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Restore Your Clogged Toilet with These Common Solutions Restore Your Clogged Toilet with These Common Solutions

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Restore Your Clogged Toilet with These Common Solutions



Indoor plumbing gives convenience to people these days. It becomes part of our daily lives that we take advantage of until something goes wrong. If you are facing the inconvenience of a blocked toilet, here are four usual solutions that can help you run your toilet soon or you can call for expert plumbing service.  

A Correct Plunger: The strategy to remove a blockage with a plunger is to use the proper plunger. It is with a circular, flat opening created for sinks and tubs. A plunger with a bulging flange is made for toilets. This old-fashioned tool comes with good results and can clear most blockages.

A Plumbing Snake: It is another simple-to-use equipment. Insert into the toilet and push and pull it with twisting movements; you must remove most blockages. Regular use of plumbing snakes can damage or scratch porcelain toilets, so ensure using a closet snake, also known as an auger. This particular plumbing snake has a rubber covering that will not damage exteriors and secures the porcelain toilet. 

Add soap. Wait as long as possible. Flush.

It is the recommended approach when you are not home, and you would do everything to unclog the toilet to prevent more damages. A few sprays of liquid detergent are probably the most popular way. Other people would use liquid hand soap or shampoo to do the trick too. This way suggests that the liquid hand soap breaks down the waste quicker than using water alone. When it is time to empty the toilet, be set to stop the water to avoid overflow. 

A Useful Potion: Baking soda, white vinegar, and a gallon of hot water will make your drain cleaner. Pour the baking soda into your toilet. Then follow it with white vinegar, and magic works there. Let the mixture stay until it forms its bubbling action. Then, pour the gallon of hot water.

How to Mend a Clogged Toilet? Othe Do-It-Yourself Fix 

These are the other popular methods to try when Other popular techniques to try when emptying a toilet include:

  • Brush the dirt and debris away: Brush the toilet and clean it up down the drain with bristles angled down to tidy things up.
  • Snake it out: A plumbing snake or toilet auger can push the toilet through the drain into the pipe. The rotating movement helps break down obnoxious clogs. If you feel a little extra confident, use a coat hanger as your homemade plumber snake. 
  • Thaw the clog: Place pressure on the clog by melting it using hot water into the toilet bowl. You can add soap into the mixture to serve as a lubricant. This combination will help get clogs moving away smoothly.
  • Push the clog out using force: Get a plastic bottle and fill the warm water in, then put the plastic bottle into the drain opening of the toilet. Make pressure by squeezing the plastic bottle. This way, you can force the clog out of the toilet. 

When DIY Fails – Call Lex’s Plumbing

If these approaches do not work to unclog the toilet, or if you do not have the needed equipment to unblock it well, it is the best time to contact an expert plumber. A professional plumber is also the best option if you have a toilet that often clogs- that indicates you have a problem somewhere down your pipes. 

You can rely on Lex’s Plumbing to efficiently unclog your drains and toilets. We provide the highest customer satisfaction to our clients and offer them the best plumbing services. Lex’s Plumbing has licensed plumbers that guarantee quality plumbing results and meet the standards of our customers. Since our company is locally operated and owned, our professional plumbers are aware of the plumbing problems you may have at home. 

Also, other plumbing problems can arise with your toilet aside from frequent clogs. Toilets encounter several activities every day and need more pro care to function well. If your toilet is not working well, it could be a sign that it has a plumbing issue or other parts do not work anymore. In other words, a clogged toilet is bothersome and needs attention. It hinders your convenience and hygiene and makes an unpleasant living situation. You can quickly return the comfort and convenience to your home by doing the four simple techniques. Do not wait for the inconvenience that bothers the whole family. Give us a call now. 

Lex’s Plumbing offers 24/7 service calls or schedules an appointment today! We can solve your plumbing problems with our quality plumbing solutions. You can also visit our website to see our other plumbing services.

