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How to Study for JEE Mains



How to Study for JEE Mains

With JEE Main approaching, there are only a few days left to prepare for one of the most difficult and popular engineering admission exams in the country. Thousands of hopefuls are expected to take the Joint Entrance Exam, which will pit some of the country’s best brains against one another in a brutally competitive exam.

JEE Main is a difficult exam to pass. It might take months, if not years, of hard effort and planning. The majority of candidates begin their preparations at least a year in advance, but others begin a month or two before the planned examination date. While everyone has their unique test preparation technique and study regimen, they all end up crumbling under pressure or when worry sets in.

If you’re feeling under a lot of strain owing to a lack of preparation time, we’ve put up a comprehensive study plan to help you prepare better for the JEE Mains test. This will not only provide you with useful information, but it will also enhance your chances of passing the exam.

Class Notes are an excellent example of an introductory step that allows you to start from the beginning and gradually strengthen your thoughts. Always remember to take notes on everything essential you learn in class. The essential foundation stages to your JEE Main preparation will be provided in class notes. Students can expand on their knowledge after the fundamental principles are clear and understood.

A well-structured strategy is the first step toward success. Making a realistic schedule can assist you in determining when and how much you should study each day. When you’ve finished planning your schedule, make sure you stick to it. Divide the curriculum into equal portions and then list the most significant subjects in order of importance. Set smaller, more attainable goals, such as finishing a chemical topic in an hour, to help you remain on track, stay focused, and automatically combat distractions. Furthermore, keep in mind that studying for long periods of time might lead to weariness. As a result, take frequent brief rests to renew your thoughts.

The NTA makes frequent changes to the exam design, including this academic year. As a result, understanding the pattern is equally as important as understanding the curriculum. For example, each subject’s total number of questions has been increased from 25 to 30. The total number of questions to be tried, however, remains the same, i.e. 25, Each topic will contain 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 10 numerical value questions (NVQs), of which only 5 must be completed. It is critical to be aware of the changes and to plan accordingly.

Candidates may acquire the online test series exclusively over the internet from some of the best and top coaching schools. The exams will be a mock-up of the actual question paper, and they will undoubtedly aid applicants in obtaining a better understanding of the question paper and studying for it. The online exam series will have the same characteristics as the original question paper.

Online tutorials are a wonderful way to prepare since they provide access to an endless number of video lectures on any subject. Each video is both educational and simple to follow. The lectures are created by professionals in the subject to meet the requirements of students who struggle to grasp topics. The content provided through these channels is trustworthy, as it is provided by experts on the subject. Students can also use these video lectures if they miss a topic or have questions after attending a session.

Because the questions in the test are of a highly sophisticated level, just studying from NCERT books will not prepare you for it, you should be aware of the key reference books to prepare for the JEE Mains. Some of the most significant reference books for Physics include HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics, Irodov’s Problems in General Physics, and Agarwals’ Concept of Competitive Physics. Organic Chemistry by Paul Bruice, Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon, and Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd are significant reference books for the Chemistry subject. Outside of NCERT, you should study Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma, IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna, and Higher Algebra by Hall and Wright for the Maths portion.

Before taking the actual test, candidates should try at least 10- 15 previous year sample papers to have a sense of the paper format, marking scheme, and sorts of questions that will be asked. Candidates can evaluate their level of preparation and focus on their weakest parts by attempting the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions. This will improve your preparation and will undoubtedly assist you in getting a higher grade.

Managing your time while studying for the JEE One of the most important things to do is to prepare well. You must strike a balance between studying and other activities when preparing for any competitive examination. You will never be able to complete your syllabus on time no matter how much work you put in to study for the JEE test if you do not know how to use your time efficiently and intelligently. As a result, if you want to excel on the JEE test, make sure you understand how to properly manage your time.

One of the most difficult tasks for engineering students is to organize their time for effective self-study. However, it forces you to work hard in the real world. It’s when you sit down to study with a calm mind and avoid any needless distractions that you realize your actual potential. Simultaneously, self-study allows you to have a better grasp of the subject and raises questions that may be answered later. It’s preferable not to study the whole syllabus the night before the exam and have much more questions than answers.

Therefore, following these steps can help you tackle the JEE Mains Examination and help you go through the difficult questions in an efficient manner. 

