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How to Make Guard Dog Training Easier for Beginners?



How to Make Guard Dog Training Easier for Beginners

Over the years you may look back to the time when you first adopted a dog. You were naive in dog training, did a couple of scientific experiments (more like trial and error), and may have failed miserably in the beginning. With the passage of time, you form a bond with your dog. When this happens, things get much better. 

One thing that being a new dog parent is that you need to first create the bond. Everyone wants a dog trained who shows the right behavior. But according to research and several experts, one conclusion was drawn – there is no shortcut to train a guard dog. Instead, you need to make sure your dog understands you and so do you. Only then you can imagine training your dog. 

So no one is an expert by birth when it comes to dog training. You can hire a dog trainer to do the job. But still, you need to learn how to train your dog right? 

This article will shed light on how beginners can train a guard dog in the right way. So, let the training begin!

Training Hacks for New Beginners 

There are several popular training methods you can begin with. Some of the dog training methods were formulated keeping the dog breed in mind. So, you need to start with the very basics and then make the guard dog training more complex. 

Here are some of the training hacks used today by the majority of dog owners. 

1- Positive reinforcement 

Good boy! 

You must have heard this a lot. Dog parents keep praising their pet for even picking a stick or not chasing the car down the street. Positive reinforcement works a long way. It is a popular method among dog trainers. They heavily emphasize it. 

The theory is straightforward. When dogs are praised and rewarded for the good behavior of following the command right, it ensures a positive vibe. Yes, dogs can also figure out the good and bad. 

Bad behavior means no rewards and no treats. They can acknowledge the difference between the two ideas through proper training. So the positive reinforcement begins with the “rewarding a treat” method. The dog can associate the behavior with their favorite treats. This method is great if you want to teach dog commands. 

2- Scientific Training

This hack can be a bit tricky. It may work great on some particular dog breed more than the others. Animal behaviors are not constant. They develop, change and also they have the ability to be conditioned. It affects the entire training process. 

Professional trainers often rely on research and studies to understand the dog’s psychology. But you are not a professional trainer. So your best shot is to rely on operant conditioning. It’s a mixture of positive reinforcement and low levels of punishment. 

Punishments are not physical as per se. It just means no reward. This way you can also begin the off-leash training. 

So as a beginner to guard dog training you need to do lots of research and understand various studies of training too. 

3- Clicker Training

It is yet another form of operant conditioning. 

The basic prop you need is a device that makes a quick sharp noise. It can be a whistle or a clicker with a button that makes noise. If you have seen Jurassic World (remake) you might recall the scene where Chris Patt is training the  Velociraptors. He basically is shown training the raptors and uses the clicker training method. 

Results? He was successful in training. 

The most basic advantage of clicker training is that the signal is given to the pet. The moment the desired behavior is seen the pet can be rewarded. Clickers are extensively used to shape new behaviors too. You can add verbal commands. 

4- Mirror Training 

This is a modern version of guard dog training. If you want to see the good behavior in a dog then mimicking behaviors may hold the key too. 

You may need a partner for this type of training. You have your counterpart act as the model. You praise them for completing the task or if they follow the command. Let your dog observe you. Their body language will reflect their learning too. If they sit still and are focused on you and your partner it is one telltale sign that mirror training is working. 

This method will also help you accomplish your goal to train your dog. But be ready to spend a lot of time with your dog. 

Before you can try any of the training methods, understand one thing; training takes time. Your dog will learn the commands and new tricks eventually. But you need to show your patience too. Also, keep your mind open in case the training you have in mind doesn’t work. Let your dog know you are there for him, and the bond you create with them will help you achieve your goal. 

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