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The Best Countries in Europe to Visit The Best Countries in Europe to Visit


The Best Countries in Europe to Visit



Did you know many people want to travel because of the pandemic? If you have always wanted to travel to Europe but aren’t sure where to go, we can help.

This guide will go over the best countries in Europe.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

What Is Your Budget?

Consider your travel goals and your budget. Would you like to go to a few countries?

If you want to tour a few European countries, consider making a list of your favorite countries.

Have You Considered Greece?

You could go to a laid-back country like Greece. Visit the smaller isles. You could go to Santorini, and enjoy the stunning scenery. Don’t leave off the popular island, Crete.

Do you love history? Consider checking out Athens. Enjoy the incredible ancient ruins like Acropolis and other world-class museums. Go to restaurants and shops.

What About Portugal?

Beaches, castles, and mountains are some of the top views in Portugal. Do you love water views? Go to the stunning Azores islands.

You can enjoy different mountainous isles for people who love to go surfing, sailing, or whale watching, head there.

Another popular island for European tourists is Madeira Island. Lisbon is a large city, and enjoy the location, River Tagus. You can check out historic castles and lovely town squares.

Don’t Leave Italy off Your List

Italy is one of the top destinations for travelers who head to Europe. Many people go to Italy because they want to enjoy the food and the stunning scenery. Don’t forget to try gelato and pizza.

People love visiting Italy because of its stunning architecture and cultural monuments. Visit the museums, and take photos of ancient squares and old buildings throughout Italy.

Enjoy historical attractions in Rome like the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Check out town squares like Piazza Spagna and St. Peter’s Square.

Most people enjoy visiting the countryside of Italy. You can take a spontaneous road trip.

Tuscany is another spot to visit because the towers and walls aren’t touched. Check out Florence, and don’t leave Venice off your travel list.

What About Spain?

Spain is another famous European country. Enjoy the mountain ranges, hilltop villages, and different seaside views.

Spain is the second most popular country. Go to Madrid. Visit the lovely Crystal Palace, and sprawling gardens, along with stunning plazas.

Seville is a romantic spot to visit. Enjoy the old cobblestone streets and the stunning Catedral de Sevilla. You can go to the Plaza de Espana.

Barcelona is a place not to leave off your travel destination. Enjoy this energetic city and view stunning architecture. If you want to enjoy a Spanish beach, check out Costa Brava.

Keep researching and check out the best Spain luxury travel ideas.

Have You Considered Austria?

Austria is beautiful because it’s surrounded by the Alps and stunning lakes. Enjoy wandering through the country’s cities.

You can enjoy the winding and twisting laneways. Consider checking out the Hallstatt village in the Austrian Alps.

Vienna is another spot to visit. Enjoy going to Belvedere Palace and stunning gardens. You can also check out the Natural History Museum.

Go to Linz, and view the River Danube. It’s an excellent spot to explore the river and the beautiful countryside.

Graz is another large city and is an architectural hub. There are stunning ruins and buildings that date back to AD 800. Don’t forget to visit the old town and climb the Schlossberg.

Add Croatia to Your List

Croatia will give you stunning scenery and also fantastic food to try out. Check out preserved Roman ruins and hilltop castles.

Croatia also has a lot of friendly locals, so you can enjoy being a tourist in this country.

Look at wandering the laneways in the old city walls in Dubrovnik. You could take a cable car up Mount Srd and get a lovely view of the town called the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Split is a beautiful city in Croatia and the second largest after Zagreb. Don’t leave these cities off your list. The Island of Hvar will let you enjoy a beach day and is called one of the sunnier spots in Europe.

Croatia is beautiful and popular because it’s close to the Adriatic Sea. Take a boat cruise around the island, and explore the stunning archipelago.

Don’t forget to visit Elaphiti Islands, which is northwest of Dubrovnik.

Go to France

You should add France to your list. France will allow you to enjoy delicious food, natural beauty, and romance. Each traveler will find something to enjoy in France.

Would you like to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps see a celebrity? Consider checking out the French Riviera.

If you love history, make sure you check out Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, an islet. Look at going skiing in the French Alps in Chamonix.

Of course, don’t leave Paris off your list. You can check out the Eiffel Tower, talk a walk along the Seine, and enjoy other landmarks.

