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Everything You Need For Your First Hunting Trip Everything You Need For Your First Hunting Trip


Everything You Need For Your First Hunting Trip



Outside, breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on your face through a crisp breeze. The thrill of tracking your quarry alone through the quiet wilderness. There’s a reason hunting is a popular sport for all demographics!

Are you planning to join the millions of people who enjoy hunting every year? You’ve probably already looked up plenty of hunting tips to help you track and shoot your game, so what else do you need to get ready for your first hunting trip?

Keep reading to get the hunting trip checklist that will prepare you for your first hunt!

Hunting Trip Supplies

Your provisions will give you the energy to keep hunting; make sure you have enough food and clean water to last more than the entirety of your planned trip. Many hunters have to cut their trips short due to underestimating their supply needs.

When you choose and pack your supplies, try to minimize how much trash you will leave behind. For instance, use a reusable water bottle rather than a plastic one, or unwrap your snacks and carry them in a container. Bring trash bags for unavoidable garbage, and take them with you when you leave.

The Gear You Need

Dress for the weather: the best strategy is to wear layers so that you’re ready for any temperature. Prepare a rain layer as well – getting wet is a huge risk when you’re hunting outside. Be sure to wear some hunting orange to keep yourself safe from other hunters.

Beyond the usual gear like a knife and toiletries, you also need to pack for emergencies. You must have a well-stocked first aid kit, extra supplies, and equipment like flashlights, a tent, a fire-starter, and even safety flares. Bring an extra battery for your phone in case you need to call for help, as well.

Double-check all of your supplies, gear, and weapons before you leave to make sure it’s all in order!

The Perfect Location

You need to find a location based on what kind of game you’re hunting. Research the public and private hunting grounds near you to find your location, and then keep researching! The more you know about your area, the better prepared you will be for your hunt.

If you’re just starting to learn how to hunt, you may not have the experience to pick a great location. There are plenty of sites, like, that can plan your trip for you and guarantee the chance to take a few shots.

Hunting License

Most states require that you have a hunting license for the state you’re hunting in. Luckily, they are simple to purchase; you can get one at almost any store that sells hunting equipment. You might also need a gun license!

While preparing your licenses, make sure that you’re familiar with the local hunting laws and regulations. Breaking hunting laws is a misdemeanor that could earn you a hefty fine or even jail time.

Time to Get Hunting

Are you ready for your hunting trip? Use this handy guide to make sure you have everything you need to catch your game! Your first hunting trip can succeed if you plan it out well and keep your supplies handy.

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Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.

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What Are the Different Types of Paintball Guns That Exist Today?



Paintball Guns

Paintball has come a long way since the first paintball game in 1981. Now, it’s one of the most widely enjoyed extreme sports. Many people participate in the game every year in any weather conditions.

If you’re new to the game, sometimes it can be hard to find and decide on what types of paintball guns will work best for you. Do you prefer pump-action or rather play with full automatics?

Here is a quick guide to some of the major kinds of paintball gear you can get your hands on so you can make the best decision for yourself and dominate people on the field.

Pump-Action Paintball Guns

Considered the oldest type of paintball gun you can get, a pump-action paintball gun is self-explanatory. You have to pump the gun for the paintballs to enter the chamber.

Some might find this to be excessive, but it has reached a resurgence in recent years. The pump-action gun is considered accurate and forces the user to focus on the paintball field and utilize their skill.

If this is what you prefer, then a pump-action is for you.

Mechanical Paintball Guns

Mechanical guns are the most common paintball gun. They’re semi-automatics, essentially they are single shots. However, unlike the pump-action, they use compressed air or CO2 to propel the paintballs.

Normally if you’re playing at a commercial field or a for-profit private field they will have an air compressor machine that will allow you to resupply when you run out on the field.

Automatic Paintball Guns

Electric paintball guns used to be expensive and not easily attainable for the everyday paintball player. Now, however, they have become far more attainable for average players.

They are fully automatic and are operated with an electric battery. However, some fields don’t allow full automatic guns on the fields, so you might have to check with the owners before bringing your automatic there.