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Bitcoin – A secure and safest investment for future




Bitcoin is currently providing security for the first generation of Bitcoin smart contracts built on top of a cryptocurrency infrastructure. Ethereum introduces additional possibilities with its more brilliant contract capabilities that allow complex business logic to permeate every aspect of an organization or product’s lifecycle. Let’s look at the latest innovations in blockchain technology and how they are making global supply chains safer and more successful than ever before. You will learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Private Blockchain networks, Smart Contracts, and much more, alongside bitcoin being a future safe investment asset. On the other hand, if you decide to start your bitcoin trading journey, you may use safe and secure software to ensure a hassle-free trading experience.

What is a Contract?

The contract can be written, verbal, or even implied. A contract can have long-term implications between two parties from different companies, countries, and continents. For example, A trading company in oil purchases aluminum from a metal supplier in Asia. This contract between the companies could last for years as the trader would be required to buy specific amounts of aluminium at set prices with regular payments due on set dates.

Bitcoin, the safest and most reliable investment asset:

As an investor, you can be assured that this type of contract is safe and reliable. With Bitcoin, you have ensured a transparent ecosystem where all parties involved in the contract remain anonymous – which helps maintain complete confidentiality of the parties involved in a contract. Additionally, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning no single entity or company does not control it. Therefore, it helps to ensure all contracts are conducted fairly and honestly and provide a level playing field for all parties.

Why is Bitcoin the safest investment asset?

Bitcoin is a safe investment asset you can buy and hold for the long term. Bitcoin has shown remarkable growth in recent years, with its price rising from USD 1000 to nearly $65000 in just three years. You don’t have to worry about holding the currency for long periods or having its price crash down on you; this is why other fiat currencies fail to provide these assurances.

Bitcoin Investment Growth:

According to Bitcoin price tracker Coinmarketcap, since the beginning of 2014, bitcoin’s price has grown at a staggering rate of 1400% in USD and 6000% in BTC. Along with this growth, bitcoin has shown a remarkable ability to withstand market fluctuations, with its value remaining relatively stable for long periods.

Bitcoin Price History:

Many more companies use bitcoin as a form of payment than you would imagine. Companies such as Microsoft and Dell have accepted Bitcoin for years. Even major countries like Japan and South Korea have recognized the value of Bitcoin and its financial capabilities. This year, major companies like JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, Bank of America, etc… All filed their own “Bitcoin patents”. These examples show how bitcoin has become a stable asset in more ways than one.

How will bitcoin dominate as an investment asset in the future?

Bitcoin is a decentralized network, meaning no government, institution, or company can regulate it. However, some governing authority directly or indirectly controls most other investment assets. Therefore, those controlling the asset’s long-term value will determine its long-term value. 

Bitcoin is the only natural choice if you want to secure your financial future in an asset you don’t have to answer to. Furthermore, bitcoin as a currency will continue to grow alongside its user base as more companies recognize its incredible potential. Therefore, in the future, people will want more freedom regarding their financial approach, and bitcoin is a suitable option. 

Smart contracts are the reason behind the bright future of bitcoin.

While Bitcoin offers strong reliability due to its decentralized nature, it lacks some sophistication offered by other blockchain technologies like Ethereum. For example, with Bitcoin, transactions cannot be customized beyond their preset parameters, limiting business logic implementation abilities. However, through the use of smart contracts, a business can design clear expectations and outcomes while remaining within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Smart Contracts are essentially the building blocks of Ethereum smart contracts. It is done using automating sequential steps of contract fulfillment. Smart contracts first had a use case to facilitate, verify and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract in 1996 by computer scientist Nick Szabo, who created them for BitGold – his digital currency system.

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How are bitcoin payments lucrative for businesses?



bitcoin Futures Trading

Managing the complexity of the supply chain can be challenging enough for traditional paper-based transactions. Consider the difficulties involved in managing complex intra-company transactions with bitcoin payments. Also, one to take into consideration is the government limits of effective control and regulation of bitcoin.

Bitcoin payments offer one potential solution to this problem: they simplify cross-border and intracompany payments without an intermediary by using the blockchain ledger as the authoritative source of record and transaction validation.

Why is bitcoin profitable for businesses?

 It reduces costs, speeds up transaction clearing time, and eases the reconciliation of accounts across borders. 

How can it help companies?

The potential usefulness of blockchain technology extends beyond financial institutions. For example, companies involved in the oil and gas sector are already seeing ways to use the technology to track ownership of products and components and conduct payments. Uses are varied but include:

Managing contracts via intelligent contracts – Smart contracts embedded in blockchains execute automatically when certain conditions are met. This technology can increase the speed of contract verification and protect against fraud.

