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How to Get Better at Video Games: 10 Essential Tips



Video Games

There’s nothing worse than losing in the first round of a Super Smash Bros. tournament because you were the first to be eliminated.

So, you might be relaxing on your bean bag, drinking Mountain Dew, and thinking about how to get better at video games while you watch your pals have fun. Yet, this is one of those things in life that you have to switch from theory to application pretty fast. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading for our 10 broad pointers to help you level up from the amateur rounds to the professional gamer leagues. 

1. How to Get Better at Video Games 101: Identify Your End Goal

Do you want to be a professional gamer? You need to have a solid answer to this question before you can go any further. 

If that’s a yes, then you’ll want to look for games with plenty of tournaments and rewards that you can ultimately participate in.

Or do you play for the sole purpose of making friends? In order to meet them on their own territory, locate a game they’re all playing.

Or maybe, you’re dreaming of becoming a YouTube or Twitch streamer? In this case, you’ll want to go for a hot new release that’s both popular and in-demand right now.

To be successful in a game, you must dedicate a significant amount of time and energy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check out a variety of games until you discover the one that seems most comfortable for you.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

You must practice in order to become proficient at anything. Even if video games are only a pastime for you, it will require many hours of practice to improve your skills enough to play professionally.

You can’t expect to be the greatest at a game if you only play for 30 minutes a week. You have to put some effort into it.

If you really want to improve, you’ll have to make time to practice. It’s a lot like learning a musical instrument or participating in a sport; planning some practice time is essential.

3. Learn the Settings and Key Binds

By default, every game has its parameters set to the lowest possible level. For some players, it’s perfect; for others, it’s a disaster.

If you’re frustrated and think things would be better if they were different, it’s time to check out the options. Try reversed controls, for example, if you’re playing a first-person shooter game. Alternatively, if it’s already on, turn it off.

Alternatively, if you’re using a computer, you might experiment with the game’s key bindings. Don’t forget about the mouse while you’re doing this. Use up to 5 additional key bindings on your mouse, depending on what model you have.

At first, it may seem unusual if you do this. Nonetheless, with a little experimentation and the appropriate settings, it will become second nature. If that’s the case, you should do more research.

It may be instructive to see the settings and key bindings used by the professionals. By this point, they’ve generally found out what the best configuration is. However, remember that every player is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

4. Surround Yourself With More Skilled Gamers

Being able to consistently outperform your younger sister in a game may be really fulfilling. After all, we’d all want to think we’re winners.

However, with your current skill level, this is pointless. In certain cases, you’ll find an easier or more efficient method to accomplish things, but in general, your progress will stagnate.

Play with more experienced players to help you improve. At initially, you may run across some roadblocks and get disheartened. However, if you persist, you will swiftly improve as you are forced to deal with circumstances requiring more competence.

5. Join a Team or a Community

As the ancient adage goes, “there’s power in numbers.” To learn from other players or to just practice, consider joining a club at your institution or in your town. Of course, you’ll be able to locate participants over the internet. Despite this, playing video games may be an isolated pastime. Why not arrange to meet up with a few people in person?

See if there are any local gaming clubs on Meetup. To get a taste of team-based, competitive gaming, join a Counter-Strike squad and put your skills to the test.

There are other colleagues waiting to assist you to learn the ropes if you make it through the selection process. Having a mentor is an excellent approach to acquiring new skills.

6. Observe the Pros

People of various skill levels are getting into esports. Some people just watch it for fun. Others, on the other hand, pay attention to the professionals in order to get knowledge from them.

It’s safe to say that these seasoned players have spent countless hours learning the game’s rules and mechanics. Most likely, they’ve uncovered information that you were completely unaware of.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to their reactions and posture in different scenarios. You’ll have an advantage over your rivals if you use this strategy in the future.

7. Challenge Yourself and Play Beyond Your Abilities

You’ll never become better if you don’t put in the time and effort to really play. More significantly, if you want to improve, you must be stretched. If you just play on Easy Mode (for single-player games) or against the computer (for multiplayer games), you can grow better at the game, but you won’t if you stick with it.

The best piece of advice for becoming better is to take on the more difficult competition.

Don’t, however, go overboard. Going up against Roger Federer would be pointless if you were just learning the game. Playing at a level of difficulty that is somewhat beyond your present expertise is preferable. As a result, you’re compelled to go outside of your comfort zone and experiment with riskier, but doable, strategies.

8. Invest in High-Quality Gaming Devices

The console, controller (or keyboard), speakers, and either headphones or earbuds are all you need to play most games. When it comes to these things, go for high-end, name-brand options that are of good quality. In spite of being far less expensive, knock-off items malfunction or break considerably more often than name-brand alternatives.

