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What is the average cost of a walk-in shower?



cost of a walk-in shower

While the cost of a walk-in shower can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, a custom-made walk-in tub will likely cost more than a prefabricated walk-in pan. The price will also vary depending on whether you need to replace the tile surround or install sliding doors. These types of tubs can be very luxurious and can even be considered an investment, but be sure to factor in the additional cost of labor and materials.

Cost of custom walk-in shower

A custom walk-in shower can cost anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars. While the installation of a custom walk-in shower will depend on your needs and your budget, the overall cost should fall within this range. Depending on your specific project, you can save a significant amount of money by doing the work yourself. The cost of removing your bathtub will add $1,200 to six thousand dollars to the total cost of your project. Besides removing your old tub, a professional shower installer will also need to install your new drain line and water supply.

The cost of a walk-in shower varies, depending on the materials used. While a simple white ceramic tile shower can cost between one and two dollars per square foot, a more elaborate tile surround can cost up to five hundred dollars. Fiberglass panels can be as cheap as $300 to six hundred dollars, but are not as durable as acrylic. An acrylic surround can run up to a thousand dollars, but it is more durable and easy to maintain.

Cost of prefabricated walk-in shower pan

Installing a prefabricated walk-in shower pan can save a homeowner time and money. These prefabricated pans are usually made of acrylic, although they can also be made from fiberglass or composite materials. The average cost of a prefabricated shower pan is $200 to $500. They can come in a variety of sizes and are available with either a center drain or a drain on one end. Some options can be custom-ordered and include a non-slip surface.

The cost of a prefabricated walk-in shower pan will depend on a number of factors, including the type of surround material you want. While a standard shower surround is made of ceramic tile, more expensive stone slabs offer a more elegant look. Glass tiles are a stylish option and can be very expensive, but they also look classier. The materials used to surround a walk-in shower pan should be chosen carefully.

Cost of installing new tile in walk-in shower surround

The cost of installing new tile in a walk-in shower or Shower Standing Handles surround is generally low compared to other home renovation projects. A professional will charge about $200-$500 to install new tile, depending on the size of the project and how complex the setup is. Most of the work involves cutting free tile, removing old mortar, and cleaning up the area. Customizing color matches is possible, but this can be time-consuming and can cost thousands of dollars.

The cost of a walk-in shower surround varies based on the materials used and the skill required. Some shower stalls are pre-molded with grab bars, which can save on installation costs. Other options, such as fiberglass panels, are cheaper but less attractive. Fiberglass panels are not as durable as acrylic and can cost between $300 and $500 per square foot. If you want a luxurious look, you should consider glass tiles.

Cost of sliding doors for walk-in shower

When installing sliding glass doors, you need to determine what style of shower you have. There are framed and frameless options. Framed models come with an aluminum frame around the entire perimeter of the door, which stabilizes the glass and helps reduce the cost of installation. Frameless models are attached to the wall using brackets and hinges, but the glass used is usually thicker. The cost of framed doors may vary from sliding ones.

The size of the shower is the next determining factor for price. Larger showers typically require more glass, which increases the cost. The style of the shower also influences cost. More complex designs require more time and materials. Glass tiles, for example, are an elegant, stylish option. They also cost more than a regular door. Ultimately, the design of your shower is a matter of personal taste. But if you’re unsure what design will look best in your bathroom, there are several things to consider.

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Utilise Battery-Operated LED Lighting To Enhance Your Homes



LED Lighting

It’s not surprising that LED lighting is growing in popularity among households. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than conventional choices, have a wide range of colours, and last for a very long period. Additionally, LEDs can be utilised in battery-operated lighting, allowing for practical placement almost everywhere. Buying affordable battery LED lights is an excellent option if you want something unique and lovely for your house. Various lights are available for decorating your home, but neither offer as many features and benefits as LED lights. The LED lights provide you with just what you need to make decorating as simple and painless as possible. Discover why LED lights are ideal for your home décor by looking at some primary advantages. These are great lights, and when you start to know them, you’ll realise they’re ideal for your decoration requirements.


These incredible lights are entirely transportable, to start. It is essential because you may create your customised home decorations with embedded lights, transport them, and position them anywhere you like. The batteries in these lights, which run on batteries, will last you the rest of the season and possibly for several years. Because of this, they are straightforward to use both indoors and outside. Regarding home design, it’s crucial to not worry about connecting in lights or overloading your electrical system or outlets, and fairy lights give you the chance to avoid doing so altogether.

One Can See Them From Away

Since they are LEDs instead of conventional decorative lights, they are also from a considerable distance. When people are outside, they can see your house or other displays because LED lights are considerably brighter than other lights you used to have as a child. When styling your yard, LED lights can make a difference. It is true whether you use them to decorate outside plants or trees, hang them on the roof or porch, or create DIY decorations like signs and luminous ornaments.

