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3 Surprising Things No One Would Tell about Hollywood Celebrity Instagram



Hollywood Celebrity Instagram

Gone are those days when Hollywood celebrities used to make a gesture to us from gossip magazines and movies, now the pretty faces invite is to their private jets, backstage, thus giving us a sneak peek into their super glamorous lives. Yes, the photo-sharing social media app has made it possible. You might be wondering with celebs so busy with their acting in movies, TV shows, preparing dialogs for films, and tours, where do they get so much time to stay active on social media.

According to an article published on INC, Selena Gomez, an actor, singer, and producer is the most followed Instagram celeb. If you think Selena is busy on her iPhone to create that stunning Instagram photo, think twice. When Hollywood celebrities barely make it to their salon appointment, how could they have time to spend hours on social media?

In this article, we will discuss the three surprising things that you do not know about Hollywood celebrity Instagram. 

1. Celebs need to stay relevant on Instagram for money and opportunities

Besides the money celebs they make on Instagram, they also need to stay need to relevant because film studios will look at celeb’s Instagram profile when considering them for the lead role in their next movie in Hollywood. It means more cash is at stake and investors must ensure to inspire the social media fans to visit the theaters. 

The best thing about social networking platforms is that it breeds the social closeness with the celebrity. For instance, you are following a person and friends with him or her. If your friend’s next movie is releasing, you will go to see the film. It is just as if you are familiar with the individual you saw on an Instagram photo what he had for dinner. 

It means Hollywood celebs require including themselves in a conversation continuously to stay relevant for their fans on social media. 

2. Every celebrity photo has a team of experts behind

When you see a picture of Jennifer Lopez in a perfectly fitting swimsuit on Instagram, you become mesmerized seeing how the outfit hugs her perfect curves! Hold on boys! Such photos are orchestrated creation. It is usually uncommon when a celeb posts a candid photo with some product. These posts are planned ahead of time. The celebs have their makeup and hairdo teams who make the pictures look so flawless and super appealing on Instagram. 

Did you know a whole week of photos might fit into a particular day? With the teams working behind every celebrity image and editing the visual, an actor or fashion model manages to buy organic Instagram likes and loads of it because they are popular faces and fans loving them. 

The teams behind Hollywood celebs often run around in Los Angeles with a closet full of clothes and all set to shoot the next photo. The process is too quick, throwing the hair up or throwing it down. When the day ends, the team will have 10-15 photos edited. Beyond that time, the payment is by the hour and they cannot afford to become too choosy. It is as simple as that. 

Of course, the celeb photos go through Photoshop retouching. Celebs are usually ambitious and the team behind a photo can make up to $10,000, but then the Hollywood would star make as much as $50,000 or for that matter even $100,000.It is huge money and therefore, their Instagram images must look impeccable and of course worth the cost. 

3. Celeb Instagram managers paid in six figures

Yes, the celeb managers get a handsome paycheck for creating those super attractive, humorous Instagram posts. The managers need to sign the NDA and start working hard to make every photo picture-perfect. Even if they are not traveling on a private jet with a Hollywood star, the managers constantly receive text messages and end number of them. The celebs also text from far-flung places from all around the globe, sometimes some nonsense text, but the managers need to translate the copy precisely what the text means. The managers need to guess, keep their fingers crossed, and pray that things run smoothly without annoying the big Hollywood star. 

Then, handsome paychecks come with a high price to pay sometimes. The stakes are quite high. A blurry Instagram photo means an end to the six-figure income and an exciting job. The pressures on the managers are high and they need to put their best foot forward to secure their employment. These managers represent the big star from Hollywood and many of them are fired because they ended up posting the wrong photo on Instagram. Sometimes, the managers lose their jobs because just because the celeb did not like the picture even the visual looked perfect. 


These are some of the surprising things about celebrity Instagram photos, how they are created, the high-pressure job of the managers, and the payment that comes to the celebs as well as the managers. 

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