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A Complete and Strategic Guide to Rebranding Your Business




Research shows that more than 70 percent of the consumers in today’s markets are most likely to commit to a brand they feel they know well. That’s why it’s a scary proposition for companies who need a business refresh.

A refresh might be necessary to meet shifts in your industry’s trends or other changes to your business. Why risk rebranding your business when your customers recognize and trust you as you are?

Business rebranding doesn’t have to mean losing your client base. Check out this guide on business rebranding. Learn when and how to do it in a way that ensures your company’s continued success.

What Does Rebranding Your Business Mean?

Rebranding means changing your company’s mission, vision, values, and target markets to build a new identity. A successful rebrand changes these perceptions in customers as well as in partners or competitors.

A business rebranding can help you stand out amongst your competitors and attract new clientele.

Rebranding includes everything from changing your slogans to adopting new logos as well. The goal of this exercise is to remain relevant and take your companies brand to its next best level.

Good Reasons for Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is complicated and carries a big risk. There are a few good reasons why you would want to change your brand image. Here are just a few of them:

New Mission

Your company’s vision and values should drive every move your company makes. If this philosophy shifts the direction of your company, you should reassess your brand.

Mergers or Acquisitions 

If two companies merge, their brands merge as well. If your company is bought or merged with another business, two different brands are going to confuse your new customer base.

Create a new identity that represents the newly merged company. Then you’ll build trust with your customers.

New Markets

If you start to target new customer profiles, your brand should be changed accordingly. This applies whether you are promoting your products, prices, or locations. Your brand should follow suit.

Rebranding is also a good idea when you expand to the international market. Customers in other countries might not recognize your logo or understand your messaging. This is a great time to change your brand to meet these new international customers.

Tips for Rebranding Your Business

The first step to rebranding is to remember that your goal is to have a way to effectively communicate with the world what customers can expect from your products and services. Follow these steps to build your new foundation.

Reassess Your Priorities

The first step in your business rebranding strategy is to revisit your company’s values. Ask yourself why are you in this line of work? Adjust your brand to address your new thinking on what’s important so it will align with your company’s values.

Learn More About Your New Target Customers

You already know your current customer’s desires. Now it’s time to understand your target audience’s values as well. When you do this, you’ll have a persuasive brand that guarantees their loyalty and return visits.

What do your new customers need now and how will that change further down the road? When you know how to appeal to these new buyers, you can adjust your new branding strategy and appeal to them long into the future.

Learn From Competitor’s Past Failures

Take time to research what your competitors did or didn’t do with their branding efforts. Make a note of what did or didn’t work for them. That way you won’t make similar mistakes that they already learned the hard way.

Change Your Logo or Trademark

Logos reflect a brand’s identity. Since you’re going to have a new identity, hire a logo designer to create a new design. This new design can be completely new or incorporate elements from your previous trademark.

Pay specific attention to the logo’s colors, shapes and words. You are aiming for a design that promotes a concept called a customer experience design (cx design.) Cx designs can influence customers to believe that your product is their best choice.

Integrate New Logos Throughout Communication Portals

Incorporate your new logo’s shapes, color, and fonts throughout all of your communication portals. This includes your digital properties that you currently use.

Integrate your new cx design throughout your social media platforms and website. This will help to ensure a consistent presence.

You should also incorporate your new cx-designed logo throughout your other communication systems that your company uses as well. This can include your printed materials as well.

This ranges anywhere from letterhead, to employee uniforms and business cards. Make sure all of these items sport the same new trademark as well.

Consistent rebranding over even the smallest of details will help you win instant recognition and alleviate any confusing or misleading messaging.

Schedule Time To Monitor Your Rebrand Efforts

It’s easy to forget about monitoring your rebranding efforts during a busy workday. Rebranding is a vital investment in your company that deserves a close watch.

It’s tempting to think that rebranding will take care of itself so that you can handle your other everyday commitments. Schedule some time to follow your new brand’s track and how it affects your new target markets.