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Stunning space: 5 ways to invigorate your outdoor area



Stunning space

Australia is blessed with beautiful backyards of floral borders and lush lawns. However, with modern stresses impeding on our ability to enjoy our space, it is important to remember our gardens (if we are lucky enough to have one!) and ensure it is a place where we can relax and enjoy the company of friends and family!

With so many wonderful features we can install in our backyards, there is always room for reinvigoration in a way that will make us want to get back out there and enjoy the wondrous Aussie weather (and even the cooler months too – think outdoor heaters!).

With this in mind, here are five ways we can invigorate our tired, overlooked garden space:

  1. Bistro blinds

You can find the most stunning bistro blinds online. They provide the outdoor area with a new level of charm and character whilst offering a new shaded area to enjoy on a hot summer’s day or even a rainy winter’s afternoon.

Designed to amplify the space for entertaining, outdoor blinds come in a range of materials that make them durable and ultra-protective from Australia’s occasionally-epic elements, ensuring you have a space to barbecue or have a cheeky beer with friends at all times of the year!

  1. Putting green

Want to work on your short game before heading down to the club? Then a backyard putting green is the way to go. Australian landscapers can now easily install a vibrant putting green in your garden, helping you become a putting pro before you take on your mates come Saturday arvo.

This, and other stunning backyard sporting greens, is a super fun way to invigorate your garden for the summer months.

  1. Veggie garden

Because Australia is blessed with such wonderful soil, why would you want to overlook growing some delicious goodies in your garden? With so many wonderful fruit and vegetables growable across all seasons it should come as no wonder that so many suburban gardens are transformed into beautiful patches of edible delights.

Tomatoes, spring onions, lemon trees – you name it, you can go ahead and grow your favourites before adding them to your delectable dishes!

  1. Outdoor kitchen

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a masterchef and want to take your skills to a stunning summer day then there is no better way to do so than with a complete outdoor kitchen. You can add whatever amenities you like to compliment your culinary skills, with outdoor stoves, weber barbecues, pizza ovens, bar fridges and more able to be placed outside and ready for your garden gastronomical wonder!

This is truly one of the best ways to enjoy your garden in the summer months, as it creates a fun and social space that results in a tasty meal cooked in the lovely surrounds of your own backyard – delightful!

  1. Outdoor lounge

Want to turn your garden into a bit of a sporting haven? Then building an outdoor covered decking is the ultimate solution. Complete with lounges and television for sports screenings, you can turn your backyard into something of a sports bar, having your mates around when the weather is warm and the cricket is in full swing.

These are some of the best ways to reinvigorate your backyard and take it to a new level of outdoor style and functionality. We truly are blessed with beautiful backyards here in Australia, and these additions are sure to invigorate it like never before!

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Plantation Shutters



Plantation Shutters

Investing in Quality

Did you know that plantation shutters are an excellent way to add value to your home while also enjoying their beautiful aesthetic? Plantation shutters offer a wealth of benefits including increased energy efficiency, improved privacy, and enhanced durability. They are available in an array of styles and colours that can be tailored to fit any window size or space.

When it comes to purchasing plantation shutters from ksshutters, investing in quality is essential. Quality plantation shutters are well worth the investment as they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives and provide superior performance. Quality shutters also come with guarantees that offer peace of mind when making a significant purchase such as this one.

When choosing quality plantation shutters, look for frames made from strong materials such as hardwoods, vinyl, or aluminium. Quality shutters are well constructed and will not warp over time due to moisture, heat, or other elements. Pay attention to the material used for the louvres as these are often made of quality woods such as basswood or cherry that have been kiln-dried to provide strength and resilience.

In addition to the materials used, quality plantation shutters also come with a variety of options for customisation. For example, you can select different types of finishes such as stains or paints that help create the look and feel you want in your home. Hardware choices are also available, including hinges and latches that give the shutters an even more custom appearance.

