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How to Get Better at Video Games: 10 Essential Tips



Video Games

There’s nothing worse than losing in the first round of a Super Smash Bros. tournament because you were the first to be eliminated.

So, you might be relaxing on your bean bag, drinking Mountain Dew, and thinking about how to get better at video games while you watch your pals have fun. Yet, this is one of those things in life that you have to switch from theory to application pretty fast. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading for our 10 broad pointers to help you level up from the amateur rounds to the professional gamer leagues. 

1. How to Get Better at Video Games 101: Identify Your End Goal

Do you want to be a professional gamer? You need to have a solid answer to this question before you can go any further. 

If that’s a yes, then you’ll want to look for games with plenty of tournaments and rewards that you can ultimately participate in.

Or do you play for the sole purpose of making friends? In order to meet them on their own territory, locate a game they’re all playing.

Or maybe, you’re dreaming of becoming a YouTube or Twitch streamer? In this case, you’ll want to go for a hot new release that’s both popular and in-demand right now.

To be successful in a game, you must dedicate a significant amount of time and energy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check out a variety of games until you discover the one that seems most comfortable for you.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

You must practice in order to become proficient at anything. Even if video games are only a pastime for you, it will require many hours of practice to improve your skills enough to play professionally.

You can’t expect to be the greatest at a game if you only play for 30 minutes a week. You have to put some effort into it.

If you really want to improve, you’ll have to make time to practice. It’s a lot like learning a musical instrument or participating in a sport; planning some practice time is essential.

3. Learn the Settings and Key Binds

By default, every game has its parameters set to the lowest possible level. For some players, it’s perfect; for others, it’s a disaster.

If you’re frustrated and think things would be better if they were different, it’s time to check out the options. Try reversed controls, for example, if you’re playing a first-person shooter game. Alternatively, if it’s already on, turn it off.

Alternatively, if you’re using a computer, you might experiment with the game’s key bindings. Don’t forget about the mouse while you’re doing this. Use up to 5 additional key bindings on your mouse, depending on what model you have.

At first, it may seem unusual if you do this. Nonetheless, with a little experimentation and the appropriate settings, it will become second nature. If that’s the case, you should do more research.

It may be instructive to see the settings and key bindings used by the professionals. By this point, they’ve generally found out what the best configuration is. However, remember that every player is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

4. Surround Yourself With More Skilled Gamers

Being able to consistently outperform your younger sister in a game may be really fulfilling. After all, we’d all want to think we’re winners.

However, with your current skill level, this is pointless. In certain cases, you’ll find an easier or more efficient method to accomplish things, but in general, your progress will stagnate.

Play with more experienced players to help you improve. At initially, you may run across some roadblocks and get disheartened. However, if you persist, you will swiftly improve as you are forced to deal with circumstances requiring more competence.

5. Join a Team or a Community

As the ancient adage goes, “there’s power in numbers.” To learn from other players or to just practice, consider joining a club at your institution or in your town. Of course, you’ll be able to locate participants over the internet. Despite this, playing video games may be an isolated pastime. Why not arrange to meet up with a few people in person?

See if there are any local gaming clubs on Meetup. To get a taste of team-based, competitive gaming, join a Counter-Strike squad and put your skills to the test.

There are other colleagues waiting to assist you to learn the ropes if you make it through the selection process. Having a mentor is an excellent approach to acquiring new skills.

6. Observe the Pros

People of various skill levels are getting into esports. Some people just watch it for fun. Others, on the other hand, pay attention to the professionals in order to get knowledge from them.

It’s safe to say that these seasoned players have spent countless hours learning the game’s rules and mechanics. Most likely, they’ve uncovered information that you were completely unaware of.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to their reactions and posture in different scenarios. You’ll have an advantage over your rivals if you use this strategy in the future.

7. Challenge Yourself and Play Beyond Your Abilities

You’ll never become better if you don’t put in the time and effort to really play. More significantly, if you want to improve, you must be stretched. If you just play on Easy Mode (for single-player games) or against the computer (for multiplayer games), you can grow better at the game, but you won’t if you stick with it.