Read up on new rebranding trends in your target markets. Make adjustments in response to your new clientele’s feedback.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Rebranding your business is a time-consuming, yet important exercise. Consider hiring a marketing firm.

Marketing firms can guide you throughout your cx design development process. You can also hire other professionals to implement your new rebrand through your digital properties and printed materials.

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How to Find Clients for Your Logistics Company




How to Find Clients for Your Logistics Company

If you want to be a successful freight forwarder, it’s necessary to be able to find new clients all the time. Nowadays you can do it with the help of marketing strategies, a powerful website, and engaging social networks.

It’s impossible to imagine a modern business world without an effective logistics system. Enterprises won’t survive without reliable transportation companies. No wonder, nowadays being a freight broker is quite a popular occupation. Yet, there are several peculiarities of this field you should take into account. They are the following:

  • The competition is really tough.

The number of available freight services is steadily increasing. Both freight forwarders and carriers are able to meet the expectations and needs even of the most demanding clients. It’s not enough to buy a couple of trucks or containers to run a successful business.  

  • There are different types of customers.

Unfortunately, many business owners (even when it comes to logistics firms) forget that people are different. They have different tastes, desires, and requirements. If your aim is to grab as many new orders as possible, it’s necessary to be able to please the diverse needs of various clients.  

  • Constant development is a must. 

It’s a good idea to enlarge the number of available freight services. You are to offer such additional options as packaging, labeling, tracking, or loading. If you fail to keep up with the time, you risk losing your orders and, as a result, bankruptcy. The thing is more and more ways to ship cargo from one place to another appears. To get new orders, you are to provide versatile modes of transportation. 

No wonder, it’s not easy to stay afloat. It’s even more complicated to gain new orders. Yet, there are some effective methods you may experience to find new clientele. The first step to take is to create an eye-catching website. Today it’s almost impossible to find a business that doesn’t have its own website. An online platform is a perfect way to inform people from all over the globe about your firm. 

You should not avoid social networks. Although it’s quite a time- and effort-consuming process to create and promote accounts on social media, they are worth it. Many people use LinkedIn to find a reliable freight forwarder.   

Yet, you should keep in mind that all the information you post on your site or accounts, should be clear, accurate, and relevant. It’s not a good idea to try to cheat your potential audience.

The next essential step towards the successful development of your logistics brokerage is learning from your own mistakes. If you fail to fulfill some orders, it’s not the reason to give up. It’s the reason to change your strategy in order to achieve better results.

It’s also a good idea to offer a wider spectrum of services to your targeted audience. The greater part of entrepreneurs prefers to cooperate with forwarders who use innovative technologies and automated software.  

So, thanks to modern technologies, it’s quite possible to stay a successful owner of a logistics company for a long time. Yet, you still have to provide your clients with effective and comprehensive options. It’s of prime importance to meet the needs of versatile groups of clients.

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Who Leads the Blue World City Islamabad?



Who Leads the Blue World City Islamabad

In Islamabad’s real estate sector, Blue World City Islamabad is regarded as a symbol of trust and innovation. That is something we can confidently declare due to the recent developments and success that Blue World City has continued to demonstrate, proving that it is the best real estate project ever presented.

Blue World City is one of those real estate developments in Islamabad that will bring world standards to the table in terms of amenities. Blue World City is owned and developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BWC). The society’s owner and leader are Saad Nazir, the son of Chaudhry Nazeer, a former Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. 

Project Details

While the RDA has yet to approve the housing society’s NOC, we believe it will be only a matter of time before receiving the document. The importance of the NOC certificate is that it guarantees a consistent supply of amenities that Blue World City Islamabad intends to provide to its residents. Water, electricity, and gas are some of them. The project’s personnel is believed to be working nonstop to ensure that these basic facilities are always available.

Blue World City, a real estate project in Islamabad, is constructing an elaborate and well-connected infrastructure. The roads are wide—40, 60, 80, and even 129 feet wide—and set out precisely so that drivers feel like they are gliding down the road. The project is well-lit throughout.