If you’re a fan of racing games, for example, you may want to consider purchasing steering wheels and pedals. These accessories, for example, are available from gaming manufacturer Fanatec. They’re not only reasonably priced, but they’re also well-made.

When you invest a little more in high-quality peripherals, your gaming experience will be enhanced since you’ll be able to pick up on details that cheaper copies would miss. They’ll also cost less in the long term since they’ll last longer.

Of course, without a solid gaming laptop, this whole guide becomes less effective. You can check out discounts from Lenovo if you’re in the market for a great gaming laptop.

9. Read and Write Killer Guides

Reading instructions is perhaps the most apparent approach to improve. Be careful to peruse as many community sites and forums as possible if you’re looking for guides.

However, reading manuals isn’t the only option. Writing instructions is also a great idea.

Many individuals believe that only specialists should write guidelines. That’s accurate in a sense. For this reason, only write about anything if you are very confident that it is true. In contrast, drafting a guide is often the most effective approach to gathering information.

Let’s say you’re baffled by a gaming mechanism. Do you know what you’d look for in a guide on a certain subject? Once you’ve created an outline, get right in and do independent research for each area. Try out different things. You may experiment with different builds in an RTS. In a first-person shooter, you might experiment with different weapon combinations.

You gain knowledge while writing the manual. Everyone makes mistakes, therefore you’ll learn from them and grow as a person as a result. In addition, after you complete your tutorial, you may share it with other newcomers.

10. When Needed, Take a Break

Your mind is a powerful tool. But, it can also work against you if you don’t use it properly. Developing your talents is something you should be committed to, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. This is the basis for the law of diminishing marginal productivity.

If you’re spending hours in front of your computer attempting to beat a boss, you’re straining your brain. Repeated attempts become inefficient after a certain point.

You must be able to recognize when it is time to quit and do something else. After a period of failing, log off and do something else you love instead. Take a stroll, do some dinner prep, or even a lengthy bath to relieve stress.

If the situation is dire, you may want to wait until the following day to get on.

You’d be shocked at what you can accomplish when you return with a clear head.

Playing Video Games With Confidence

How to get better at video games? Well, you dedicate the time to play and keep practicing. However, there are always shortcuts to getting better in shorter bursts of time. 

Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on how to become better at gaming through smarter methods. And, if you liked reading our article and you’re hungry for more, you’ll want to check out our additional tips and tricks in our gaming and lifestyle sections.

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What Is Axie Infinity? A Complete Guide



Axie Infinity

In the past, investing was a job reserved for people in suits, working behind desks all day. It was laborious and boring, and the younger generation was (unfortunately) not interested.

But today, investing by acquiring appreciating assets looks completely different. With the rise of decentralized cryptocurrency, a brand new asset class blowing off the returns of traditional investments is taking over.

And thanks to play-to-earn crypto games, like Axie Infinity, it’s actually fun to invest.

But what is Axie Infinity, and how do you earn real assets by playing a game? If it sounds too good to be true, then keep reading our Axie Infinity guide below to see how you can mix up your investment strategy today. 

What Are Play-to-Earn Games?

In the past, gamers had to go out to the store to purchase the games they wanted to play. But recently, the gaming industry has embraced the “freemium” business model, with games like Fortnite.

The game itself is free to download and play. But in order to customize your character and gameplay experience, you need to buy digital items with real money.

But today, an even better option is available. Play-to-earn crypto games aren’t just free to play, but you can earn assets such as NFTS and cryptocurrencies.

Different games have different currencies they use. You can earn the currency by completing tasks in-game. You can use these currencies to purchase items in the video game. But you can also sell your tokens on the open market, and cash out, just like with any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

So you can play a fun game, earn money and assets, sell them and cash out. That’s called the good life.

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-like online game where players raise mythical creatures. They breed creatures with each other to create new, unique creatures. 

They can be used to battle other players. And they can also be traded, bought, or sold. If you can breed creatures with rare and unique features, then you have an NFT (non-fungible token) that can be sold for a premium.

Some of these rare creatures have been sold for over $100,000.

Axie Infinity Advice for Investing

So how is money made through Axie Infinity? Two ways: the tokens and the NFTs, or the creatures themselves. Here are two Axie Infinity tips for investing.

If you have the time to play, you can get in on the action and start acquiring pets, breeding them, and battling other players.

If you don’t have time to play the game, you can invest in the Axie Infinity coin itself. You can buy Axie Infinity tokens on many crypto exchanges without ever touching the video game. 