The best piece of advice for becoming better is to take on the more difficult competition.

Don’t, however, go overboard. Going up against Roger Federer would be pointless if you were just learning the game. Playing at a level of difficulty that is somewhat beyond your present expertise is preferable. As a result, you’re compelled to go outside of your comfort zone and experiment with riskier, but doable, strategies.

8. Invest in High-Quality Gaming Devices

The console, controller (or keyboard), speakers, and either headphones or earbuds are all you need to play most games. When it comes to these things, go for high-end, name-brand options that are of good quality. Gear Supply used pro audio gear to enhance quality gaming experience. In spite of being far less expensive, knock-off items malfunction or break considerably more often than name-brand alternatives.

If you’re a fan of racing games, for example, you may want to consider purchasing steering wheels and pedals. These accessories, for example, are available from gaming manufacturer Fanatec. They’re not only reasonably priced, but they’re also well-made.

When you invest a little more in high-quality peripherals, your gaming experience will be enhanced since you’ll be able to pick up on details that cheaper copies would miss. They’ll also cost less in the long term since they’ll last longer.

Of course, without a solid gaming laptop, this whole guide becomes less effective. You can check out discounts from Lenovo if you’re in the market for a great gaming laptop.

9. Read and Write Killer Guides

Reading instructions is perhaps the most apparent approach to improve. Be careful to peruse as many community sites and forums as possible if you’re looking for guides.

However, reading manuals isn’t the only option. Writing instructions is also a great idea.

Many individuals believe that only specialists should write guidelines. That’s accurate in a sense. For this reason, only write about anything if you are very confident that it is true. In contrast, drafting a guide is often the most effective approach to gathering information.

Let’s say you’re baffled by a gaming mechanism. Do you know what you’d look for in a guide on a certain subject? Once you’ve created an outline, get right in and do independent research for each area. Try out different things. You may experiment with different builds in an RTS. In a first-person shooter, you might experiment with different weapon combinations.

You gain knowledge while writing the manual. Everyone makes mistakes, therefore you’ll learn from them and grow as a person as a result. In addition, after you complete your tutorial, you may share it with other newcomers.

10. When Needed, Take a Break

Your mind is a powerful tool. But, it can also work against you if you don’t use it properly. Developing your talents is something you should be committed to, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. This is the basis for the law of diminishing marginal productivity.

If you’re spending hours in front of your computer attempting to beat a boss, you’re straining your brain. Repeated attempts become inefficient after a certain point.

You must be able to recognize when it is time to quit and do something else. After a period of failing, log off and do something else you love instead. Take a stroll, do some dinner prep, or even a lengthy bath to relieve stress.

If the situation is dire, you may want to wait until the following day to get on.

You’d be shocked at what you can accomplish when you return with a clear head.

Playing Video Games With Confidence

How to get better at video games? Well, you dedicate the time to play and keep practicing. However, there are always shortcuts to getting better in shorter bursts of time. 

Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on how to become better at gaming through smarter methods. And, if you liked reading our article and you’re hungry for more, you’ll want to check out our additional tips and tricks in our gaming and lifestyle sections.

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Demonfall Trello Clans – Curious To Find?



Demonfall Trello Clans

If you’re curious to find out more about Demonfall Trello Clans, then read on! In this post, we’ll explain what they are and how you can join one. Plus, we’ve listed some of the benefits of being in a clan. So, if you’re looking for an online community to join, check out our guide below.

What is Demonfall Trello?

Demonfall Trello is a website that hosts online communities, known as “clans.” Clans are groups of people who share a common interest, such as Demonfall, and use the site to communicate and collaborate. Demonfall Trello Clans are simply Demonfall-themed clans. There are currently two Demonfall Trello Clans: the Demonfall Wiki Clan and the Demonfall Lore Clan.

What are the benefits of being in a clan?

Being in a clan gives you a sense of community and belonging. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. Plus, it’s a great way to learn more about Demonfall and get involved in the community. Demonfall Trello Clans also offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • – Access to exclusive clan forums
  • – Early access to Demonfall news and updates
  • – Discounts on Demonfall merchandise
  • – And more!