Tracking products along a complex supply chain – Blockchains can track the serial numbers of components to ensure that they reach their intended destinations. The system can also have a use case to confirm real-time oil and gas trades and other contracts.

Vetting suppliers – An oil field services company could use a blockchain to get references for potential new suppliers from existing partners in similar fields. The blockchain would verify that a partner is accurate based on identifying information listed in the blockchain. The partner’s prior transactions would be accessible, as well, so their proven trustworthiness could be considered when vetting future partners.

Blockchain technology could also help create a universal currency – such as bitcoin – that improves business transactions globally. However, before a cryptocurrency becomes mainstream, its volatility must have a reduction. One way to do this is to add rules or algorithms to control inflation and other inherent problems in any new currency. Blockchain technology can also simplify transaction processing by digitizing and storing data on distributed computers worldwide. 

Perks of bitcoin payments in business:

It is an attractive option for businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency. While it has become popular to pay salaries with bitcoin, it is not very useful in day-to-day transactions. Still, as retailers accept bitcoin, it will become frequent in the upcoming years. Businesses can use bitcoin as an investment asset.

 Bitcoin has been around since 2008, but the number of businesses using this digital currency is less than one percent. However, with growing awareness about cryptocurrency, more companies are looking at accepting bitcoins as payment for their products, services, and other offerings. Also, since the transactions are not linked to a person’s identity, there is no risk of identity theft, unlike regular credit card transactions. 

How many companies accept bitcoin payments? 

There are some popular companies accepting bitcoin. For example, a plane ticket purchased via Expedia or a gift purchased via Overstock come with a 5 percent discount if paid with bitcoin. Some of the famous companies accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment include:

Some businesses that accept bitcoins don’t use the currency as an actual payment but only accept it as an investment. For example, Bitcoin ATMs allow users to deposit cash in exchange for bitcoins and vice versa. In addition, some online retailers like Overstock and Newegg take payments in bitcoins. As a result, the Bitcoin market is getting more stable and is attaining maturity with time. 

Some of the use cases in which value is still being created include: 

Bitcoin transaction cost is volatile (fluctuates), low (as low as 0%) to very high (as high as 10%) based on transaction type and current market conditions. Fees are unrelated to the amount transacted, so small transactions can require hefty fees. On average, fees are around $0.25-$1 per transaction, but sometimes it depends upon the time of transactions. 


Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and the evolution of blockchain will be worth watching. As a result, the initial enthusiasm for technology has waned. Still, there are indications that financial and non-financial institutions are continuing to investigate the use cases of blockchain technologies.

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Kemono.Party – Best Site For Free Patreon Content



Kemono.Party - Best Site For Free Patreon Content

Are you searching for a site that allow to get free Patreon content and other freebies? Then you need to check out the best website for it, Kemono.Party! This website is updated everyday with high quality content & can be used for your entertainment.If you want some free Patreon content and there is nothing much for you to do then check out

What is Kemono.Party

Kemono.Party is a website that allow its users to get high quality content from what they want and it is updated every day. Kemono.Party started out back in 1 st of January 2017 and it is currently having about ten thousands unique visits a month which already shows how popular this site is becoming. Kemono.Party works on getting some content from different sources available online and then reuploading them onto their own site so that their users can enjoy them without having to worry about downloading and other things like that.

How to sign up and post on Kemono.Party

The steps required to sign up and post on this site are not much. It is just that you have to be a member before you can start posting anything onto the website or adding any free content onto the site. Once you are a member of Kemono.Party you can simply just start posting anything onto the website, this includes freebies, free Patreon content and other things that you want to share with your readers.

How To Use Kemono.Party

You can use Kemono.Party to get free content for your website, blog or whatever it may be about. There are a lot of things that you can do on this website and the freebies that you can get on this website are boundless. This site actually lets its users create content for their own use through sharing any information that is relevant to people’s interests. There are some guides you can download on how to safely use Kemono.Party and get any type of content that you want.

Why Should I Use Kemono.Party?

Kemono.Party allows its users to get a lot of things for free and it is one way for you to make your day go by without doing anything else than having fun on the website. Kemono.Party is one of the most popular websites that allow its users to get a lot of things for no cost. There are always lots of freebies so if you want to reactivate your website then this is the best place for it.


I really believe that everyone should check out Kemono.Party, it is the best website that allows their users to get a lot of stuff without having the trouble of doing anything.

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