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Level Up Your Winter Wardrobe with Trendy Indian clothes



Winter Wardrobe

We know your love for Indian clothes, but unfortunately, they don’t go well with winters. That’s why people prefer wearing western jackets, jeans, cardigans, and sweeter, not Indian clothes in winter to keep the chills away. We know you can’t hold on to the separation anxiety from your beloved ethnic collection. Though the winter breeze is making you feel chill, the much-awaited wedding season is here. And you want to flaunt your style with skimpy lehenga choli and glamorous Salwar Kameez. then give it a second thought. 

There is no need to stash away your beloved Anarkali suite, elegant saree, and stylish Kurtis until the spring season. Yes, it’s possible to follow Indian fashion and look stylish without feeling cold. Here I am sharing a few fashion tips that you can follow to embrace winter with full gusto in the UK or any part of the world. All you need is to jazz up your style and set some new trends with ethnic wear. 

Fashionable and Super Comfortable

If you feel fashionable and super comfortable in Indian wear and resisting western wear this winter. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Fashion is not about making you feel uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with making life complicated. As far as winter is concerned, winter outfits mean comfort, coziness, and warmth. Let me share some of the super exciting fashion inspirations to mix and match Indian clothes online UK with western wear. 

Jacket over Anarkali or lehenga

If you can compromise on your wedding look or you have a suit sale in the UK in winters opt for a jacket with traditional Anarkali and lehenga choli. Long jacket over lehenga and jeans jacket over Anarkali suit is a perfect combo to complement your traditional style in winters. The jacket will keep you warm and it will add an extra oomph to your favorite attire.  Let’s add a regal charm to your traditional Indian clothes and bring out the queen inside you. 

Keep the chill away with Indian clothes in winter

Fashion has meticulously evolved and ethnic wear is revolutionized to an extent that there is no dearth of variety. It would be exciting for modern Indian women to do experiment with their clothes and express their love for ethnic wear even if it is winter. Visit Libas e Jamila to have chic, effortlessly elegant Indian clothes in winter to pair with a western accent and lift your looks to sprawling heights. Before shopping, let’s check out some of the combos that your must-try: 

Revamp your saree 

Ditch the usual blouse for a stylish crop sweater. It would be the coolest way to sport your style in winters. Saree always gives a decent, stylish look to females, playing with it won’t affect your charm and elegance in any way. Such a unique yet stylish saree draping style will keep you warm in winter as well as traditional to some extent. Try turtleneck, polo neck, or simple round neck sweaters, accessorize well and turn a few heads for this bold and trendy look.

Take shawl 

The shawl is the winter must-have and the best way to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable in the harsh winter season. The beautiful color and intricate designs of traditional shawls make them stand out. Adding a shawl to your western dress will give a luxurious touch to your attire. The plethora of exquisitely designed shawls are available out there to complement your wedding ensembles. The shawl is a glamourous accompaniment available in a huge variety. A heavily embellished with a simple jean’s shirt can make you look bold, beautiful yet traditional. 

Wear Traditional With jeans and boots

If you browse Indian clothes online, you may find pant-style sarees and Kurtis with jeans. Styling kurta is quite popular in fashion but styling Anarkali with denim jeans is a more enduring style.  These outfits are popular among modern Indians who cannot compromise comfort and style in winters. Ankle-length leggings under lehenga, close booties, juttis, or high ankle boots would be an extremely stylish way to jazz up your look.

Trench Coat over traditional 

Forever favourite trench coat is a lifetime investment and suitable in every season. It is an enduringly stylish wardrobe staple for both males and females. It’s very much important for fashion-savvy individuals. You can adore your traditional look with a long English trench coat. You can wear the Trench coat over a saree, lehenga, or over the traditional shalwar kameez. It will always add style and warmth in a very graceful manner. And it will give you a statement look.  

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Transform Your Body with the Best Tummy Control Shapewear



Women of all age and size have right to look beautiful. If you have lost your proper body shape then you need to try slimming shapewear. The moment you try shapewear it will instantly eliminate five pounds of your body. You must find the problematic area first. If you have filthy tummy, try tummy control shapewear to hide that inefficiency. Body shapers are made of microfiber material which absorbs moisture and sweat from your body. Women who have fuller figure can walk in confidence with tummy tucker. If you want to look leaner you should take one dress size off of your shapewear.