One of our favorite aspects of the project is that it has underground electrical systems, which eliminates the need for bothersome overhead wires. Such an option will enhance the overall beauty of the project, but it will also reduce the number of instances of broken electrical lines. The gated community’s safety measures are the next key feature.

All entrances to the Islamabad real estate project are closely monitored to protect the residents and their precious belongings. Facial recognition and key cards are being introduced as additional security features, which are not yet common in Pakistan. It is based on the concept of a more customised project.

While many housing projects in Pakistan halt delivering basic facilities, Blue World City Islamabad goes above and beyond to serve its residents with various leisure opportunities. The list includes theme parks, sports complexes, cultural complexes, lakes, an IMAX cinema, an adventure club, a safari zoo, and so on.

If the affordable cost of living in Blue World City in Islamabad weren’t enough to persuade you to invest, then these interesting features would. In addition, the housing project has several resourceful business complexes with stores where you may fill up on anything you require. Apart from the recreational areas described here, Blue World City Islamabad also has places of worship for its residents. These are large facilities where members of all faiths can worship together. In addition, Jamia mosques are constructed across society for the convenience of the people who live there.

The real estate project in Islamabad is also helping to turn the city into a tourism destination. Blue World’s developers plan to build many tourist attractions, including replicas of world-famous landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab and the Blue Mosque in Turkey. Additionally, the housing society is constructing the world’s largest horse mascot.


Blue World City Islamabad is predicted to become one of the city’s top housing societies in the future, and investors are heavily involved in selling and acquiring plots there. The housing society will produce residences for the country’s low-income citizens, and they will be able to build their own homes for a fraction of the existing real estate market’s high prices. As a result, society is making significant contributions to the economy, helping the needs of the underprivileged, giving a futuristic investment destination for Pakistanis, and developing tourism attractions for people from all across the country. Therefore, Sigma Properties highly suggests that you invest in Blue World City. 

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Taj Residencia. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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4 Ways to the Best ITIL Framework



When it comes to running the best IT business you can, following the ITIL framework is the way to go.

Today, we’re here to help you understand what this framework is, and we’re going to go over a few ways you can use it. Read on to learn everything you need to know, and to start advancing your business today.

What Is ITIL Framework?

So, what is ITIL framework? ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It defines the organizational structure for a company, and it lays out any necessary skills.

It’s a compilation of 30 books filled with outlines that can help you build your own frame of reference.

1. Change Management

Change management is essentially a balancing act between moving forward and assessing the risks associated with doing so.

The change management process in the ITIL framework is brought about for big, scheduled changes, and also small routine ones. Both are needed to help a company thrive, and knowing how to balance it all is essential.

2. Incident Management

An incident is simply an unplanned interruption in service. This could mean a full stop or a reduction in quality, but the ITIL framework can help you learn to handle it with ease.

These incidents usually affect more than one party in a company, but management focuses on the downtime caused by them.

Whether it’s a faulty laptop or an inability to access a certain application, it’s important to know the effect that can have on an IT business, but also how to minimize the damage it does to the company as a whole.

3. Problem Management

Incident and problem management do actually differ from one another. Accidents are the cause of the incidents — no matter the size.

Problems come from incidents, but they’re also what creates the solution for an ongoing or recurring one. They’re typically identified through reports records, and they help to get to the bottom of any issue at hand.

These typically take longer to resolve than incidents do, but they also come with longer-term solutions that ensure it won’t happen again.

4. Time Management

This one is a given, but it’s going to continuously help you run the best IT business you can.

Time management is all about staying organized and focused on your end goals, and learning about different ways to do that is going to help you a lot in the long run.

It can also help you and your business learn how to manage all of the other principles we just talked about. Running any business like a well-oiled machine is important, and it’s easy to do with a framework.

ITIL Best Practice Framework

Once you have the basic ideas down, it’s time to move to the other principles covered in the ITIL framework. The great thing about these four, however, is that they can be used outside of this reference as well, and you can carry them anywhere you go.

For more on the latest in technology, check out the rest of our website.

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