How do I join a Demonfall Trello Clan?

Joining a Demonfall Trello Clan is easy! Simply sign up for an account on Demonfall Trello and choose the clan you want to join. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to all of the clan’s features and benefits.

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about Demonfall Trello Clans. If you’re looking for an online community to join, we recommend checking out one of the Demonfall Trello Clans. They’re a great way to meet new people, learn more about Demonfall, and get involved in the community. Thanks for reading!

Demonfall Trello Clans – Gamer’s Reviews:

Demonfall is an amazing game and Demonfall Trello takes it to the next level by providing gamers with a great way to communicate and collaborate. I highly recommend Demonfall Trello Clans to any Demonfall fan out there!

-Demonfall Addict: Demonfall Trello Clans are a great way to stay involved in the Demonfall community and meet new friends. I highly recommend them to any Demonfall fan!

-Newb: Demonfall Trello Clans are a great way to learn more about Demonfall and get involved in the community. I would definitely recommend joining one!

Whether you’re a Demonfall fan or just curious about online communities, Demonfall Trello Clans are definitely worth checking out.

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Concluding Words

Demonfall Trello Clans are a great way to stay involved in the Demonfall community and meet new friends. I highly recommend them to any Demonfall fan! So, what are you waiting for? Check out Demonfall Trello today and join a clan!

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How Much Is Optic Gaming Worth?



Optic Gaming

The optic is the company of America in what is known as esports and entertainment. The call of duty team was founded in 2006 as the name suggests, in Angeles, California, Los. Optic Gaming has taken part in many tournaments of Counter-Strike, Ghosts, Black Ops, Black Ops 2 and Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare, League of Legends, Global Offensive, Modern Warfare 2 & 3, etc. 

And now the people who are among its current players are Chino Martin Chino, Dashy, Goonjar, Kaplan Jordan JKap, Dashy, Williams Kenneth, Ottel Brandon, and Gooljar Jevon, Chino, etc. His team has about four action computers simultaneously. 

So far, you have read as many articles as you have learned about optic gaming That is not enough. Read the full article. In it, I will give you all the details about this optic gaming network. 


In 2006, the optic team expressed a desire to form a Call of Duty team. He is still leading the gaming team. It was then led by Ryan Musselman Optic “J. The company presented one of its tournaments in 2007 Led by Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360.

Between 2009 and 2010 he won many positions. In some games, he got the fourth position and in some, he got the eighth position and also received many awards and received prizes of about 500 dollars. 


In June 2019, the optic company bought a company called Name Immortals Gaming Club. It was valued at about ً 200 million and was the largest transaction of its kind. It also costs more than sports. Thus,esport became one of the largest companies in the world.

Optic Gaming Productions of 2016 published a new book-like magazine with a detailed overview of the players and the game. The magazine was one of the best-selling books in the New York Times. 

In September 2019, he announced that he was leaving the gaming club and Hector Rodriguez “H3CZ” was added to the position as CEO. 

After success, it alights in some disagreements. He did things that were forbidden by law and then he was caught. Immediate action was taken immediately after the incident and Nikhil was removed from his post. 

In January 2019, optic gaming announced another gaming program called Jonathan Tucker and It had another name Pacman. 

In 2018, despite their considerable popularity and victory, they faced a long conflict. Because the game was misused of optic bahawaka which caused controversy. He was found guilty during the tournament and then allowed to look away from the walls. There was a lot of struggles to lose the match and then their struggle will be successful. The match was lost. And I spoiled it, which caused a lot of damage. The optic was downgraded to 5 places while of the forfeit. And was forced to lose twelve thousand US dollars. 

Awards and Achievements

Optic Gaming is known as the most popular gaming in the world. That is why it is so popular. Here I discuss gaming achievements and some awards with you.