Their Length Is Perfect For Decor

These are the ideal length for all your decor ideas, including fairy lights, with 40 to 100 lights per strand. You can decorate some seats or hang them on your porch railing or roof. The lights can be scattered among shrubs and other vegetation or used to adorn trees in your yard. These are the ideal length to match the majority of the many available decor choices. Fairy lights are one of the best decorating items you can use for your home, and you can use them to make a stunning décor that will transform your regular house into a breathtaking wonderland that everyone will love for years to come.

Long Lifetime

The lifespan of LED lights are far more extended than that of the standard incandescent bulb. An incandescent bulb generally lasts a thousand hours. A typical LED light has a 50,000-hour lifespan. It outlasts an incandescent light by 40 times. These lights will last a minimum of two to four times longer than fluorescent, metal halide, or sodium vapour lights, regardless of the type you’re using. As a result, savings apply to your lighting bill’s cost of maintenance as well as the cost of repairs.


Purchasing affordable battery LED lights is the answer if you want higher energy efficiency, more straightforward maintenance, or better environmental efficiency from your lighting equipment. Among the most significant advancements in recent decades for lowering energy prices and consumption has been the creation of LED lighting. Buy these lights immediately to transform your house into a piece of artwork.

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How to Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom in 2022



Small Bathroom in 2022

A small bathroom need not be a bad thing if you know how to maximize the available space. 

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to fit yours and your family’s needs into a small bathroom. This article discusses eleven bathroom ideas that make a big difference in maximizing a small space. This ranges from special storage features and organized hardware to design tips and a regular cleaning schedule.

How to Use a Small Bathroom to Its Full Potential in 2022

The following tips will help you optimize your small bathrooms. These tips will help make your small bathroom fully sufficient for you to perform your daily bathroom activities.

  1. Add Appropriate Lighting

Your bathroom won’t benefit at all from a light that is too big, too dim, or too bright for the area. It is advisable to choose sconces above or opposite your vanity mirror for small bathrooms. A flush mount light can also be installed on the ceiling, which will brighten a small bathroom without overwhelming it.

  1. Add a Well-Designed Wallpaper

Small bathrooms can still have that “wow” element, despite their size. A nice approach to embrace the smallness of a bathroom with some flair is to add wallpapers.

Bathroom wallpaper is gaining popularity as a wall covering for bathrooms. Anyone who wants to add a feature wall to a little bathroom to give it personality would love this.Small bathrooms, like powder rooms, are the ideal place to make a bold statement in your house. Try applying wallpapers to only half the walls if you don’t dare to cover all of your walls with it.

Although it can look excellent, many people choose to add a distinctive touch to their bathroom by changing the color and pattern of their tiles. This is a highly permanent option. In contrast, wallpaper is much simpler to remove if you decide you want a different look.

  1. Install Small Bathtubs

Although smaller bathtubs are still ideal for self-care days, they also provide you with more room to work with. These differences demonstrate that little can also have a significant stylistic impact. Additionally, freestanding tubs for small bathrooms require less maintenance and cleaning.

They are lovely, cozy, and incredibly calming. They keep a little bathroom footprint while allowing you a full body soak. These come in a range of materials, including the usual wood.

  1. Add Custom-Built Storage

Build in storage that seamlessly matches the vanity to eliminate the need for bulky storage furniture. Or, check behind the mirror for more storage using medicine cabinets that feature hidden storage. You will require as much storage for your toiletries as you can find. You might need to have a professional cut a hole in the wall before putting it in a medicine cabinet.

  1. Add Shelves and Hooks

We advise installing shelving and hooks on the small bathroom’s walls to keep things like towels, bathrobes, and other items off the floor. Everything from extra toilet paper to folded towels can be kept conveniently on floating shelves above the toilet. In practically any bathroom, hooks are a no-brainer and a terrific method to expand vertical storage as well.

Create some in-shower, recessed storage to make the most of unused space. You’ll have additional storage, and it also has a sleek appearance. Adding a towel rail installed on the wall always makes room for more.

  1. Keep it clean

Keeping things clean is one of the simplest little bathroom ideas. Nothing is more uncomfortable (or claustrophobic) than a small bathroom that is cluttered, dirty, and filthy.

The easiest approach to keeping your tiny bathroom in top shape is to regularly keep it clean and organized. The surfaces should be vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned with a secure all-purpose cleaning spray. To prevent mold and mildew, we also advise weekly cleaning of showers and bathtubs.

  1. Install Pocket Doors and Small Toilets

Pocket doors slide down a track inside the wall, not opening inward. Removing the requirement to make room for a door that swings inward, increases the amount of usable space in the bathroom.

The toilet you choose might help you conserve space in several different ways. The first is to choose a wall-hung unit, which leaves 9 inches more space in the room’s middle because the tank is concealed inside the 2×6 stud wall. Making a wall niche for your toilet is an additional choice that will lessen its footprint.

  1. Large Mirrors and Windows

The more light, the better in compact places. Choose one big mirror for a simple aesthetic with little visual clutter.

Enlarge an existing window to give a dark bath the appearance of a solarium-style spa. It can only serve to emphasize the effort you put into the other aspects of the bath. Alternatively, if it is practical, think about adding a skylight to visually enlarge the area and add a touch of elegance.