Click here to get some help with your automatic paint ball gun selection.

Three-Shot Burst Paintball Guns

This one is not as frequently used but is still pretty effective in the field. When you pull the trigger, instead of letting off a single shot like a semi-automatic, it lets off three rounds.

It’s not quite a full automatic nor a semi-automatic. However, depending on how fast you can pull your trigger, it can do some serious damage on the field without breaking your field focus.

If you like the accuracy of a semi-automatic with the rapidity of full auto, then this might fit your fancy.

Know the Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball is a fun and exciting game to play, and if you and your friends go regularly you should invest in getting your kit. 

Don’t get destroyed on the paintball field, know the different types of paintball guns and choose yours for the battle and dominate the field. Get your gun today.

For other interesting articles like this one about various activities, you can do to have fun, be sure to browse our blog for the things you like.

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Can I Stop a Bear If I Buy Hornady Critical Duty 9mm?



Hornady Critical Duty 9mm

If you’re planning to go camping in Northern US or Canada in the near future, there’s a threat there that you just don’t get most everywhere else – bears! With some coming in at over 9 feet in height, there comes a point where it’s either you or the bear and the question here is would you be able to stop one if you buy Hornady critical duty 9mm?

Sit around a campfire long enough and you’ll hear tales about 500 pound grizzlies having close calls with people in the wild. Your life really is at stake when you’re in this kind of situation, so you don’t want to come near any ‘close calls’ without the right protection, so knowing that your sidearm will be effective is crucial – so what’s the score?

Multiple Shots Will Likely Be Required

Whether you buy Hornady critical duty 9mm or any other brand of this caliber, your average grizzly isn’t going to get taken down by a single shot unless you’re super lucky. Unless the noise alone is enough to get your furry adversary running away in fright, a non-fatal shot is just as likely to anger the bear as kill it. 

It’s not unusual for a bear to still be coming at you after 6 or even 7 shots if it wants to get you badly enough. That’s when fear takes over you, as you realise you’ve emptied your magazine and there’s a live, likely furious bear, in your neighbourhood – not an amazing place to be. 

Making Sure You Hit the Right Spot

There may be some people out there not wanting to hear about the possibility of ending the life of a big, beautiful beast like a grizzly, but in situations like this, the only thing going through your mind is going to be survival, so you’re likely to use every round you’ve got. 

The reality is that unless you hit the brain or indeed, the brain stem, you’re not going to effectively kill a charging bear when you buy Hornady critical duty 9mm

Doing so is easier said than done though, as  you’re going to be aiming at a moving target while in mortal danger and working out where the brain stem can be almost impossible. The majority of bear kills happen after the animal has bled out, which can take quite a time to occur – meanwhile, you’re dinner.

If you do manage to wound a bear, its own survival instinct is likely to kick in- which is clearly good news for you – but you are banking on it. 

Pack a Bit More Heat When You’re In Bear Country

So, will you be able to halt a charging bear when you buy Hornady critical duty 9mm? Honestly, no. Could you get lucky? Of course. However, if you want to feel safe and secure when living in the great outdoors, you need to pack a bit more heat. 

It’s all about stopping power. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to kill the bear, but you do have to give that grizzly reason enough to turn around and run away. 

That’s just not something that 9mm can offer, so do yourself a favour – either stick to your 9mm and stay out of bear country or go for a .44 and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably, safe in the knowledge you’ve got the perfect bear deterrent under your pillow!

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Dog Pound: What Breed of Dog Has the Most Attacks?



What Breed of Dog Has the Most Attacks

Approximately tens of millions of dog bites occur every year. However, it is hard to get a specific number of dog bites and attacks. It is easier to track dog bite fatalities and hospitalizations. 91% of dog bites only cause minor injuries that don’t require medical attention or don’t cause any injury at all.

You are much more at risk of dying from a number of other incidents, such as being stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet, choking from ingestion of food, and air and space transport incidents. That being said, because dogs are so prevalent in our society, it’s understandable why people fear being bitten by dogs.