The tokens are expected to rise in value, as more and more people play the game, and demand for the limited tokens increases. Play-to-earn crypto games are huge now but will be much bigger in the future. Holding these game tokens long-term can be a solid investment strategy. 

Investing Made Fun

So what is Axie Infinity? It’s a game for Pokemon lovers that would rather spend time trying to earn valuable assets than just playing games for nothing.

Play-to-earn crypto games like this and many others are seeing huge global adoption, and investing in the game or in its native token is a smart decision any way you look at it.

Looking for more fun tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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How to play the uk49s game in South Africa?



uk49s game

Uk49s is popular for providing unique opportunities to its players. It is considered as the fixed-odds game in the UK in which you have to see draw results twice a day. This maximizes the chance of winning as you can guess two times a day. 

Whether you are from the UK or not, you can bet and win big. The daily Lunchtime Results For Today of the game are broadcasted from the satellite information services. This television network allows people to view the data on the game and Teatime Results For Today. The presenting group at a dedicated studio hosts the daily draw results of uk49s.

Where can you play uk49s

You can purchase tickets either online or manually. It is easy to buy tickets from the famous betting service while being online. If you want to get the tickets in person, you can get them from the authorized retail outlets of the game. Uk49s online ticket sales are restricted to the folks who are living in the United Kingdom. The cost of a ticket for uk49s is not fixed. It is up to you to decide the amount of money to invest on the draw and the numbers. However, the winning price is directly related to the amount of money you bet.

How to play in south Africa

It is easy to play a uk49s game in South Africa via a licensed betting service. The most common service working in South Africa is Betway. However, you can’t purchase uk49s tickets from the retail outlet just like the way you do in the United Kingdom. But it is possible to go towards betting.

Easy way to access uk49s

Downloading the Betway mobile Application is the best strategy to access uk49s game. It is specially developed for smartphones. It is simple to access and user-friendly.

You can get the latest notifications about the gaming promotions and draws from the Betway mobile application.

A step-by-step guide towards playing uk49s in South Africa

Below is a useful guide towards playing the world’s most famous game.

Online betting service

You have to pick the virtual betting service that provides the game teatime and lunchtime draws.

Choose the draw

In the second step, you have to decide the draw in which you will participate.

Choose the number draw

At this step, a decision between a seven number draw and the six number draw should be made.

Amount of numbers

Decide about the numbers that you are going to choose. Based on the decision made by you, the numbers will be matched between one and five.

Enter numbers

At this step, enter those numbers that you want to play with from a pool of 1 to 49.

Decide about money

Take a final decision about the money that you are going to bet on the draw.

Final stage

At the final stage, you need to play after confirming the bet.

Tips to play uk49s in South Africa

You can’t find a right way to predict the numbers that are going to display as a result as it is a game of chance. Fortunately, it is possible to maximize the winning chance if you participate in the game more often. So you can start with the three easy ways:

·        You need to be a participant of the uk49s game by subscribing to the game that is free of any cost.

·        Start the game pool with your fellows or colleagues in the workplace. It leads to purchasing tickets and maximizing the winning chance.

·        Connect yourself to the game syndicate. Research shows that a game syndicate wins every four game jackpots.

Remind yourself about checking the tickets on a regular basis. Ensure that you have written your contact number and full name at the back side of the ticker to minimize any risk.

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Fun Games to Play in Battlefield 2042



Battlefield 2042

Playground Games has developed and published a game called battlefield 2042. This game is an upgrade to the classic arcade game of the same name. In this game, you will be able to enjoy the award-winning gameplay and thrilling action as never seen before. You will enjoy the thrill of gun fighting with an aerial view.

The story of the game begins with a plot twist that will leave you spellbound. It is about an elite group of terrorists who are planning to attack the United States from within. You are then given a chance to save the world using your helicopter gunner skills. You must win over time, while using different strategies that will surprise your enemies.

The game is designed with multiple objectives. If you are going to succeed, you should be able to complete all the levels without getting hit by the other team. To do so, you have to master different controls such as shooting, driving, and climbing. Each level will also have a number of missions for you to accomplish. Some of them include searching a room, protecting an asset, or shooting down an enemy aircraft.

As you progress through the game, new features will become available such as the ability to build your own tank, jets, or even a robot. The player is also allowed to choose between different playing modes. These include Campaign mode, Practice mode, and Multiplayer mode.

However, in multiplayer mode, you can play with up to four players. This is possible using either the Internet or a local network. If you want to play with friends, you can create a lobby and wait for them to join. You can chat with them, compare scores, and play with them until they decide to leave the game.