  1. Keep It Round

Sharp edges aren’t the friendliest. In a curved bath or circular wall basin, choose softer finishes. They’ll feel less invasive and prevent any unpleasant bumps in the middle of the night.

A freestanding corner tub is the most space-saving tub design since it enables you to have a soothing spa-like dip even in a small bathroom. Although corner tubs typically have rounded corners, there are numerous forms and shapes available. Corner jacuzzi-style tubs are also popular, as are deep bowl-shaped tubs that resemble huge coffee cups.

Additionally, you can store some bathroom necessities in the bathtub’s corner. Include a tiny shelf to store items like moisturizers, liquid soap, shampoo, and other similar items. The tub’s little window can also be used to store ornaments.

  1. Install a Small Vanity and a Small Sink

A large, cumbersome vanity should not be used in a tiny bathroom. Aim for a sink vanity without cabinets underneath, a sink vanity that rests above the ground on legs, or a compact free-standing vanity with just one or two pull-out cabinets to fool the eye and make the area appear larger.

One place where you can make a small space sacrifice is a sink, especially in a powder room. You might even develop a wall-mounted small version into your preferred fixture.

  1. Use Small and Appropriate Fixtures

It’s crucial to choose hardware and fixtures of the proper size when creating a small bathroom. Your bathroom should have everything you need, from towel bars to light fixtures, in the proper size. A small area might feel overwhelming with enormous light fixtures, and oversized hardware can make a small bathroom appear out of place.


By using creative storage solutions and small freestanding tubs, you can make the most of a small bathroom. Make the most of your limited space by switching out huge tubs, and installing a small vanity and a small sink. Following all the tips discussed in this article will help you maximize the use of your small bathroom.

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The Story of FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI Partnership



When you think of Hands on Home Inspector training, the first thing that comes to mind is InterNACHI. They are the biggest and most well-known organization in the industry, and for good reason. But what you may not know is that they offer their world-class training through a number of different channels, including FIA Inspections Academy. FIA is a highly respected inspection school with a reputation for delivering top-notch education. So when these two powerhouse organizations team up, students win big. In this blog we will discuss why the InterNACHI/FIA partnership should be on your radar if you are interested in becoming a home inspector.

The Story of FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI Partnership

Let’s start with how it all began.

1. The FIA Inspections Academy and its Partnership with InterNACHI

FIA Inspections Academy is a world-renowned institution that provides expert training and education in the field of vehicle inspection. For many years, FIA has been at the forefront of developing new and innovative ways to ensure that vehicles are safe and roadworthy. In recent years, FIA has partnered with InterNACHI, the world’s largest home inspection organization, to provide InterNACHI-certified inspectors with the latest in vehicle inspection education and training.

2. The Benefits of this Partnership for Both Organizations

The FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI partner has been a huge success, and has resulted in many InterNACHI-certified inspectors becoming experts in the field of vehicle inspection. The partnership has also helped to raise the standards of vehicle inspection worldwide, and has made InterNACHI the go-to organization for vehicle Classroom and Field inspection training and education.

3. Some Success Stories from Students Who Have Participated in the Academy

One of the most successful students to come out of the FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI partnership is Jeff Sipe. Jeff is a certified InterNACHI inspector, and he has used his skills and knowledge to become one of the leading vehicle inspection experts in the United States. Jeff has been instrumental in helping to raise the standards of vehicle inspection in the United States, and he is now a sought-after speaker and trainer in the field.

Another success story from the FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI partnership is that of Tonya Matthews. Tonya is a certified InterNACHI inspector, and she has used her skills and knowledge to become one of the leading vehicle inspection experts in the United States. Tonya has been instrumental in helping to raise the standards of vehicle inspection in the United States, and she is now a sought-after speaker and trainer in the field.

These are just two of the many success stories that have come out of the FIA Inspections Academy-InterNACHI partnership.

4. Explain How the Academy is Helping to Improve Home Inspection Standards Around the World

The partnership has been a huge success, and has helped to raise the standards of vehicle inspection worldwide. InterNACHI is the go-to organization for vehicle inspection training and education, and FIA Inspections Academy is the leading institution for providing expert training and education in the field.

5. Learn More About the Academy and Sign Up for Upcoming Courses

InterNACHI is proud to partner with FIA Inspections Academy, and we are excited to continue working together to provide the best possible vehicle inspection education and training for our members. Together, we are making the world a safer place, one vehicle at a time. Sign up for our training courses NOW!

The Bottom Line

In late 2017, FIA Inspections Academy partnered up with InterNACHI, the world’s largest home inspector association. The goal was to build a better future for home inspection education and certification. The two organizations have come together to offer new and innovative courses that will help inspectors learn the latest techniques in home inspection. What does this mean for you? If you are looking to become a certified inspector, or want to improve your skills, there is no better place to turn than FIA Inspections Academy. With InterNACHI’s help, we are dedicated to providing you with the best education possible. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!

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