Best Countries in Europe

We hope this guide on Europe was helpful. Consider adding a few different European countries to your travel list, so you don’t miss out.

Narrow down your list of the best countries in Europe.

Make sure you consider your travel goals and where you would like to go the most. Do you love history? What about food? Look at combining a few travel goals in your destination choices.

Are you looking for more tips? We have so many resources on the blog, from making the most of your trip to creating a budget.

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How to Make Sure You Are Well Prepared for a Wilderness Camping Trip



How to Make Sure You Are Well Prepared for a Wilderness Camping Trip

Going out into the great outdoors and beginning a camping adventure is a freeing feeling. Connecting with nature and finding your way under the open sky is an irreplaceable experience, and one that you will adore if you give it enough of a chance. A big part of this will be ensuring you are well prepared before you set up camp for the night, and here are the most important things to remember in that light. 

Map Out Your Excursion

The first job is to map out where you are going, how you will get there, and all the important stops along the way for the longer journeys. Having a good idea of where the camping will take place is empowering because it begins the all-important process of getting to know your surroundings. To find your feet more quickly, and ensure your trip comes together smoothly, make sure you are prepared with some type of navigation system and that you have scoured the maps closely prior to the adventure kicking off. 

Check the Weather

It is a rookie mistake to not check the weather, so don’t fall into that trap. There is no point in just assuming that the weather will be warm or pleasant, even if every day lately has been that way. Find out what the forecast is and always use an official source for an updated prediction. Check this at regular intervals and try to tune into the storm warning channels if you are traveling to an area that is prone to this type of extreme weather event too. If you are stuck in an unexpected thunder and lightning situation, with torrential rain and few provisions, make sure you know how to find shelter and where to call for help. 

Don’t Forget to Take a Multi-Purpose Knife

Having some kind of multi-purpose knife tool with you will be helpful while you are out there in the woods and wilderness. Check out some folding knives for sale, as these can be used for a variety of things from self-defense (should it be needed) to gathering supplies and plenty of things in between too. You just never know when it will come in handy, so don’t leave without it. 

Take Enough Water and Food

All campers and hikers understand how staying hydrated out on the trails is vital. Supporting your body means giving it what it needs to stay alert, energetic and well maintained. A big part of this will be making sure you take enough water and food for the trip duration. This quantity will change depending on how long you are going for and how far away from civilization your campsite is too. For instance, the farther away you are from a shop, the more supplies you will need. 

Be Fire Aware

Campfires are one of the biggest reasons behind wildfires, so don’t become another statistic. Every wilderness explorer must respect the law of the land and the environment they are staying in by ensuring they correctly extinguish any fire they may light during the visit. If you need help with this, do some online research or have a chat with your local fire department. Many guided centers will have plenty of information about how to tend to campfires correctly to ensure personal safety and that of the wildlife and nature around you as well. 

Respect the Wildlife

Naturally, when camping outdoors, there are always going to be animals and plants. It is more important than ever to protect the species and life around your campsite, or where you’re walking, even if there are predators nearby. Take the time to find out what animals will be in the area so that you understand how to leave them alone and go about your trip without disturbing habitats or feeding grounds. It is also useful when it comes to learning how to defend yourself from a predator attack as well.

Pack Smartly

Do not neglect your supplies list! What you take with you will be a lifeline when you’re out there on your own in the great unknown. You need the right equipment so that you can be safe and comfortable. 

Being well prepared for a wilderness camping trip means taking a look at the bigger picture. Always let people know where you’re going to be and get to know the area before you settle down for the night to avoid any nasty surprises. 

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How to Enjoy a Vacation in Your Own City?




When we mention “Going on a vacation!” it’s universally agreed that you are going to an exotic, foreign and far-off place. But what if we’ve told you, you can find such places in your backyard? Namely, your town where you’ve spent most of your life in. Tourists visit Australia each month and for a good reason. Your city has incredible sights, and it’s up to you to find and experience them!

1. Research online

We know that bloggers and influencers may seem off-putting at first. Their job is to promote something, but more often than not, they do a good job of highlighting an important place to visit. Something is popular for a good reason, and if thousands of people flock to see it, you should follow their example. You can see who leads a great lifestyle by researching popular places online and then plan your weekend accordingly.

