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Methods to Calculate Square Root of 4 with Examples and FAQs



Calculate Square Root

What is a square root?

The square root of a number is the number which, when multiplied to itself, gives the product, which is an original number.

 Let’s take an example

2×2 =4

Here 4 is a perfect square of 2, and the square root of 4 is 2.

The exact value of √4 is 2. Now the roots of √4 can be either positive or negative. Every number has two roots, positive and negative. Thus square root of 4  can be represented as 2 or -2. Thus to conclude, a square root of a number can be presented as ± 2.

 Every number has a square root. For non-square numbers, their square root does not tend to be in whole numbers.

let’s take an example

Square of A = B

A = √B

which means that A is the square root of B.

What do you mean by Perfect Square?

The natural numbers, which are squares of other natural numbers, are known as perfect squares.

The perfect square number has a whole number square root. The square root of 4 is 2, which means that a square root is a whole number, which means that 4 is a perfect square.

For example:

Following is a list of some Perfect square numbers.

Integer                                 Perfect square
2 x 24
3 x 39
4 x 416
5 x 525

Exponential Form & Radical Form

The Radical form of a number is expressed as 


if a number is 4, radical form is √4

The Exponential form of a number is expressed as


If a number is 4, exponential form is 4½

 The square root of a number is Rational or Irrational 

A rational number is expressed as a ratio of two integers as a/b where b is not equal to 0.


√4 =2

which means 2/1 as a/b

Thus the b is not equal to 0. Thus square root of 4 is a rational number.

If the square root of a number is not the whole number, then the square root of a number is an irrational number.

 How to find a square root of 4?

 To calculate the square root of a number, there are two methods:

Prime Factorisation

Long division method

Let’s understand how to calculate the square root of 4 through both the method given.

Prime Factorisation

In prime factorisation methods, we find factors of a number given. Let’s understand it through our example.


If the number is 4, divide 4 into its factors which are

4 = 2×2×1

√4= square of (2)

√4= ( square of 2)½

√4 = 2

which means the square root of 4 is 2.

Long division method

In the Long division method, we place the number inside the division symbol; let’s understand with an example.


If the number is 4,

 Step 1: Try to pair the numbers into pairs by placing a bar over it, i.e. for digits to the left of a decimal point, pair them from right to left.

 Step 2: Since the number is 4, We know that 2× 2 is 4 and equal 4. Now let’s divide 4 by 2. Find the largest number so that when you multiple the number to itself, the product is less than or equal to 4.

 Step 3: After the division of 4 by 2, the remainder is 0, and the quotient is 2. Thus the square root of 4 is 2, and the process of the long division gets completed. 

 FAQ’s on Square Root of 4

1. Why the square root of the number 4 is a rational number? 

Ans: The rational number is the form p/q, where q is not equal to 0. Thus the square root of 4 calculated through prime factorisation or long division method is 2, i.e. a whole number where q is equal to 1. Thus square root of 4 is a rational number.

2. Does number 4 has a perfect square?

Ans: Yes, number 4 has a perfect square. By prime factorisation, the factors of 4 are 2×2, i.e. pair of 2. Thus all the factors are in pairs; number 4 has a perfect square.

3 . What is the square root of 4 in the simplest radical form?

Ans:  Express number 4 in the form of its product of prime numbers, i.e. 4 = 2×2. Thus the radical form of the square root of 4 cannot be simplified further. Therefore the simplest radical form of the square root of 4 is expressed as √4.

4. The square root of 4 is a positive or negative number?

Ans: Every number has a positive and a negative square root. For number 4, the √4  is 2. It can be 2 and -2. It can also be presented as ± 2.

5. What are the methods to calculate the square root of a number?

Ans: There are two methods to calculate the square root of a number:

Prime factorisation method 

Long division method

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What is CLAT 2022? 



What is CLAT

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an entrance examination for admission to law courses in National Law Universities and other private colleges. The candidates must pass the 10+2 board examination with a minimum of 45% marks to become eligible for appearing in CLAT 2022. The candidates who qualify in the CLAT will go through a counseling session according to the merit list where they are granted seats for admissions in universities and colleges as per seat availability and their priority list as given at the time of application. The CLAT exam for this year will be held on 19th June 2022. 

What is CLAT Syllabus? 

The CLAT Syllabus includes subjects like the English language, Logical reasoning, Legal aptitude, Quantitative techniques, and General knowledge of current affairs. The syllabus focuses on the basic knowledge of English and legal education plus the development of analytical abilities and mathematical aptitude. The five sections mentioned above will carry different weights in the CLAT question paper. Generally, current affairs and legal reasoning are given more importance with more questions asked from these sections. 

The recent modification in the CLAT Syllabus is that the questions are based on the comprehension format. The English language syllabus focuses on developing comprehension skills, the ability to make conclusions, recognize words and phrases, etc. from a given passage. The Logical reasoning part requires the application of a logical approach to draw inferences from the given passage. 

The legal reasoning syllabus helps to develop knowledge related to the law including the latest acts, judgments, and amendments. The quantitative technique is related to the mathematical interpretation of information given through passages, charts, and graphs. Students need to focus more on revisions of the syllabus for final preparations for CLAT. The important resources for updated knowledge on current affairs are the newspaper, journals, and periodicals. 

CLAT 2022 Online Registration Process

The candidates willing to appear for the CLAT must complete the formalities of the online application process through the official website. The application process for CLAT 2022 should be completed within 9th May 2022. The candidates are required to provide the necessary details and upload the relevant documents during the application process. The application fee is RS.4000 for general candidates and Rs.3500 for SC/ST candidates. The eligible candidates will receive admit cards that can be downloaded from the official website after 6th June 2022. The admit card contains details of the candidate, exam date, and venue.

CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Anyone willing to appear for CLAT to make a career in law needs to take necessary preparations according to the syllabus and question patterns of the examination. The students have to secure a minimum cut-off mark as specified by different national law universities (NLU). The previous year’s cut-off marks for admission in the top 10 NLUs was 90-95 and for the rest of the law schools is it a minimum of 83. The CLAT question paper has a total of 150 (MCQ)multiple-choice questions distributed among different four sections or subjects. Candidates preparing for CLAT should work thoroughly on the syllabus and sample questions to crack the exam with the necessary cut-off score.

How To Prepare For CLAT 2022?

Students have to practice more with previous years’ question papers, especially for logical reasoning and quantitative analysis problems. Legal aptitude can be developed by acquiring knowledge of recent happenings in the legal field. Candidates should go through the books and relevant study materials obtained from as many sources as possible. You can also attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep online test series of CLAT to analyze your preparation level.

Students need to practice more to improve their concentration power and time-management skills which are essential to successfully perform in CLAT 2022 and achieve good scores. The CLAT is an important test and the effective use of available information and resources on the CLAT Syllabus will ensure better performance.

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It is going to be challenging to get started, but after you figure out how everything works, you will discover that it is a lot of fun to do. If you go with this approach, you won’t have the opportunity to squander any time and will be able to give your whole attention to the task at hand.

Ensure that you are in an atmosphere that will allow you to concentrate on your work.

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