There are definitely certain dog breeds that are more responsible for dog bites than others. Are you wondering what breed of dog has the most attacks?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Pit Bull Terriers

When pit bulls come up in conversation, you’ll soon learn that they are actually a pretty controversial topic. Many people are very anti-pitbull because of their reputation as being dangerous and aggressive. Other people who have seen the sweeter side of pit bulls claim that there aren’t bad Pitbulls, just bad owners.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of opinions in this debate, the reality is that Pit bulls are the dog breed that is responsible for the most fatal dog attacks.

Out of the 48 dog attack fatalities in the United States in 2019, pit bulls caused 33 of them. For this reason, you will find that there are a lot of counties and cities that have banned pit bulls. If pit bulls were the most popular dog breed, than maybe this could be explained away by sheer numbers, however, they are only less than 6% of the population of dogs in the U.S.

In the years between 2009 and 2018, there were 3,569 incidents in the US and Canada where pit bulls killed or maimed humans. It’s also worth understanding that bites from pit bulls are much more deadly than bites from other dog breeds. One study found that pit bulls tend to inflict:

  • Wounds that are more complex
  • Bites that were unprovoked
  • Bites that occurred off the property

There’s also the reality that pit bull owners typically tend to be more irresponsible, at least according to a number of studies on the topic.

Pit bulls were bred originally in order to protect hunters from bears and to bait bulls. They also have a history of being treated poorly, unfortunately. This is a breed of dog that is commonly bred illegally in order to participate in dog fights.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in a way that caused serious injury or harm, you might be in the market for a dog attack attorney.


The dog breed that is second-most responsible for bites is the Rottweiler. These are the fourth most banned dog breeds after pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and german shepherds.

There were 45 deaths from rottweilers between 2005 and 2017. This is in comparison to 284 deaths attributed to pit bull terriers. Pit bulls are responsible for something like 65.6% of fatal attacks, while Rottweilers are responsible for 10.4%.

While this isn’t the biggest breed of dog, Rottweilers are sizable indeed. They are incredibly muscular and can weigh up to 130 pounds.

They were bred to guard and herd which can make them dangerous. However, with proper socialization and training they are not necessarily predisposed to being dangerous.

German Shepherds

German shepherds are considered the third most dangerous dog breed. Along with the pit bull terrier and rottweilers, these dogs are banned in the United Kingdom.

Between 2005 and 2017, there were 20 deaths attributed to the German shepherd. This accounts for 4.6% of dog attack fatalities during that year.

Many German shepherds can be very friendly. They are alert, smart, fearless, and vigilant. They are commonly used in police K-9 units because of these positive qualities.

Many families keep German shepherds as pets without any issue. However, it’s essential that they are property trained and socialized starting at a young age. It is in their nature to be very protective of their home, their family, and their owners.

Other Breeds

While pit bulls, rottweilers, and german shepherds make up more than 80% of fatal dog attacks, there are a number of other dog breeds that have been known to cause injuries. These include:

  • Gull Dong
  • The Bull Terrier
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • The Husky
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Chow chows
  • Wolf hybrids
  • Boxers
  • Akitas
  • Great Danes
  • The American bulldog
  • The Saint Bernard
  • Malamute
  • The Bullmastiff
  • Tosa Inu
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Labrador

Some of these dogs are only dangerous if they aren’t trained properly and treated well, such as Labradors. Others seem to be more dangerous due to breed characteristics, such as the Tosa Inu which is known to be a fighting dog. Similarly, Gull Dong’s were originally bred as fighting dogs and are known to be very aggressive and difficult to control.

Other dogs have a strong predator instinct, such as the Husky.

Pit Bulls Are the Breed of Dog That Cause the Most Fatalities

Pit bulls are easily considered the most dangerous dog in the U.S. However, most dogs can be dangerous is they are mistreated or aren’t trained properly. If you are deciding to get a dog, it’s important to take into consideration what breed of dog would be best for your activity level as well as your willingness to provide proper training.

Did you find this article about which breed of dog is most dangerous interesting? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more informative and useful content!

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