During the single player game, you can play the storyline or the levels you have already completed. As mentioned earlier, the plot twist in the game will leave you spellbound. In fact, you can have an exciting time during the thrilling action scenes. You can view all the action from the game’s point of view using the third-person perspective. This will provide you with the opportunity to examine the battlefield from an objective standpoint.

During the tutorials, you will learn the basics of playing the game such as controlling your characters, controlling the camera, and interacting with the game menus. It is also suggested that you get to know the various weapons available to you. It is important to know which weapons are best for destroying targets.

If you love playing strategy games that put you in control of various scenarios, then you should consider playing the popular multiplayer title, Back Pain. Playing as the medic, you can help your allies by providing them with weapons, healing them, and preventing their death. Although you control each of your teammates, it is still possible for you to die. This means that you should have a back up plan just in case.

Another exciting game that you can play is Almighty War. As the army leader, you can send your troops into battle against the aliens. You are able to select different strategies for each level. The game comes with various levels and once you complete each level, you will be transported into the next. You can even change your soldiers’ classes to obtain more benefits and skills.

Dinosauce is another game that you can try. In this game, you are tasked to control the pig that is swimming inside a box. You have to cook the pig and prevent it from falling apart. The controls are simple and all you have to do is to simply swipe the right keys. A circular motion will do the trick.

If you want to play shooting games, then you should try WarCraft Diamond Guide. As the Defense Force Captain, your main objectives are to protect the city and kill all the enemy characters. Each level will introduce new challenges and this will keep you on the edge. However, if you want to test your accuracy in shooting, you can try Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is a first person shooter game and it will surely help you in improving your aiming. You can also try battlefield 2042 cheats to unlock more items.

In short, there are many fun games to play. They are all free and they can be found online. Just pick a game that you think you will enjoy playing. Play as often as you can to ensure that you will get the most out of it.

The battlefield 2042 Cyber War is the newest of the popular battlefield simulator games. It is quite different from the other such games which are often quite expensive. This game can be downloaded for free and also requires a constant update of the players’ files. As long as the players do not become too dependent on these updates, they should be able to enjoy playing the full potential of this superb game without any kind of difficulty.

There are certain features in this game that make it so addictive. For example, the player has an ability to shoot at enemy soldiers that are on the move while being protected by powerful barriers that help them to stay safe from the enemy’s fire. In this way, the player can advance toward the goal without being shot at. However, once the player gets to the goal, they have to fight against the computer generated enemies to advance to the next level.

Another aspect that makes this game interesting is the ability to choose between two unique perspectives. The first one is the third person view which is designed to replicate the real-life situations. However, the view from the second person view is more closely modeled on the perspective of a military officer seeing through the scope of a gun. This is why some players tend to call this view the ‘halls’ view since they tend to fire continuously from both the front and back. The drawback to this is that players cannot see the enemy when using this view.

Another fascinating aspect of the game is the ability to use the mouse or keyboard to maneuver the game’s objects and the players themselves. In fact, it is this very characteristic that has made this game so popular among the gaming community. Some of the most exciting aspects of this game include the ability to plant fake explosives anywhere in the game world, use time gates, change the level layouts and jump right into the combat. In fact, some players may find it difficult to engage in a firefight because the timer controls how long they can go without firing. It’s all due to this ‘infinity’ that makes this game so fun to play.

However, despite its popularity, the game has had a few cheats that have been released to the public. These cheat codes will actually make the game easier to complete. A quick example of this is the ‘increased ammo’ cheat code. With this cheat, a player will be able to replenish their ammunition in a shorter amount of time. However, it is recommended that these cheat codes be tested by professional gamers before being used on the actual battlefield.

The player can also improve their chances of winning the game with the ‘game savior’ cheat. With this cheat, a player’s bullets will always be aimed at their enemies in terms of aiming for the head. This will allow the player to avoid getting hit and to kill his or her opponent without taking any damage. However, this benefit is only applicable for players who use the assault rifle. If a player uses other weapons in the game, then this effect will not apply.

The other notable cheat is the ‘jetpack’. This is useful in two different ways. Firstly, it can be used to increase the speed that players move in the game. However, players must be near a group of vehicles, or be close enough to get a jetpack. Secondly, the jetpack can be used to fly faster in the game. However, it requires precise maneuvering of the airplane in the air.

The multiplayer in this game is quite fun. Players can choose between an Air Battle and land battle. Both are highly competitive games, which will require players to use their mind against other players. Although many games have these types of modes, they take up a lot of time to complete. Therefore, those who do not want to spend a lot of time just to play the game should choose the single player version of the game.

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