2. Book a guided tour

You can skip part one but still apply the same principle here. Booking a guided tour is faster than doing all the work by yourself, and you get a curated experience. You start the same by looking up what is recommended to do for tours online. The next step is to free up your weekend. When you go on a vacation, you make time to enjoy yourself.

The same applies when you wish to explore your city. Guided tours take time, and many can last for several days, which is a great way to experience the place you live in. Guided tours go thru popular tourist spots, but they reveal more information. From landmarks with historical significance to museums hosting Aboriginal art, you won’t believe what wonders lie in your city.

3. Visit something you’ve never done

You probably have an established routine and area you frequent inside your hometown. Treating all other areas as exotic lands will open up your possibilities. To experience something new and exciting, you must step out of your comfort zone and into the next adventure! From calming city halls, cultural landmarks and historical sights to exciting hip venues, best and erotic brothels like A Touch Of Class, and other nightlife secrets, you’ll never know what you can find. Treating yourself and aiming to spoil yourself every once in a while, is not a bad thing. Treat your local city exploration in the same manner as you would do by vacating, and you will see what wonders will unfold.

4. Find the hidden nature

Your town may hold a discrete green oasis hidden from plain sight. Within the parks lies tranquility, gardens, exhibits, shows, plays and other medicine for the soul. To escape from daily urban life, you need to seclude yourself in the green haven within the city. You can visit all the parks in your town, and it can easily take several days. Sitting on a park bench and admiring the view will feel exotic and different.

5. Walk

Plain and simple. Start aimlessly walking at first, and see where the trail takes you. Take the path less travelled, and it will make all the difference in the world. You’ll never know where the path can lead you, as you’ve never taken it before. The sense of new and exciting will set in, and you will see your hometown in a different light. By walking you can find new places, restaurants and parties going on. The personal, on-foot level of exploration is a recipe that will ensure you get healthy exercise and experience something new! A party is a success when there is excitement in the equation. You won’t even believe what lies behind the next corner in your hometown, and all you need to find out is to make that brave first step!

The modern and glamorous way of life has us believing that we need lots of money and exotic locations when we travel. While we won’t deny that travelling abroad is exciting and great, we want to emphasise that similar experiences may exist right under our noses. We live in places that other people find exotic and want to visit. Finding out why and experiencing it for ourselves, will reveal which wonders and treasures lie at our doorstep. That way, we will appreciate the place where we live!

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Sapa Travel – 5 best places to visit in mist-covered city of Vietnam



mist-covered city of Vietnam

If London “The Smoke” is the heart of England, Sapa is the heart of northern tourism in Vietnam. The mist covers the hills and villages all year, reminding visitors to Sapa of London’s misty landscape. Let’s go on a beautiful and especially charming Sapa Travel adventure with Threeland Travel! 

Sapa is a province in Lao Cai province in the Northwest Highlands. Sapa’s climate is cool all year round due to its elevation of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, and mist covers the hills and mountain peaks. When you go out on the street in the early mornings of winter, you can reach out and touch the mist. The sensation of each thin mist passing through your hand is very interesting.

image 17

1. Fansipan Peak – The roof of Indochina  

Fansipan Peak, known as the “roof of Indochina,” is the first extremely appealing destination for tourists who are passionate about conquering dangerous challenges. Fansipan, which is located in the Hoang Lien Son range and has an elevation of 3,143 meters, is the highest mountain in Vietnam and the roof of Indochina (the highest in three countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia). 

image 9

From here, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of cloud-covered peaks spanning all the way to the horizon. The highest point is popular for selfies, but you may stroll the entire platform for panoramic views. Mt. Fansipan’s cloud patterns vary every few seconds, offering new shapes and vistas as the earth meets the sky.

image 18

Although Fansipan is only 9 kilometers from Sapa, it takes 2-3 days to conquer it and fully enjoy the glorious feeling of victory. Despite the difficulty, Fansipan continues to entice both professional and amateur climbers.