With changing technology and new innovations wearing shapewear is no more uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you have chubby tummy still you like to wear skinny jeans and fitted tops try tummy control shapewear. It distributes your tummy area to appropriate spaces and you look thinner. You get improved body posture, nice curves and less bumps. You must be aware with the fact that body shapers never change your body type it helps to provide you temporary solution. Before buying any shapewear get familiar with various kinds available in the market.

Different body shape needs different kinds of garments. So far body shapers are concerned pear shaped women must have high waist shapewear. For apple shaped women waist cincher are best as it takes your abdominal fat. Shapers slips works for the women who have inverted triangle shaped body. For the hourglass figure every kind of body shaper do works you just need to select one according to your body shape. When you wear tummy control shaper it compresses your stomach and with regular use you notice reduced waist line.  If your whole body is fit only tummy is the problematic area then there is no use of wearing full body suit.

If you are a fitness freak and want to be in shape again just go for vigorous workout sessions. One garment which can help you while exercise is the workout waist trainerVarious kinds of waist trainers are available in the market, one for increasing thermal activity and other for traditional waist training. Traditional waist cinchers are made of rubber or latex fabric. People wear just for fun or to compress waist area. Workout cinchers are designed with strong materials to help you out while exercise. These garments are meant to wear for short period of time. You should wear workout cinchers to do plenty of cardio and abs exercise.

You should not wear workout shapers for the whole day, the maximum time limit must be two to three hours. If you would choose wrong size or wrong fabric you will end up in discarding these garments. The waist cinchers usually increase perspiration which causes bacterial infection. So you must be aware with the proper cleaning methods of your workout cinchers. Never use bleach or harsh detergent for washing. Always hand wash with little rubbing and you should not squeeze these garments.

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Exclusive: Styling Inspiration from The Women Of Kith SoHo



Women Of Kith SoHo

It’s cleanthrough now that menswear isn’t going everywhere quickly and it appears that evidently,manufacturers are ultimately catching on to that. They’re additionally knowing that if they are placed as a good dealer into developing high-quality, covet-worthy ladies portions as they do with their men, they could rule The destiny is girl, after all. One such emblem to take in this attitude is Kith. While founder Ronnie Feig has supplied Kith’s womenswear considering that 2015, with inside the beyond the emblem has catapulted ahead with it, and we aren’t mad at that.

Their new SoHo flagship boutique has one ground now totally devoted to womenswear, promotiong kith Soho store ladies along with SoHo manufacturers like H with Helmut Lang, Stone Island, and Alex, with a healthful blend of your ordinary sports activities manufacturers. Describing the Kith lady as “unique, tasteful, and worldly,” Feig’s aim was “to create anareathis is an extension of wherein our ladies commercial enterprise is headed,” he advised us. “We’ve multiplied our multi-emblem garb and add-ons offerings, so we had to be able to showcase this top-tier product in a manner this is genuine to Kith’s DNA.” Not most effective does the ground additionally provide the trendy and finest in magazines and add-ons, however additionally they promote antique fashion dressmaker handbags—the whole thing from Chanel to Gucci to Louis Vuitton. Talk approximately sport-chic.

 It’s clear that Kith is headed inside the proper path as Esther Jon, head of Kith’s ladies’ design, makes a point out of some famous names carrying the gear: “I love seeing how Bella Hasid, Sofia Richie, and Karrueche Tran outfit our merchandise of their regular lives,” she tells us. “They’re all lovely ladies, and the whole thing seems so right on them. To be honest, though, it’s surreal every time we see women excited to put on Kith Women’s, whether or not it’s in actual existence or on IG.” And whilst Jonwe could recognize how critical the womenswear line is to them, it’s the oneladies at Kith who’re on the forefront, bringing matters together. “We need our merchandise to talk to our girl consumers,” she says. “Something is empowering approximately being a lady in our male-ruled streetwear culture. All the ladies at Kith need our merchandise to make the Kith women feel confident.

Behind each exquisite emblem is a robust team, and the only one Feig and Jon have assembled is simply that. “Finding the proper humans is something we pleasure ourselves on,” Feig says. “No,to be counted how extraordinary every one of our personnel is, all of them have the mentality of being an envoy for our emblem.” After being added to the woman jogging Kith’s ladies ground, we couldn’t agree more. Click thru beneath to satisfy them.

