central Coast beaches

The coastal towns along the Central Coast have such a great vibe. Sydney locals commonly come to the Central Coast to visit the quaint weekend markets and enjoy the peace and quiet of the adjacent small towns. Every weekend, there will be a market someplace, the most well-known of which is the Avoca Beach Market.

The markets on the Central Coast have a bohemian vibe and host many local artists and artisans. Coming here for a drink, some live music, and a swim is a terrific idea. We suggest that following that, you continue having fun by going to some of the hottest Sydney brothels.

Coogee Pavilion Rooftop: Coogee Bar With a View

The greatest views of Sydney’s eastern beaches may be found at this adults-only pub near Coogee Beach. It is situated on the second level of Coogee Pavilion and features four indoor and outdoor bars, making it simple and quick to order a drink. Cheers! After spending a scorching day at the beach, stop by in the late afternoon and stay the night. Their selection of wines, beers, and drinks won’t let you down.

FNKY MNKY Coogee Backpacker Bar

The newest bar, restaurant, and co-working space in Coogee Beach is FNKY MNKY bar at Mad Monkey Hostel. FNKY MNKY is a great venue to meet locals and visitors alike because it often hosts events like trivia nights and live music! They are only a few feet away from the sand, so check out the lovely ocean views or drop by for a cool one after a day of tanning! During Salsa Night, try the MNKY LAGER, play some foosball, or have a cheap beer!

Every Traveler’s Bar at the Coogee Bay Hotel

When you’re in Coogee Bay Hotel, you have a lot of options depending on how you’re feeling that evening. You can remain at the Beach Bar if you want a laid-back drinking environment with a beachfront setting. If you prefer to sip your beverage in a stunning outside setting, check out the Garden. The Sports Bar is ideal gift for sports fans and large groups, while the Arden Lounge is ideal for people who prefer a more intimate and cozy setting.

Earl’s Juke Joint is a Newtown bar

Earl’s Juke Joint is not your normal bar; it is a tavern hidden beneath a butcher shop. In the center of Sydney’s very own hipster neighborhood, Newtown, is a slice of New Orleans. Although they provide a wide selection of beers and wines, if you want to know what this bar is all about, start with the cocktails.

Try one (or all) of these delightful beverages that their bartenders have created: The Phife Dawg (rum, lime, cane juice, and bitters), Espresso Diabolique (bourbon and espresso), and The Hobo Julep (bourbon, sugar and mint bitters).

The Cornerstone Bar & Food in Redfern Urban Bar

Cornerstone has maintained its urban and industrial vibe despite being a former railyard turned into a pub. Cornerstone is more than just a bar; it’s a “drinking experience,” with soaring ceilings, a hanging garden, and a friendly ambiance that’s perfect for a laid-back night out with friends.

The bar serves regionally produced beer, worldwide and domestic wines, creative cocktails, and punch jugs, and the restaurant offers delectable dishes all day long at reasonable pricing. Locals love the weekend brunch till 3 p.m., and if you’re up for some fun, check out the games area for some pool or ping pong.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to include every one of the top bars and drinking establishments because the list was too long. However, those are only the ones we listed. If none of this appeals to you, you can search for more of them and locate the ideal location for you and your friends to enjoy a drink. Overall, Sydney is a great city for having fun, drinking, and taking in the nightlife.

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How to Choose the Right CrossBody Bag?



Right CrossBody Bag

Finding the right bag for your needs can be challenging. There are several choices in the market to buy. Selecting one that fits your personality might not be an easy task. You can ask yourself the following questions before buying any bag:

  • How big should the bag be?
  • How many pockets should it have?
  • Will you carry it on your shoulder or elbow?
  • What color do you like the most for a bag?

Whether you are on to go or looking for style, a crossbody bag is the best choice. You can carry it easily by keeping your hands free. Are you confused about the correct selection of the crossbody bag and looking for a solution? This article will unveil how to choose the right crossbody bag. 

What is a Crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is typically small in size with a large strap. The bag strap is large enough to run from one shoulder to the hip of the opposite side. That’s why these bags are called clear crossbody bag. They have many small hidden pockets and come in various styles. 

 How to Choose the Right Crossbody Bag?

While selecting a crossbody bag, there are many factors to consider. Some of the main factors are as follows.


Size is the primary factor to consider while buying any bag. Although crossbody bags are smaller in size, there are still wide varieties in size. Before finalizing the bag size, consider for what purpose you will use it. For instance, if you want to use a crossbody bag as a purse to carry money or ATM cards etc. A small-sized bag will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to use it for carrying things, then you will require a slightly big crossbody bag. 


Color contrast is the key factor for a beautiful outfit. If you want to buy an everyday bag, neutral colors such as black, brown, and gray can be excellent choices. These colors will have good contrast with multiple outfits. If you have an idea of a specific outfit, then you have options to buy your crossbody bag accordingly. 


Crossbody bags are available in various materials. For instance, you can select a bag in leather, fabrics, suede or waxed canvas. The choice of bag material, too, depends on your use. For example, if you want to use it for work and home, a leather bag is the right selection as it is more durable. 


Crossbody bag style is the crucial factor that you cannot compromise. Make sure to select the bag design that suits your personality as well as your outfit. While choosing the bag style, you can consider two factors:

  • Whether the crossbody bag looks pleasant by itself or not
  • Whether it looks pleasant with your outfit


The outfit is the most important factor in your personality. The right outfit can make you feel confident and stand out from the crowd. Crossbody bags are a great addition to fashion and style. In this guide, we put together the most common factors to consider while buying a crossbody bag. Make sure to buy the best bag for your outfit by focusing on these essential factors. 

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