  • Call of duty black ops; MLG Columbus is ranked first in 2011
  • Call of duty modern warfare 3; call of duty XP ranked first in 2011
  • Call of duty back ops; MLG Orlando is ranked first in 2011
  • Call of duty modern warfare 3; ELG 7 Blackpool is ranked first
  • Call of duty black ops 2; UMG Chicago is ranked first in 2011

Net Worth of Gaming in 2021

If we talk about it from January 2021, the total value was more than 10 million dollars. The optic company used to earn so much only by playing games and getting awards from them. Gained a lot of fame because of the optic games and his graphic and He started his journey in 14 years call of duty team league. And they progressed day by day and continued the journey of progress year after year. He has provided a wonderful rosters style to his community. And made the playground so standard that the world just kept watching. And most searches are based on social media. This is likely to increase day by day. Because their quality is showing the essence. 

Net Worth of Gaming in 2022

The Optic game has become known as one of the most successful games in the world. By organizing gaming competitions, they now participate in competitions and accumulate their value by winning competitions. That’s why they make a lot of money. Friends are very popular because of their business and they also get money from them.

In 2022, optic gaming’s total value has exceeded about ten million dollars. Gaming is one of the largest gaming organizations in the world. The optic gaming was very successful in optic gaming and its value was increasing day by day. Now people all over the world are anxious to know when they will not play again. They are more anxious to see who will organize the event now. And there is more anxiety about which tournaments will be formed and when. 

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How to Collect Harmony Shards in the Ark of the Covenant



Harmony Shards

A must-farm for Lost Ark players is Harmony Shards, money that may be utilized to increase the Item Level of an item.
In order to raise the Item Level of their equipment in Lost Ark, players must gather Harmony Shards. 
As one’s Item Level rises, it becomes possible to move up to Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Item Level of 600 is required to progress to Tier 2, and 1,100 is required to advance to Tier 3. At first glance, the large number of players in Lost Ark may appear to be a concern. It is possible to obtain Harmony Shards in a matter of minutes if players devote the greatest amount of time and effort to the most effective methods of obtaining them.

In Lost Ark, the first step toward Harmony Shard farming is to complete Chaos Dungeons, which reward players with Perception Shards, which serve as their own form of currency. With Magick Scholar Jeneca in North Vern, players can exchange their Perception Shards for Harmony Shard Pouches and Harmony Leapstones, which are both useful items. Participants are only permitted to enter the Chaos Dungeons twice per day. As one’s Item Level rises, it becomes possible to move up to Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Item Level of 600 is required to progress to Tier 2.

You can obtain the Harmony Shard in Lost Ark relatively quickly by exchanging Bloodstones. Bloodstones will be awarded to you if you successfully complete tasks or make contributions to your Guild. Similar to the Perception Shard-trading NPC above, Lost Ark gold selling a Guild NPC will be available on Steam who will be able to exchange your Bloodstones for a variety of other items as well. Harmony Shard Pouches can be found in the Honing Materials category of the Exchange Store.

Harmony Shards can be obtained through farming in the Lost Ark.

  • Newcomers to Prideholme will have the opportunity to join existing Guilds or form their own
  • Users can search for or create guilds by selecting the “Community” button, which can be found at the bottom of the user interface
  • In order to obtain Harmony Shards, a player must first join a Guild in order to gain access to the Bloodstones that are needed

Harvesting Harmony Shards through the exchange of Pirate Coins for Harmony Shards with the Traveling Merchant Ships is a third method of obtaining these rare and valuable gemstones. Fulfilling missions is a great way to earn Pirate Coins in Blackfang’s Den and Freedom Isle, two eastern locations on the global map. Gamer’s Coins, lost ark gold which can be exchanged for additional Pirate coins, can be earned by participating in the Lost Ark campaign. With Magick Scholar Jeneca in North Vern, players can exchange their Perception Shards for Harmony Shard Pouches and Harmony Leapstones, which are both useful items. Visit the Exchange Shop and select the “Normal” option to purchase Fragments and Harmony Shards for use in equipment upgrades. In the end, completing the main questline and engaging in farming activities on specific locations such as Shadow Island and Panda Island will reward players with a significant amount of Harmony Shards.

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