However, owing to the Sunworld Fansipan Legend cable car system, tourists may now simply take a cable car and enjoy a 15-20 minute ride to the top of Fansipan.

image 8

It rains for many months in Fansipan, but this craggy mountain area is full of brilliant and fragrant flowers all year. There is a diverse flora and fauna, and some rare and valuable animals are listed on Cuc Phuong National Park has a flora and fauna population that is extremely rich and diverse, with 2,234 species of higher plants and mosses, including 433 medicinal plants and 229 edible plants, many of which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book (similar with IUCN Red List of Threatened Species).

2. Tram Ton Pass Sapa – One of the most beautiful mountain pass of Northwest

image 20

You can enjoy see Fansipan mountain from Tram Ton pass (Photo:

You have to pass through Tram Ton Pass to reach Fansipan Peak. Tram Ton Pass, about 18 kilometers from Sapa, is a winding road around the mountainside. Locals frequently refer to Cong Troi (which means “Sky Gate” or “Heaven Gate”). Coming to Tram Ton Pass, you can fully experience Sapa’s beauty not only through the famous golden terraced fields, which are covered in the mist all year, but also through the wild, peaceful, and fresh beauty of the high mountains’s atmosphere. 

image 13

Tram Ton provides an excellent view of the dangerous O Quy Ho Pass. Through vivid sentences, this pass was also included in a well-known work of Vietnamese literature.

image 19

Sapa Travel Tram Ton Pass will be entirely shrouded by fog and chilly temperatures during the winter. As a result, if you want to experience the frigid ambiance of Tram Ton Pass, you should dress warmly and wear a scarf.

Tourists will be completely overwhelmed since the alpine landscape is covered in white snow, creating the most stunning view imaginable. In the winter, though, the pass is frequently congested. As a result, you should exercise caution when viewing the scenery and moving on your Sapa Travel.

3. Sapa Ancient Stone Field

Sapa’s ancient stone field is a scenic spot that both domestic and foreign tourists visit whenever they visit Sapa. A French-Russian scientist discovered the rock in 1925. The stone field spans more than 8 km2 and contains over 200 stones of various shapes and sizes. The ancient stone field is said to be a historical relic of the ancient Vietnamese people, with decorative patterns, human figures, trees, flowers, stairs, the sun, or daily household items drawn on stone slabs.

image 15

Many researchers believe that the ancient rock is a book that records daily life activities or a map of the Mongols, but there are also theories that it is a book that records battle tactics. But the hypothesis remains a hypothesis, and the ancient rock field is still lying there, challenging time and remaining a mystery for scientists. 

image 11

4. Sapa Stone Church – An Ancient Symbol of Sapa Misty Town

The Sapa Stone Church is a must-see on the Sapa Travel Guide. There is a large space in front of it, located in the center of Sapa town, where ethnic people gather every morning to trade in daily necessities. Every Saturday, with the sound of the trumpet, the graceful dances of mountainous village girls and boys in the love market can be heard here. 

image 10

Impressive Roman Gothic style stone church characterized by its roof, bell tower, and arch, built in the mid-twentieth century, is an architectural work designed by a talented French architect. He puts a lot of effort into it, carefully choosing each material to form. Despite the harsh effects of time, the Sapa stone church still stands firm in defiance of the destruction of nature and is the pride of the people of Sapa. 

image 12

5. Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa Travel Famous Destination

Muong Hoa Valley is the most frequently mentioned name when discussing Sapa travel. This is a lovely valley with beautiful and romantic scenery, as well as many highland ethnic people. Muong Hoa is also home to an ancient stone beach, making it an appealing Sapa destination for tourists who enjoy traveling. 

image 14

Muong Hoa valley, located approximately 8 kilometers southeast of Sapa town, is regarded as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and expansive valleys. The Muong Hoa stream winds gracefully through the valley’s foothills. These streams carry a lot of water through the terraced fields during the rice season. The ripe golden rice color reflects on the stream, creating a poetic landscape that attracts many visitors.

image 21

Sapa also has a plethora of other fascinating and magical things to discover. Above are all the most complete and detailed Sapa travel destinations that we have summarized. Hope all of these top attractive Sapa places will help you have a trip to Sapa with lots of fun and great experiences. 

And if you’re planning a trip to Sapa Vietnam, then you can look at Threeland Travel’s Vietnam travel packages or use the hotline or email to find Vietnam tour options that are right for you. 

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