Finally, when investing in plantation shutters it’s important to look for quality workmanship. Quality shutters should be expertly assembled and all the components should fit together securely. The shutters should also be installed properly, with the right kind of fasteners and mountings, to ensure durability and a good fit. Buying quality plantation shutters will not only improve the look of your home, but it can also help increase its resale value. With the right kind of shutters, your home will look great for many years to come.

Stave Off the Sun

If you’re like most people in Australia, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your home cool during the hot summer months. Plantation shutters are a great way to do this. Because they are mounted on the window frame, they form a barrier between the window and the outside elements. This helps keep the sun’s heat out of your home and helps you keep the temperature comfortable. Plantation shutters also provide extra privacy, allowing you to block out any outside noise while still enjoying the view.

The sun isn’t the only thing that can damage your windows. High winds and rain can also cause damage. Plantation shutters are made of durable materials, which help protect your windows from the elements. This can increase the lifespan of your window frames while also providing an attractive and stylish way to improve the look of your home.

The quality materials used to construct plantation shutters can also increase the value of your home, making them a wise investment for any homeowner. They can be easily customised to fit any window size and are available in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to create the perfect look for your home.

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Why You Need to Hire a Drywall Contractor in Orlando FL?



Drywall Contractor

Let’s face it! Putting up new drywall is a fantastic way to give your home’s inside a facelift. Drywall is a need for most interior walls in Orlando homes, whether you’re remodeling an existing space or building from scratch. There are a lot of folks who think this is easy and try to do it on their own with the help of tutorials they found online. Yikes!

What if you mess up? What if you didn’t get the right materials from the start? What if the tutorials are not so reliable?

To avoid headaches and stress in your life, hiring pros is one of the greatest if not the best way to guarantee a proper installation of drywall and the safety of your property.

Still not convinced why you need the help of experts? Take a look at the benefits we have ve explained below then:

Packed with expertise and skills

Drywall Contractor

We can all agree that it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to successfully install drywall, which is why a lot of folks do not want to get their hands dirty. But, do not sweat it because professional drywall installers have the training and knowledge to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Awesomely enough, an expert drywall installer is up-to-date on the newest methods, materials, and equipment. Oh, and any problems that might arise throughout the drywall installation process are easily identified and dealt with by pros.

Expert contractors are familiar with the rules and regulations that must be followed to guarantee the quality and safety of the end product.

They low-key know what kind of drywall will work best for a certain job, and they’re happy to share that knowledge with you. This ensures that the drywall is installed properly and that the client may make an educated choice.

Forget about stress

Thereis no hiding the fact that hanging drywall may cause a lot of stress for the average homeowner. It is not enough to simply know how to measure, cut, and install drywall; you must also have a firm grasp on the techniques of applying tape, mud, and sanding.

That is why a lot of folks feel incapable or unprepared to tackle a large project like that by themselves and we don’t blame them one bit! Hiring a drywall contractor Orlando FL, however, may finally give you peace of mind to know that the job will be finished professionally.

Oh, and do you know what else is great? An expert drywall installer can help with not just the technical aspects of the daunting project, but also the emotional strain.

If you have them on your team, you will never have to stress over the nuts and bolts of the job and can instead concentrate on more important details like selecting the correct materials and arranging the layout of your area. Sounds awesome, right?

Perfect results

One of the most crucial aspects of any home renovation is the drywall installation. While at first glance it may appear to be a simple task, there are actually quite a few subtleties involved in completing it successfully. If you want the job done right and to a high standard, hiring a professional contractor is your best bet.

Want to achieve the perfect result? Of course you do! But, for that to happen, the installation process must go smoothly. And who better to make sure of that than a professional drywall contractor?

You won’t even have to lift a finger once the pros arrive to take care of your drywall. Once the project is completed, we guarantee that the pros will exceed your expectations. So, pick up the phone and give them a call ASAP. Click on this page for additional info.

In a nutshell

If your final decision is to work with a professional contractor, it is imperativeto do research on a couple of businesses in your local area until you find the best option for your home. Also, be sure to ask for estimates from several companies to figure out which service will work best for your budget. So, good luck with your installation!

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