Best sneaker Stores in Houston

1) Sneaker Summit Storefront:

In sneaker stores houston Summit Storefrontis a meeting for sneakerheads to buy, promote, trade, show,and skim stylish sneakers. Established in January of 2004, the organization grew to emerge as the world’s biggest community-primarily based sneaker event. They have hosted several sneaker conventions in an expert sports activities area and attracted numerous celeb visitors like DJ Clark Kent, Bobbitt Garcia, Mannie Fresh, and lots more. In addition, they host one-of-a-kind showcases from famous manufacturers which include Adidas, Reebok Classics, and Rasta clad.

The Tipping Point is Houston’s first and most effective innovative way of life destination. Their assignment is to carry and divulge new modern merchandise and thoughts to customers. As such, they provide a huge type of limited-version footwear, books, artwork, garb, music, and add-ons. Customers may be entertained and knowledgeable with the records and talein tales of their merchandise. In addition, they’ve partnered with nearby non-earnings groups and small companies to flourish modern and innovative thoughts, true-book signings, fund-raisers, artwork exhibitions, and lots more.

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Wondering What Colour Bikini will Suit Your Skin?



Colour Bikini

Buying a bikini is not an easy task—your skin colour is the first thing you need to consider before going on a shopping spree. Different skin colours look better in different bikini types/colours, so to flaunt and flatter your skin under the sun, you need the right bikini womens swimwear has changed a lot in the last few decades but whatever style you choose, the colour is what makes the real difference.

The article will discuss the various skin tones and the bikini colours that match them so that you don’t have to do the research and waste your time. After reading this, you can step out of your home and start shopping with this knowledge.

Read the following points and bookmark the page so you can refer again later.

The points are arranged from the light to dark skin category, hair colours, and the bikini colours that suit them:

Very light skin with blonde or red hair

You can pick soft colours to look the best on your skin. Remember, if you plan to go bold, you may end up showing more pale skin, so soft pinks, blues, and beiges are best for you. Blacks and greens are a hit or miss, as it depends on whether your skin tone is cooler or warmer.

Redheads look fantastic in whites and cobalt blue, but you need to avoid yellow and orange.

Creamy light skin with dark hair

If you want a reference for this kind of skin tone, “Snow White” it is. You have a natural contrast with your dark hair and white skin. Hence, you can try the colours in shades of blue. Try navy blue, baby blue, turquoise, and emerald. Plum and fuchsia will look good, but orange and white are suitable for the bikini tops.

Medium-light skin with brown hair

You can use your warmer tone for the advantage. Rich earthly tones and deep reds are great choices. But it would help if you avoided beige and peach tones at all costs. These colours will neither match your skin nor complement it. And dark colours like grey and black will have the same effect, so avoid them.

Light brown or olive skin with medium brown or dark hair

Women that come under this category must cheer up because they have a wide range of options to wear from. Brands that manufacture womens swimwear always prefer women with this type of skin tone for their advertisements and photoshoots—professional photographers like olive skin tone for the same reason.

Black swimsuits will look great on you, and blues will be stunning in the same way. You can also try the bold and colourful print bikinis to enhance your skin colour depth.

The only colours that would be difficult for you to pull off are grey and brown. But, if you have the confidence to carry these colours with style, you can try them as well.

Light-black skin tone with dark brown or black hair

You can have fun with colours. Jewel-toned pinks and bright yellows and purples will look great on you. Bright colours will help make contrast and will draw attention to it.

Avoid hues that are too close to your skin colour. Olive green, beige, light brown, and even gold are the shades to avoid.

Caramel skin with black or brown hair

If you have this type of skin tone, you have a built-in glow which you can take advantage of. Dark orange shades, for example, will highlight the golden glow of your skin. Warmer purple and teal are great too.

Very dark skin and dark hair

You can try pastels, baby blues, soft pinks, pale yellows, and minty greens. Light grey will look cool on you, but you better choose lycra fabric for brown, white, and orange bikinis.

If you follow the above-mentioned facts, you will have a great time flaunting your new bikini at the beach and looking fabulous.

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